Are We Missing The Point By Fighting With Eachother

Are we missing the piont by fighting with eachother and not able to respond to anti-Sikh forces attacking the Sikh Panth? Search the word ‘Hindu’ on Google and take a look at the result. Look at the first paragraph of the Wikipedia page for the word Hindu. It says Sikhs are Hindus. Has any Sikh tried fixing this? I have tried contacting so many people to fix this. We are too busy fighting about unnecessary things such as the misguided missionary Dhunda. There are other external forces against us such as Hew McLeod and his group.


  1. Gurpreet Singh

    I guess no one cares…

  2. yes we are missing the point by fighting with each other. We loose track of the bigger issues facing us by focusing on small flys like Dhunda and in fact bringing such guys to the limelight. We really need to get our priorities right….

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