Ragi Darshan Twitters and gets caught in his own web

darshanNew York, USA: Prof. Darshan Singh Ragi has recently surrounded himself in controversy after narrating a fictitious story which he falsely claimed appeared in Dasam Granth. While doing kirtan on 23rd August at Rochester, New York, Ragi said, “Guru Gobind Singh went to the den of a prostitute in the middle of the night. He removed his robe and sat on the bed of that prostitute who offered herself to him. Guru Gobind Singh got into dilemma that if he does not oblige her then she will create alarm and defame him but if he does develop conjugal relationship with her then the one who will be born out of that relationship will be a bharua (pimp)”.

Ragi continued “Guru Gobind Singh, leaving his robe and slippers, fled from there but the public caught him. Someone caught his beard, removed his turban and gave him shoe beating”. This all he said is written in Dasam Granth.Prof. Darshan Singh Ragi has recently surrounded himself in controversy after narrating a fictitious story which he falsely claimed appeared in Dasam Granth.

These outrageous comments by the Ragi created ruckus amongst the community but controversial Ragi refused to relent. When this story was aired on New York based JUS Punjabi TV channel, Ragi sticking to it said he will clarify it after a period of six months. As the pressure mounted on him he decided to come on air. He was interviewed by JUS Punjabi TV for more than an hour where he was asked to give reference to his story, but he failed to show where in Dasam Granth these derogatory and damaging remarks about Guru Gobind Singh are written. Ragi was hopping from one page to another trying to dodge his blasphemous remarks. It became obvious that the highly objectionable remarks reeled out by the Ragi were mere concoction of his own mind.

Earlier the Ragi had blamed on the translation of Dasam Granth by Dr. Jodh Singh, Prof of Sikhism, Punjabi University Patiala, saying that he had quoted that translation in his kirtan. However Prof Jodh Singh issued a statement rebutting Ragi’s claims and criticizing him of hiding a lie with another lie. He also criticized the Ragi of his sudden U-turn on the banis of the Tenth Guru.

Even earlier Akal Takht had issued edicts against Ragi Darshan Singh asking the Sikhs to beware of him as he is spreading canards against the Gurbani, Nitnem and trying to scuttle the tri- centennial celebrations of the Gurta-gaddi of Guru Granth Sahib.

Dasam Granth or the Bani of Guru Gobind Singh Ji was never the issue, but Prof Darshan Singh and those trying to wriggle him out of the rot were trying to bring in other absolutely irrelevant issues.

The moot issue was that controversial Ragi Darshan Singh had slapped an absolutely fictitious story, which he claimed was from Dasam Granth, where he denigrated the life and personality of Guru Gobind Singh Ji by using derogatory words which neither appeared in the original text nor in any translation. He was asked to clarify his contentions, and even after getting sufficient time, he failed to do so.


  1. I dont know…why sikh panth is always lead by illiterate ragis. Gurbani is written in folks language..y the masses need these illiterate ragis..who themselves ve little knowledge of the teachings of holy scripts..

  2. jatinder singh

    In that charitra the aldy that calls king is not prositute but is a wife of a rich merchant. See the line below

    Ik triya dhanwant ki taun nagar main aan

    (Wife of a rich person came to that town.)

    She calls king to her house. But nowhere king is in double mind if to have a physical relation with her as satted by this rogue Ragi Darshan singh. King advises her agianst adultery.
    Ragi’s face should be blackened and he should be made to ride a donkey for attaching this story to real life happening in Guru sahib’s life.

  3. The actual story is about the raja(king) going to the prostitute’s place and whatever happens next like he says.It is in chritropikhyan of Dasam Granth where Guru sahib has made a person understand that how a women in her 365(forms) different character’s can make a man do anything she wants from him, and how the man gets trapped by her and its basically being taught from these stories that how these kings and greatest ppl had to fight wars ex- Ramyana, mahabharat,troy and other wars were fought because of women’s role. Guru ji tell us how to be saved from kam (lust).

    Now,in all the stories Guru sahib is telling are about ppl in the outside world and not about himself,Guru Sahib are an avtar(form) of the all pervading,timeless,immortal being,without hatred,fear whose second to nobody ever in the past,present or the future, who’s not born and is undying and the creator of the all worlds, the supreme(GOD-VAHEGURU).He was born to make us and 84 lakhs spicies get mukhti(liberation) from the cycle of birth and death, to say he went to prostitutes place and she threatened him and ppl caught him and gave hime a shoe beating(my hands are trembling writing this).This bhaman darshan shud be getting a show beating first and da ppl who r sitting there der r either illiterates or deaf n dumb to be sitting there and not do anything, while this khusra (enuech) is slandering our Guru sahib (Rehatnama-Gur ki ninda sune na kaan) means a sikh is not a sikh if he listens slandering of his Guru. Khalistani’s sitting outside shud dug a well and bury themselves for not doing anything about the like’s of him. Waheguru sahib kirpa karn dushtan da naas hove.

  4. I feel sorry for the two kids next to him…

  5. Amardeep singh

    Lets say if this guy is correct, why is he following someone who visits prostitutes in the middle of the night. These people do maximum damage by having sikh saroop.

    This story is riddled with holes, i mean why would the prostitute care if someone had sex with her or not. She would just be after money. Given this situation anyone would have just given money to her and walked out.

  6. this is disgusting…cant believe that it is coming from a responsible member of sikh society….shame ….Prof. will never be able to justify it….

  7. jatinder singh

    This is not first time that Ragi Darshan Singh is touting his own stories in order to discredit bani of guru gobind singh
    ji. Earlier he was indicted by akal takhat sahib for spreading lies and was termed as a miscreant. Please read hukamnama below by clicking the link.


    Ragi is a confirmed liar, an opportunist and a turn coat. He is up for sale. Sale-able person can never be a friend of Sikhs. it is a pity that he was made jathedar of akal takhat. Incidentally his name appears in a book ” Open secrets” written by ex intelligence chief of India MK Dhar. He was hobnobbing with anti sikh forces when he was head of akal takhat.

    Make it a mission to unmask such greedy characters who are harming Sikhism from within.I applaud Sikh sangat for doing a magnificent job on this.

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