Air India Flight

I am hoping to get some sort of feed back from you on the topic of Air India flight which became the target of terrorists. They did this for sikhi.. taking the lives of the is a shame. These individual are on the same list as the Indian MP’s who participated in the riots of 1984. Many forces are trying to dilute sikhi, but hopefully you take a STAND to all this. Thank You ANONYMOUS PENDO

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  1. Soft Target: The real story behind the Air India disaster – Second Edition [Paperback]Brian McAndrew and Zuhair Kashmeri have done exhaustive and difficult research to compile alternative explanations for the Air India disaster that killed 329 Canadians in 1985.

    Evidence never released to the public by CSIS or the RCMP is provided in this book that legitimately exposes the role of the Indian government in this heinous crime. A must read for those seeking the truth about Air India.

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