Sikh Boys asked to remove their turbans for Go-Karting- Sign, if you believe this should end!

Livermore, California:  “I have some bad news for you, that thing on your head is not allowed”, is how Arminder Singh (26), Gurpreet Singh (16), Diljit Singh (15), and Jaskirat Singh (11), were greeted by the employee of Boomers when they wanted to go kart. Boomers is a Family Entertainment Center in Livermore, California where these Sikh youth and children were asked to remove their patkas (Sikh turban as shown in picture).

The notices posted at the location and on the website pictures of which are in the possession of UNITED SIKHS, bans loose clothing, sandals and long untied hair among other things but there was no mention of religious headwear or the patka being banned. On the contrary, the patka supports their policy of keeping the hair tied during the ride.

Despite education on the significance of the turban, the family was turned away and not allowed to go kart. UNITED SIKHS is in possession of the video showing the failed attempts of the father to explain and demonstrate the safe nature of the patka. But the employee refused to acknowledge this stating, “What if the wind blows it off; I am not going to argue with you. That’s all that I owe you in writing.” She was referring to a poorly written unofficial pamphlet stating policy on headgear which from the appearance of it looks highly absurd and discriminatory.

If you believe this is wrong and you support the Right to Turban, we need your signature.

UNITED SIKHS legal team has sent an evidence preservation letter to the General Manager of Boomers Livermore and Palace Entertainment, the parent company of Boomers. The letter specifically demands that any video footage or other evidence relating to the incident should not be tampered with or destroyed.


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