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New Delhi, India: According to information shared by S. Jagminder Singh “100 Gurmat Camps are being organised in 30 days starting from 20th April to 20th May 2013 in Alwar District of Rajasthan, India. Several organizations are part of this grand initiative”.

It is learnt that 30 Days 100 Camps (www.30Days100Camps.com) is first of its kind initiative. Gurmat Camps would be organised in all the 30 Gurdwaras of Alwar City and in about 70Gurdwaras located in the villages in Alwar District. Locations for these 100 Gurmat Camps have been chosen so as to cover the entire 1,00,000(1 lac)+ Sangat of Alwar, including 20,000 children of 250+ Gurdwaras in Alwar District.

“Gurmat Camps would includeScreenings of 4 Sikh Animated & Non-Animated Movies,NaamSimran/ Kirtan, Katha,Gatka Performance, Evaluation Tests, Sikh Activity Booklets, Drawing, Coloring& more Competitions for kids, Lectures & PPTs by Eminent Personalities on several issues, Streetplay on Sikh History, Prize Distribution & much more.

“The motive of the initiative 30 Days 100 Camps is to inspire the Sangat, especially the youth towards the true values of Sikhism. Through this initiative, they would be reaching out to the economically backward Sikligar, Mazhbi, Lubana and Rai Sikhs living in Alwar villages. This would be first-ever Gurmat Camp in more than 90 % of the Alwar villages. Also it would help to carry out a broad survey of all the villages simultaneously along with Gurmat Camps, thus the priority villages can be found out where there is an urgent need to provide school education as well as Gurmat education.

Another motive is to provide Gurmat& Sikh History Books including SRM, Learn Punjabi Books for each Sikh household as there is an acute shortage of Gurmat Books in Alwar.

Another major advantage is, that through this initiative, several organizations are coming together on a common platform and many have already evinced interest in launching long-term projects for helping out the 1 lac + disadvantaged Sikhs in Alwar through empowerment, education, employment & Gurmat. At least 4 Teams would be organising Gurmat Camps in 4 different villages simultaneously. Hence, in this way, 100 Gurmat Camps would be organised in a maximum of 30 days.

As per information, several organizations are contributing for this grand initiative. Bhai Mani Singh Sewa Society, Alwar is doing Pre-Camps fieldwork for 2 months & Camps Fieldwork for 1 month. Young Sikh Leaders is bearing all the transportation costs for the Pre-Camps Fieldwork & during the Camps. AllGurdwara.com & United Sewa Society, Jalandhar are doing Pre-Camps Fieldwork along with Camps Fieldwork for 1 month. Also, they are arranging 1 Projector set each.

DSGMC is providing 29000 Gurmat Books while SGPC is providing 4 Parcharaks & a Movie Van. Sikhs Helping Sikhs &  Bibek Trust is providing 20,000 Sikh History Books. Sewak Welfare Society is sponsoring the printing costs for 40,000 Question Papers. Kalgidhar Trust (Baru Sahib) is sponsoring 200 DVDs of Singh Soorme Animated Movie.

Sarbans daani Sewa Society is sponsoring 5000 Sikh Activity Booklets & 1 Projector Set. Gursikh Education Society is actively lobbying for this initiative & also sponsoring the volunteer jackets & 1 Projector Set. Guru Tegh Bahadur Educational & Charitable Trust is sponsoring 5000 Books (Guru Tegh Bahadur – Hind di Chaadar).
Kirat World is organising a Seminar for Youth. SikhiSidak.com is providing with Gurmat Books. SikhAwakening.com Team is active in Central Coordination & Website Handling.

www.30Days100Camps.com is a website specifically developed for this initiative where the documentation of all the related work would be done, contributions by each organization and all the photos and videos of all the 100 Gurmat Camps would be showcased on this website. Keep tracking the progress of the initiative on this website.

On last day i.e. 20th May, 2013 we are organising a program at alwar for a grateful participations of all organisations, in which members of all organisation will attend the last day program.

Source: Jagminder Singh

Note: Since we do not know what material it will be used in camps, hence SikhWire does not officially endorse by posting this article.
We do however support such initiative if they are in aligned with Sri Akal Takht Sahib. Good Luck with camp organizers.

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