Canada: Statement by New Democrat Leader Thomas Mulcair on the tragedy of November 1984 in India

Canada: The New Democratic Party leader Tom Mulcair issued a statement on November 01, 2012 regarding the planned, widespread and systematic massacres of Sikhs in India 28 years ago in November 1984

The Statement reads as follows

it is with great sorrow that I extend my sympathies on the 28th anniversary of the tragic pogroms of 1984 that targeted Sikh men, women and children in New Delhi and many other parts of India.

The New Democratic Party of Canada stands in solidarity with the Sikh community and with independent human rights organizations. Like our former leader Jack Layton, we call for justice for the survivors and an explanation for why and how this community was targeted by organized mobs.

Let us also take a moment to salute those, who at serious risk to themselves and their families, provided refuge and assistance to Sikh families during the 1984 Sikh Pogroms.

The victims and survivors of 1984 have waited too long for recognition of their plight and frustration. Rehabilitation and support for the broken families, especially the widows, must be prioritized. The actions of the police and allegations regarding the role of Congress members and the use of state resources, must be examined. The truth must be brought to light and those guilty must be brought to justice.

These are the obligations of a democratic state to its citizens.

Remembrance is the tie that binds us to our past as it guides us for the challenge of the future.

Lest we forget.

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