Jalandhar, Punjab: 8 Slamming Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) chief Jathedar Avtar Singh Makkar for taking a U-turn on the issue of Punjabi Movie ‘Sadda Haq’, Kuljinder Singh Sidhu, the producer-actor of the film Monday raised a demand of Makkar’s resignation from the post of president of SGPC.

Talking to Yes Punjab News, Sidhu said that Makkar has played with the sentiments of Sikhs by first hailing and supporting the film whole-heartedly and then taking a complete U-turn on the issue.

“If the president of Supreme Religious Body of Sikhs behaves in such a manner, it does not reflect positively on the community.  Either his decision to support the film was wrong or he is doing wrong now by defending the ban on the film.  It shows that he is not capable of taking right decisions at the right time.  I doubt whether such a person deserves to hold such a high post as a representative of the entire community”, he said.

Commenting on Makkar’s statement that he has committed a folly by hailing and supporting the film, Sidhu said that if it was so, what was the point of installing picture of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in the Sikh Musuem at Amritsar.

Blaming Makkar for ‘dual politics’Sidhu said that leaders like him earlier too betrayed youth of Punjab by first raising the pitch for their political gains and then backtracked for their own vested interests. “”Punjab and its youth paid a heavy price due to dual policies of such leaders”, he said.

Sidhu said Makkar needs to clear whether he was Chief of a Religious Body or a spokesman of a political party. If SGPC won’t represent the sentiments of Sikhs, who else will?””, he said.

Terming Makkar as a ‘slave’of his political masters Sidhu said that Makkar should have acted like a leader of Sikhs so as to ensure a respectable place in this history.

Sidhu said now when SGPC Chief stands exposed, he should cease giving statements about the killings and victimization of Sikhs in 1984.

Source: YesPunjab


  1. Bai Ji Paisa Guru Nu bhula dinda te Avtar singh ne sabit karta ki oh Makkar nahi makaar hai

  2. When the jathedari of Akal Takhat was with the Akali Nihungs before the Singh-Sabha reforms and the creation of the SGPC panthic issues were never ignored. At the present time however the situation is different. Our very leaders are making big u-turns and that too in broad day light. Kudos to Kuljinder Sidhu maybe hes the man who will see a revival of the Akali spirit in Akal Takhat.


    maker de jootian maarnia chaidian han jad eh agge nu pardesan vish mooh chak ke yaya..

  4. Sidhu deserves a Jakara for this comment!


    It is the siksh abroad who always welcome maker. The Sikhs abroad are confused lot. By now they should have boycotted maker for all other things that have not bee n done nor done according to the majority Sikh aspirations within SGPC. Boycot Makker and boycott the SGPC- we don’t need the SGPC to direct us. We have enough history, precedents and evidence to resolve and direct our own issues regards sikhi, with guidance from Guru Granth sahib. Stop investing monies in the Gurduaras in India, start investying within our own communities for the future of sikhi.

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