London, UK: The trial of two men accused of attacking a Sikh lawyer whose turban was removed when he was kicked and punched during an incident outside St Paul’s Cathedral here last year, began at the Old Bailey on Tuesday.

Lawyer-couple Rashvinder Panesar and his wife Sundeep were making their way home from a meeting of the Society of Asian Lawyers, wh e n Rashvinder was set upon by Aravith Kandasamy (26) and Luxmanan Mahendran (27) on April 26 last year.

The court was told that when Sundeep tried and retrieve her husband’s red turban, she was also grabbed and almost knocked to the ground by Mahendran. Panesar suffered a fractured nose, a chipped tooth, injured his knee and had both his contact lens knocked out. Kandasamy and Mahendran deny two counts of racially-aggravated assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Mahendran also denies assault by beating.

Source: HT


  1. Total rubbish tamil and sikh people have come from the same struggle through oppresion etc as a sikh man no matter what, it is wrong to hit a man I agree however I don’t feel this was a racist attack.

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