RSS leader Rulda Singh succumbs to his injuries at PGI

ruldaPatiala, Punjab: Rulda Singh, head of Rashtriya Sikh Sangat, an affiliate of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has succumbed to his injuries in PGI Chandigarh in the wee hours of Saturday. Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and Dy CM Sukhir Singh Badal have mourned the death of Rulda Singh.

He was shot at and seriously injured his shop cum flat t Grain Market in Patiala in Punjab by three unidentified assailants on July 28.

Rulda Singh, was a Sikh face of Hindu terrorist organisation RSS. Lately, he had been issuing statements and organizing hindu based Sikh programs in India. His sole mission was to assimilate Sikhs into hinduism similar to what Arya Samaj tried to do in the early 1900’s.

The Babbar Khalsa Internationl (BKI) had claimed responsibility for the attack on him.

Punjab Local bodies & Industries Minister Manoranjan Kalia has expressed deep grief on the sad demise of Rulda Singh. He said that BJP and as well as RSS has lost its precious diamond.

Kalia spoken to PGI director Dr. KK Talwar over phone for speedy discharge of dead body from PGI as no doctors were available for post mortem due to Independence Day holiday.


  1. Jaswinder Kaur

    Dear Naveen Arora, do you think by trying to impose your thoughts are uniting country. Guru Gobind Singhj`s whole family was sacrifisced for saving Hinduism ,but he didn´t turn a single hindu into sikh, this is unity of country.If you have faith in your religeon you will never be jealous of other religeon and do any harm to them

  2. Jaswinder Kaur

    When our Dear Chief Minister and his Son are mourning the death of a person who was enemy of panth,a question arises the are they both well wisher of panth

  3. History is evidence, those Miscreants tried to destroy and defamed the Sikh religion become “no more” . However i don’t support attack, but what the Hidden face done got in result. Today people wants to live peacefully either belongs to Hindu,Muslim,Sikhs,Christian or else. But these RSS kind of agencies don’t want India to stay unite as Multi-religion.

  4. Randeep Singh Sahota

    True; dont support killings of innocents – we, as Sikhs, condem such behaviour. However, Sikhs should not ignore that there are people out there who are claiming Sikhs are Hindus etc.

    “….doctors were available for post mortem due to Independence Day holiday.” Oh Gosh.

  5. No body is forever in this world. Don’t support such killings of innocents. He was a noble person who worked for unity of country.


    As you sow, so shall you reap.It was,is and remain for ever.But we should reapproach any voice with voice.

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