Controversial Sikh preacher Darshan singh is summoned to Akal Takh Sahib

Amritsar, Punjab: Taking serious note of Prof Darshan Singh concocting a story linking Guru Gobind Singh with a prostitute while doing keertan at gurdwara in New York (USA), Akal Takhat Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh summoned Ragi Darshan to Akal Takhat on December 5th, 2009. They decided to summon him after a meeting of Five Singh Sahibans on Nov 17, 2009. Jathedar said that this is a serious issue. Documents regarding this have been obtained from USA.

Prof. Darshan Singh’s narration of a concocted story linking Guru Gobind Singh with a prostitute while doing keertan in American Gurdwara is being condemned here and abroad. Gurmat Sidhant Parcharak, Sant Samaj has already appealed to the Akal Takhat Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh to summon Darshan Singh to Akal Takhat. Darshan Singh claims that this story is in Dasam Granth.

Dr. Jodh Singh, who has translated Dasam Granth in English and Hindi, was contacted for clarification. He says that there is no mention of Guru Gobind Singh Ji in this particular story. He further said that this is just a story and not history. It is wrong to consider a story to be history and then attach it with Guru Sahib. He explained that the Dasam Granth has many stories and every story is not a true tale.

Sikh Historian Dr. Jasbir Singh Sabar says that this incident finds no mention in proven Sikh sources. He said that Bhai Sahib Sirdar Kapoor Singh had mentioned “Kissa Anoop Kaur” in detail in his book “Sachi Sakhi”. He said that Guru Gobind Singh was called by once by a prostitute to her house and she served him well. When Guru Sahib asked her for a blessing, she desired that she should have a son like Guru Sahib. Guru Sahib addressed her and said, “Mother, consider me as your son.” Sabar said that Guru Sahib never went anywhere alone. There were always five Singhs with him. He said that Darshan Singh was misleading the Sikhs.

Famous academic Dr Balwant Singh Dhillon said that this incident is listed in the tales. But the subject incident is not linked to Guru and neither is he mentioned anywhere. He also said that Prof Darshan Singh was misleading Sikhs. He said that Prof has earlier tried to mislead Sikhs on the Nitnem banis also.


  1. atainder singh

    singh is always king

  2. singh of Guru Gobind singh ji

    Dear Sikhs Brothers & Sisters,
                                                 Sat Shri Akal,
                                                                         Above false story who ever  this fellow is need to be bring to AKAL THAKHT & LET HIM PROVE IT. if he could not prove it then he need to put to death. Ist of all he need to remove SINGH name from his name. That name was granted to him by Shri Guru Gobind singh ji. How he can forget that. He need to remove all his hair & Bread from his face
    along with turban from his head. He is not worthy to be a sikh of Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji.
    He is the enemy of Sikhism.
                           This false story hurt me & i am very much sure it would hurt all sikhs all over the
    world.What kind of professor he is. He got his degree in what. He wasted his life .

                                 AGAIN SHAME ON HIM
                                                                                       MY BLOOD IS BOILING
                                                                                    EVER SINCE I READ THIS FALSE STORY

  3. Present Sikhism Guru is Guru Granth Sahib Ji… Sikh are not particularly Turban Sikh or Amrit Dharis.(All humans followers of Guru Nanak) .. First sikh guru is Guru Nanak Deve Ji and last guru is Guru Granth Sahib Ji.. Guru Gobind Singh (Hind Da Pir) made army Khalsa to defend the existence of Sikhism and India. It was the first Democratic Country with Separation of Powers… Dasam Granth is for Khalsa army only.. and ofcourse they also devot to Guru Granth Sahib.. only Nihag or Amritdhari should not allow to serve in Gurdwara but as well as all Guru Nanak’s Sikhs. No wonder Guru Gobind singh said don’t worship me but worship the god only.. He was a leader and then head of the Khalasa army. So he drafted Guru Granth Sahib for all the sikhs to follow the teaching of all teacher-saint for normanl human-student (sikh).

  4. Gurinder singh

    Darshan ragi is a singer of hymns. he is not philosopher. he can sings gurbani but has no intellect to interpret it.

    He tried to interpret dasam granth. he made a mockery of himself.His silly followers instead of defending this bozzo should accept reality.The reality is indicated in the video below.

    He was called to explain his view point he failed.

  5. Gurpreet singh

    Veer ji

    There was a baat cheet next week on live show of this TV. darshan singh miserably failed to show that in dasam granth.

    The fact is that composition charitropakhayan means charitra( character)stories. Pakhayan means story coming out of existing story. At the end of each charitra it is written that this story is coming out of an existing story.

    That means it is a story and not history. Moreover nowhere is written in that story what rogue ragi is saying in the video .

    1) he says Guru gobind singh ji went to a prostitute.

    2) he was double minded if he should have physical relation with him.

    3) His beard was pulled and he was given shoe beating.

    His supporters need to understand that all above are lies. To his blind supporters Rogue ragi is more dear than Guru sahib. If so get out of sikh panth and form your own sect.

    Link for discussion with Rogue akirtaghan and traitor ragi.

  6. Darshan singh ragi is not a guru. he is a ragi who made living from kirtan and most of which was from bani of dasam granth. Now he is conedemning that bani.

    Those who dispute about CD should see the link below and also
    this link.

    Everything is clear what this rogue ragi is saying.He should be sent out of panth without delay.

  7. Blasphemy of Ragi ( Not professor. how can a 10 grade become a professor) is enclosed in a CD. Some notorious elements whose work is to indulge in propaganda not only against dasam granth but also SGGS ji say that CD was short. Full CD is available at the link below.

    CD whether short or long does not change the wording of heretic ragi.Purpose of short clips is to show relevant portions where he did bukwas about Guru gobind singh. To some Ragi Darshan is more dear than Guru Gobind singh ji.

  8. Jagjit ji

    Please read and revise your false assumptions

    Bhai Kahn Singh in ‘Gurmat Martand’ published by SGPC records the fact of history that Bhai Mani Singh ji had collected the complete banees of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and compiled Sri Dasam Granth, and Baba Deep Singh ji had brought it to Damadama Sahib. At Damdama Sahib the Singhs discussed whether Sri Dasam Granth Sahib should be kept in one volume or preserved in different volumes subject-wise. This clearly shows that Sri Dasam Granth Sahib was there with them in one bind. There was no dispute about the authorship of the Granth. The Singhs were only discussing the matter and there was no dispute. Bhai Kahn Singh notes that Sukha Singh and Mehtab Singh told the gathering that if they come back after accomplishing their mission of killing Massa Rangarh then this volume prepared by Bhai Mani Singh ji be preserved, otherwise it be kept in separate pothis.

    From Gurmat martand

    However, reversing this historic incident to suit his own anti-Sikh agenda, Darshan S concocts his own cock and bull story and casts aspersions on Bhai Kahan Singh by saying that the compositions were present in different volumes and that the singhs were fighting amongst themselves on whether they should combine different compositions in one bind. Misquoting the historical event he further states, “Sukha Singh & Mehtab Singh said if we come back after killing Massa Ranghar then these separate pothis be combined in one volume, otherwise let these remain unbound”.

  9. Jagjit ji

    Please read what Kahan singh Nabha wrote. You will become clear that there was never a question on authenticity issue of Dasam granth. The issue was whether to have it as one Granth or separate literature part that is Charitropakhayan in a separate volume.So it was whether to have as one volume or two volumes.
    Please do not spread misinformation.

    I have given names of two beers of Dasam Granth that were compiled in guru sahib’s time. You have chosen to ignore those.

    here is a link of beer patna. Sit back and raed calmly.

    Akal takhat has acted too late against these anti sikh agents. Darshan singh has been going on preaching against dasam granth sahib for the last two years . He ought to have been expelled that time only.

    Your terming two category of sikhs displays ignorance about sikhism. Every sikh is supposed to become khalsa. hence there is one category only and that is Khalaa.

    Those whom cast doubts on dasam Granth are agents of anti sikh forces. They term this Granth as Hindu when this is the only Granth that rejects Hindu concepts in the strongest possible way.This granth gives sikhs so many terms such as Waheguru ji ka khalsa , Waheguru ji Ki fateh, degh tegh, kirpan , Khanda, Kharag etc. Have you read it or just talking by reading anti sikh sources. had you read it you would not have written what you are writing.Go and read first.

  10. Jagjit Singh Mukandpuri

    Respected S.Inder Singh ji, Sat Sri Akal, I have read your words of wisdom.But you have not said nothing about What Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha Mentioned in his greatest work named ENCYCLOPEADIA OF SIKH LITRATURE and About the AUTHENTITICITY said by Sikh Scholar S. Surinder Singh Kohli in his History of Dasam Granth.This controversy is from 26 years after the Death oF Guru Gobind Singh ji, When Bhai Mani Singh ji not only compiled Dasam Granth but UP SET ALL SGGS banis in other orders against the SGGS compiled by Guru Arjan Sahib.Due to which Bhai Mani Singh has to face a lot of anger and opposition from Khalsa and at once Khalsa Rejected that bir. At the times of Guru Arjan Sahib, Bhai Bano has done same thing with SGGS.s bir.Which Guru Sahib given to Bhai Bano and that bir is called Bir Bhai Bano wali. I agree with all that Guru Gobind Singh ji had composed many banies and make arraingments to translate Sanskrit Granths on all aspects and about all subjects by their poets and some pundits but the previous Gurus had composed bani under name of jot Nanak but Guru Gobind Singh ji had not used name of Nanak jot except one Salok in SGGS ji and when they put bani of Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib then except one Salok They have not put Their own Bani. SGGS has 1230 Angs and Dasam Granth has 1228 pages and some people say that acually Guru Gobind Singh had compiled it through Bhai Mani Singh ji But not the bir of SGGS ji.If two most trust Sikhs of Guru Arjan Sahib and Guru Gobind Singh ji can do Molestation with SGGS ji,if i agree with you that SGGS ji our Guru and Dasam Granth is Granth of Khalsa, Is there any difference between Gursikh and Khalsa? IS it not cumpalsary to beptise to all Sikhs? Is without beptising we are Guru wale being SGGS our Guru? Sardar sahib this controversy is from its origion.We have to sit togher, discuss and settle all controversies and have to united to save this great wisdom from the very big, very deep rooted and very wise crocodile.In the real sense there are Gurmatas on the Floor of Akal-Takhat Sahib and the Hukamnama ( order or command ) from SGGS ji. Great Martyre Baba Banda Singh Bahadur has to face many conspiracies from with in Khalsa. Without Listening any one his views, no body is in the authority to declare any body guility. Once i have read in THE WISDOM OF WEST that religion should be critics of politics but in our case it looks like that religion is paving for the politics.Sat Sri Akall. Jagjit Singh Mukandpuri.

  11. Rogue ragi darshan singh is caught on Video while telling a story that does not exist anywhere. Now he is trying to put blame on dr Jodh singh to save his skin. A confirmed liar does not realize that Jodh singh has already blasted him that he has not translated it as darshan is saying. To conceal one lie he is getting tarpped in other lies.

    Point to note is that when he delivered that balasphemic speech in Gurudwara he did not say that he is telling per Jodh singh’s translation. That time he was telling that he had read it himself. Lies ,lies and more lies. Shame on this heretic ragi.

  12. Detractors of dasam granth have an annoying habit. In order to slander dasam granth they say that Dasam granth is a rival of SGGS. A complete nonsense. SGGS is our Guru and dasam Granth is granth of khalsa. Dasam Granth is not debatable.They need to take a life and read sikh history before making such silly statements. Had they been practicing sikh doing naam simran they would not have said so.

    In the same vein i ask such heretics that they want so many proofs when it comes to dasam granth sahib, can they show an edict of tenth master in black that says SGGS is our Guru.

    Moreover it is not dasam granth that is subject of dsicussion. IT IS DEROGATORY AND BLASPHEMIC remarks of Ragi Darshan singh that need to be condmned.Stay focussed on topic.

  13. amarjit singh

    Bani of dasam granth gives us three banis of nitnem, our ardas and in essence our sikh identity. without identity a sikh is not a sikh. Since the time khalsa was initiated anti sikh forces have been trying to eliminate sikh identity i.e. institution of khalsa. There is no khalsa without Dasam granth sahib.

    Those who propagate against Dasam granth are agents of anti sikh elements who are misguiding ignorant sikhs. many sikhs who know nothing about sikh scriptures and history start writing we have SGGS ji then why Dasam granth. Let me tell them once there is no dasam granth there is no khalsa. If there is no khalsa there is no sikhism.If there is no panth then there is no granth also.

    Beware of traitors and do not play in their hands.

  14. Jagjit singh ji

    It is not shisha asingh but Sheehan singh. he also has manuscript
    in his name. This is written in 1723 and is preserved in Punjab University, Chandigarh library.

    There are a few who themselves do not have sikh living are active on the internet propagating against Dasam bani. They do not know a head and tail about Dasam granth and always degrade Dasam granth by giving nonsensical opinion that as SGGS is our Guru, Dasam granth has no relevance.They also bring in sikh rehat maryada whereas SRM clealy states that a sikh is that who believes in teachings of ten Gurus. They are outrightly ignorants about khalsa panth and its traditions. How can they diown bani of Dasam guru and claim to be sikhs.

  15. sardar jagjit singh ji

    Thanks for your analysis of dasam granth sahib hsitory. When guru sahib was writing dasam banis copies were being made that time. Finally these banis were compiled and that became Anandpuri beer or hazuri beer. This was done in 1696. Guru sahib had his hand written pages in this beer called khas patras. There were scribes whose names are also given.

    This beer was lost when anandpur was sacked. Later on this beer was sold by a pathan to a sikh and is still held by a private party. We have a digitized copy of this beer in USA.

    Beer patna is written in 1698 is still there at patna sahib. We have its digitized copy as well.

    Bhai mani singh had combined SGGS and Dasam granth in one beer.
    He had done it independently of the existing beers of dasam granth sahib as their location was to be established yet.

    Sikhs had already gutkas of Dasam granth banis with them as they were all nitnemi sikhs unlike now. Baba Deep singh ji wrote another bir of Dasam granth sahib and so did Bhai Binod singh ji. if one compares these birs one will find identical compositions except that Anandpuri beer and patna beer do not have zafarnama.

    That says a lot about authenticity of Dasam granth sahib. There never was a dispute on its contents till Bhasaur came on the scene. there was a discussion if to hold it at as one Granth or divide into two.

    See the link below where it was done parkash along SGGS ji during Gurmattas.

    In view of above i find it very disgusting how people are proagating against bani of Dasam pita without knowing anything about its nature.This is Granth which speaks strongly against concept of avtars, uselessness of idol worship and describes Hindu demigods as ordinary mortals.Sikhs are cutting their roots by propagating against it out of ignorance.

  16. Sumit singh ji

    You have put some good points here. Though SGGS is our Guru eternal at the same time Dasam granth is our second most sacred
    scripture. There is no sikhism without SGGS ji and there is no khalsa panth without Dasam granth sahib.

    ragi has been denigrating dasam banis in the foulest language possible that form religious routine of a Gursikh . A kirtaniya does not do katha in kirtan . Sikh rehat maryada forbids that. Ragi darshan singh was not doing any kirtan in Gurudwaras now. All he was doing was propagating against dasam bani and fabricate his own stories in a bid to malign personality of Guru Gobind singh sahib. That shows he has an agenda given to him.

    So such mischievous actions on his part erase all good points he might have gathered in his life. He had been in negative publicity earlier also. But now the proof is video taped. It is all over the net.

    You can see the videos here.

    You are right . Sikh panth have many words that originate from dasam granth. There is no khalsa salutation if dasam garnth is disowned as Ragi supporters tell us to do.

  17. Jagjit Singh Mukandpuri

    Respected s. Inder Singh ji and all, Sat Sri Akal,first of all i thank you for my deep interest of history about Dasham Granth, because you have asked me to go deep. But i have observed that their are many birs of Dasham Granth not only two.There is a hand written bir in USA. According to all available evidences, it was compiled by Bhai Mani Singh ji 26 years after the death of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, at Damdama.Other birs of Dasam Granth are,One in the library of Sangrour an other One in Moti Bag Gurdwara Patiala.There are many other birs at different places with small and large contents but two birs one by Bhai Mani Singh and also called of Bhai Deep Singh ji and other one with additions by Bhai Sukha Singh Garanthi of Patna Sahib called Khas bir also.As soon as the Dasam Granth was compiled, it led to great controversy among the Sikh divines,mainly to Charitro-Pakhian and Hikayats. Then there is story of Bhai Mahtab Singh in between also. But a one man’s opinion can not pervail.The basic need is to have Two parts One bani of Dasam Guru and in the other one the history etc.According Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha no one has tried to resolved it and it is pity that the text of Dasam Granth is yet to be fixed by Sikh Scholars and Theologians.According S. Surinder Singh Kohli a sikh scholar,saOnly Mata Sundri, Bhai Mani Singh and Bhai Shisa Singh a sevadar of Mata Sundri Can know the authentiticity of Da

  18. holly smokes… so much hatered against a person who in my opinion “is not guilty till proven”.

    In my opinion he had dome some amazing tasks like opening ggs academy to learn and understand bani online. no one else has taken this initiative. And lets not forget he was also a X-Jathedar of Sri Akaltakth sahib. Is it easy to become Akal-Takht jathedar ? can u and i get this honourable status ? i dont think so!!! This shows that he has knowledge and capability which lot of other Ragis dont.

    We have a new topic going here.. about Dasam Granth and SGGS. I am sure there are lot of Proud Singhs and Kaurs reading this post have been doing Chopai Sahib,Ardas and other Dasam Granth Bani every morning and evening. Wut happened to you following SGGS at that time? And all of a sudden we have a topic going that if u do Dasam Granth bani, you are not sikh ???? WHATTTT ???? Are you serious??

    Ragis like Bhai Chamanjeet Singh Laal, Balwinder Singh Rangeela, “Sant” Ranjeet Singh etc etc etc are still doing Katha and have millions of followers after them. Can you compare Prof. Darshan Singh against them ?

    History shows all good leaders and preachers have been criticized. Its just a part of whole cycle.

    My question is : Do you agree that those 5 people who are gonna question Prof. Darshan Singh Ji wise enough to judge the right decision? Ask your heart !!!!

    If your answer is “YES”, than lets them take decision and wate for December 5th.

    If your answer is “NO”, than lets not judge anyone so easily. Do your research. Do bani, get amrit, follow guru. !!!

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh
    (ooops … is this written in Guru Granth Sahib ???? )

  19. Doesn’t anyone think it is odd that a former jathedar would say something so outrageous, just to shoot himself in the foot? No one in their right mind would say such a thing. And the sangat, upon hearing such a thing, would not they be so outraged as to throw him out? All of New York would be up in arms. But, it isn’t.

    So, it makes one wonder – what did he really say?

    The problem with all these stories on Prof. Darshan Singh is that there is no context for what he said, and nor is there any input from the sangat or gurdwara officials where he allegedly said these blasphemous things.

    I hope that the Akal Takht does a thorough job of finding out what he actually said before jumping on the bandwagon to lynch him.

    And if it finds that some people have a personal vendetta and are involved in character assassination, then those people should also be held accountable.

    The problem with our community is that no one bothers to clarify anything. I don’t see any comment from Prof. Darshan Singh about his alleged remarks. Did anyone bother to ask him?

    Let cooler heads prevail…

  20. Let us not lose the focus. Point is fictitious statements of rogue ragi darshan singh that

    1) Guru sahib went to a prostitute

    2) Guru jee thought if he had relations with her the offspring will be a bharua

    3) Guru jees beard was pulled and he was given shoe beating.

    This is not in dasam Granth. Ragi failed to show this when called for interview. So do not hijack the issue. Issue is blasphemy of ragi, his lies, his false propaganda for a sikh scripture.

  21. Let us not lose the focus. Point is fictitious statements of rogue ragi darshan singh that

    1)Guru sahib went to a prostitute

    2) he thought if he had relations with her the offspring will be a bharua

    3) His beard was pulled and he was given shoe beating.

    Ragi failed to show this when called for interview. So do not hijack the issue. issue is blasphemy of ragi.

  22. Dasam granth is mentioned in all sikh literature of that time starting in 1708. There are numerous Gutkas and pothis in addition to two beers of guru period tat are still preserved,Maharaja patiala has many personal effects of guru sahib that has this bani written on them.

    It is sheer proagnada being doen by sold out elements that dasam granth was not there in guru period. Those who disown dasam granth do not stand for sikh identity.It is as simple as that.

  23. S Jagjit singh ji

    At the time of Guru gobind singh ji itself there were two birs of dasam granth available.These are

    1) anand puri bir written in 1696

    2) patna bir written in 1698

    Check your sources . Anadpuri is still held by a private house.Whereas bir patna is on the net also.So your contention that this Granth is not composed by Guru sahib is an ignorant statement especially apart from birs all litertaure of that period mention Dasam granth sahib.

    You say that there was controversy 20 years after Guru sahib left is a lie. There was never a controversy till Teja singh Bhasur created one. if you are sure of what you haeve said rebut with proof.

    If you read dasam Granth it is very clear that it is written by one writer. the irony is that the slanderers have not read it.They make statements by reading opinions of anti sikh baiters like kala afghana,spokesman, Darshan ragi who are saleable commodity.

    I will request you to show me where did you read controversy about Dasam granth 20 years after Guru sahib.

  24. Jagjit Singh Mukandpuri

    Respected s.Inder Singh ji, Sat Sri Akal,There are two parts of Sikh Philosophy 1.Guru Granth 2.Guru Panth, To take the Directions from Guru Granth and to decide the future problems is Guru Panth. At the time of Demise of Guru Gobind Singh Ji there was no Other Granth. Dasam Granth came in existance many years lator on. It is said that Bhai Mani Singh has composed it. No doubt till now the problem is on.There are two things clear.1, That this Granth is not composed by Guru Gobind Singh ji 2. Sikhs were commanded to take advice from SGGS. But after about 20 years till now there are controversies. The main issue is that Sikh Panth Filter the all contents and which give impression that they are compositions of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib, Keep them and you can put these Banis’ in Nitnem but the Sole authority of SGGS should not be challenged at any level, it will put Sikh nation in great dilemma. Sat Sri Akal.

  25. ਖਗ ਖੰਡ ਬਿਹੰਡੰ ਖਲ ਦਲ ਖੰਡੰ ਅਤਿ ਰਣ ਮੰਡੰ ਬਰ ਬੰਡੰ ॥
    खग खंड बिहंडं खल दल खंडं अति रण मंडं बर बंडं ॥
    The sword chops well, chops the forces of fools and this mighty one bedecks and glorifies the battlefield.

    ਭੁਜ ਦੰਡ ਅਖੰਡੰ ਤੇਜ ਪ੍ਰਚੰਡੰ ਜੋਤਿ ਅਮੰਡੰ ਭਾਨ ਪ੍ਰਭੰ ॥
    भुज दंड अखंडं तेज प्रचंडं जोति अमंडं भान प्रभं ॥
    It is the unbreakable staff of the arm, it has the powerful luster and its light even bedims the radiance of the sum.

    ਸੁਖ ਸੰਤਾ ਕਰਣੰ ਦੁਰਮਤਿ ਦਰਣੰ ਕਿਲਬਿਖ ਹਰਣੰ ਅਸਿ ਸਰਣੰ ॥
    सुख संता करणं दुरमति दरणं किलबिख हरणं असि सरणं ॥
    It brings happiness to the saints, mashing the vicious ones, it is the destroyer of sins and I and under its refuge.

    ਜੈ ਜੈ ਜਗ ਕਾਰਣ ਸ੍ਰਿਸਟਿ ਉਬਾਰਣ ਮਮ ਪ੍ਰਤਿਪਾਰਣ ਜੈ ਤੇਗੰ ॥੨॥
    जै जै जग कारण स्रिसटि उबारण मम प्रतिपारण जै तेगं ॥२॥
    Hail, hail to the cause of the world, saviour of the universe, it is my preserver, I hail its victory. 2.

    Dasam Granth sahib

    It is a matter of time that liars and wicked fools are caught.
    Focus of topic is lies of darshan singh and not creating a imaginary fight between two granths. both granths are important for a sikh.

  26. It is a pity that people do not pay to attention to blasphemy spewed by Rogue Ragi and instead bring subject of SGGS. This is a tactic for diversion. Were sikhs of purtan era not knowing that what some are trying to say. Respect to dasam granth does in no way diminish status of SGGs ji. Please stop harping on that.

  27. Guru gobind singh had adminitered amrit to sikhs which gave them the present identity to us. Banis read at time of Amrit ecremony were Japji, Jaap sahib, Swaiye, chaupai sahib and Anand sahib. Three of these banis are from Dasam Granth sahib. Ardas is from Dasam Granth sahib.Shall we discard them? Absolutely not.

    Of course SGGS is our Guru eternal but teachings and acts of all gurus are equally important for sikhs. celebrations on large sacle do not mean that we have to discard Dasam granth. If we leave Dasam granth we meet our death. A sikh is not a sikh in name only. he or she has to become a saint soldier. He has to become a khalsa. That is when teachings of both granths are imperative.

  28. In 1708, before his death, Guru Gobind Singh affirmed the Adi Granth as the perpetual Guru of the Sikhs and the Granth then became known as the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

    Guru Gobind Singh Guru (1666-1708), the tenth Guru in Sikh tradition, affirmed the sacred text Adi Granth as his successor, terminating the line of human Gurus, and elevating the text to Guru Granth Sahib. From that point on, the text remained not only the holy scripture of the Sikhs, but is also regarded by them as the living embodiment of the Ten Gurus. The role of Guru Granth Sahib, as a source or guide of prayer, is pivotal in worship in Sikhism.
    To remove or dispell any aberrations created, the tercentenary celebrations of Sri Guru Granth Sahib was celebrated at large scale to educate the Sikh masses; the holy city of Nanded, where the event is being held, is undergoing a remarkable metamorphosis This has been the understanding and conviction of the Sikhs, since that October day of 1708. That’s why even in the present era Sri Guru Granth Sahib has been given status of juristic person.
    Sikhs must act within the periphery of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the elected young members should swear to perform, send the message and impart the teachings accordingly, without creating religious controversies and confrontations in any manner. Submission by Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

  29. This rogue ragi is an agent of congress. He can only do kirtan from a parchi in front of him. How come he became an interpreter of gurbani and sikh historian. very fact that he is 10 grade pass and attach professor before his name speaks volume of his dishonesty and thuggery.

  30. Mukandpuri ji

    No one is violating edict of guru sahib. WE get three banis of nitnem from Dasam granth. we get ardas from dasam granth. So you just cann’t set aside Dasam granth sahib saying that it diminishes importance of SGGS ji.

    There is no rivalary between two granths as anti sikh agents are trying to say. Both granths are brothers. There is no sikhi if SGGS is not there. There is no sikhi if Dasam Granth sahib is not htere.

    It is on the internet that heretics who attacked Dasam granth sahib have launched their attack on SGGS also. if want proof let me know i will provide here. Beware of congress, RSS and communist agents who want to finish sikh spirit.

  31. Jagjit Singh Mukandpuri

    Khalsa ji, Sat Sri Akal, There is only One Guru Garanth Sahib in Sikh Religion. Guru Gobind Singh ji had given Guruship to only SGGS.No second thought. Those who violate this Guruship to SGGS ARE NOT TRUE SIKHS OF GURUS’.Sat SRI Akal.

  32. Jatinder singh

    Rogue ragi aka fake professor is asked to appear before akal takhat

    Amritsar, November 17
    they have also directed a former Akal Takht Jathedar, Prof Darshan Singh, to appear before Akal Takht on December 5 and explain his alleged blasphemous remarks against Guru Gobind Singh.

    At the same time, the five Sikh high priests led by the Akal Takht Jathedar, Giani Gurbachan Singh, have also directed Sikhs and Sikh organisations like Singh Sabhas, societies to not allow Prof Darshan Singh to speak from any stage till he offers a clarification and explanation in respect of his alleged remarks against Guru Gobind Singh.

    The five Sikh high priests have also directed the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) chief Parmjit Singh Sarna to explain his alleged act of not allowing Delhi-based Sikh leader Kuldip Singh Bhogal to hold akhand paths to seek early justice for 1984 riot victims in New Delhi. Sarna has been given 10 days to offer his explanation.

    On the other hand, taking a tough stance regarding the controversial remarks made allegedly by Prof Darshan Singh during one of his discourses at Rachester Gurdwara in New York recently, the SGPC chief Avtar Singh has asserted that since the former Akal Takht Jathedar has indulged in an act of “blasphemy” against the 10th Guru, he will not be allowed to speak publicly at any place.

  33. Jatinder singh

    Ragi’s job is to do kirtan. sikh rehat maryada forbids a kirtaniya to do katha. Rogue ragi Darshan singh was not doing any kirtan these days. he was only doing katha and that too katha of condemning Dasam bani. That was job assigned to him by anti sikh forces.

    Great news. I commend the wonderful work this site has done for exposing this heretic ragi.May

  34. When dogs are given a long leash this is what happens. darshan singh has proved an akirtghan and traitor of sikh community. Having lived his life on money given by sikhs for his kirtan he found another way to make money in old age and that is by passing dirty remarks for sikh gurus and condemning their bani.
    Such shameless characters never deserved to be a sevadar of a Gurudwara even leave aside jathedar of a takhat.

  35. Thank God !!!! About time to teach madru some lesson !!

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