Baba Baljit Singh Daduwal Gets Married Amidst Radha Soami Chief & Hundreds Of Dera Beas Followers

In shocking state of affairs, it has been confirmed that the head of Panthic Sewa Lehar, Baba Baljit Singh Dadu Sahib Wale got married on Wednesday 3rd April 2013 in a reported “Baje Gaje De Naal” ceremony at Gurdwara Guru Angad Dev Ji Sarainaga, in the presence of Baba Gurinder Singh Dhillon, a self-proclaimed Guru and head of the cult Dera Radha Soami Satsang Beas.

Within hours of this evidential information being released, it has caused outrage and disgust within the community, becoming headline news in Panthic circles worldwide.

Baba Baljit Singh Daduwal, 39, who tied the knot with 21-year old Bibi Sukhmit Kaur (daughter of Dr Gurmit Singh) is a well-known Sikh preacher but his personal wedding invitation to the Dera Chief has come as a surprise.

Self-styled “Jaikaareh” of “Radha Soami Ji Sahai” (contradictory to Sikh norms) were heard from the Gurdwara stage after the Anand Karaj ceremony, whilst Dera spokesperson Bhura Singh spoke on behalf of Baba Gurinder Singh Dhillon, who himself was sitting within the Sangat in Baba Daduwal’s Bharat. Sikh circles say it is shamefully regrettable and unfortunate that, if he had indeed been invited and attended with his followers, Baba Daduwal or those present were not even able to gather the courage to question and prohibit the open worshipping (“Matha Tek”) of the Radha Soami Chief whilst in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Also in attendance was respected Panthic leader Simranjit Singh Mann (Shiromani Akali Dal Amrisar) and although there was mumbling after the wedding of what had transpired, it is interesting to note that no one took a stand while the anti Gurmat commotion was taking place.

Baba Daduwal’s Bharat is said to have started off with approximately fifty people but gained well over one thousand upon reaching the Gurdwara. It is reported that of the rumoured 3-4 thousand attendees, the number of Radha Soami Satsang Beas followers in attendance exceeded by far of those in attendance that were Sikh followers, hence the emerging news reporting’s, “Vyah Babeh Daduwal Da, Mehl Radha Soamia Da”.

Often seen to be a political and religious leader opposing any such Dera’s, in light of recent events Baba Baljit Singh Daduwal has sadly been characterised as a hypocrite for on one side speaking against the likes of Dera Sacha Sauda, but on the other side making a personal alliance with the Radha Soami Dera, an organisation responsible for the large scale conversion of thousands of Sikhs into followers of human Gurudom during the mass construction of hundreds of red Radha Soami “places of worship” in almost every village, town and city of Punjab.

The Interesting Facts:

– It is worthy of note that the Radha Soami Dera Chief, who has a Z-Plus security protection level from the Government, is rarely seen in public outside of his own mass following and only attends high level functions or those that are of paramount importance to him personally.

– It has been no secret that in recent times since the Waraich Village Gurdwara issue, Baba Daduwal has become very close to the Radha Soami Chief after closed-door meetings between the two parties. However, just how close Baba Daduwal and the Radha Soami Chief have become was unknown until the shocking events that took place this week.

– The hypocrisy that has come to light now is not the first as Baba Daduwal is a well-known confident of Delhi’s Paramjit Sarna, but at the same time is allegedly supposed to be opposing the Congress.

– Whether no stand was taken against Baba Daduwal and the Radha Soami Chief by those in attendance was to avoid upsetting the marriage ceremony is unknown, but the Sikh nation will certainly require explanations in the coming time if such leaders are to be given the respect to use Gurdwara stages for preaching.

The Anand Karaj Ardas, which did not take place until after 2pm late in the afternoon, was attended by Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar President Simranjit Singh Mann, Radha Soami Satsang Beas Dera Chief Baba Gurinder Singh Dhillon, Sarabjot Singh Bedi, Convenor of Khalsa Action Committee Bhai Mohkam Singh, Bibi Karan Kaur Brar MLA Mukhtsar Sahib, Dyan Singh Mand ex-MP, Rajdev Singh ex-MP, Dal Khalsa President Harcharanjit Singh Dhami, Panch Pardhani President Harpal Singh Cheema, AISSF President Karnail Singh Peermohammad among others from Gurdwara Dadu Sahib and Dera Radha Soami Satsang Beas.

It should be noted that all Sant preachers should not naively be categorised within the same class. There have been, still are and always will be great preachers, katha vachak’s, kirtani’s, kavishar’s and dhadhi’s who shine with sincerity and continue to spread the message of Sikhi without any hidden or political agenda.

Speaking against the anti-Panthic organisations on stage, then staging arrests to be later released using political contacts is not a lasting sacrifice. True colours will show when actions do not speak louder than words. It is disheartening for thousands of Sikhs around the world to have to question why such a big mistake has been made and what goes on behind the closed door meetings of Sikh leaders with Dera heads. Why Baba Daduwal, who in the past spoke against Dera’s such as Radha Soami Satsang Beas, has now suddenly taken a u-turn is indeed a mystery.

Baba Baljit Singh is currently rumoured to be making post wedding vacation in the Shimla region of India.

SourceJagmeet SURREY


  1. S.R.Krishnamurthy

    Rssb is a part of Sikh gurus teachings, they follow only Sikh tradations.Swamiji maharaj teachings of Radha Soami is some thing side lined by RSSB.They are not comming into contervercial matters So that They are having world wide followers .Their shabad singing mostly from Gurbani only.And truely speaking RSSB(True Radha soami ) is following GURU granth sahib.

  2. Gurdial Singh

    Mana ki is jami ko no gulzar kar sake
    kutch khaar kam to kar gaye guzre jidhar se ham
    Radhasomami head did well. They have full faith in gurbani & equal respect to the ten gurus. We should avoid comments on the recent events and try to understand deeply the teachings of holy guru granth sahib.

  3. How shame for our kaum when one call others fundamentalist and not shying to show hatred against people who do not belong to his nationality. K Singh, you are wearing rosey colored glasses given to you by mostly biased indian media, who also often labels sikhs with awaken mentality (mostly living in abroad) as fundamentalist. So, Who is really a true sikh in your or india’s eyes? The answer is the one who sits quiet and accepts orders given by majority of residents of that country.

    I am not a hate monger but looking at the above news article, it is of course poorly written and bit biased but however it shows stark reality on how changeable a person character can be or how easily one can get influenced. This baba ji was once called as “fundamentalist” by media and strange how he turned into something that even liberals were raising their eyebrows. How marries half of his age girl ? That is what i find total sickening. I don’t mind having dera baba to come to his wedding but the way this happened soon after daduwal/dera meeting, agreeing on demolished gurdwara issue and suddenly friends overnight is something strange. This leads me to think that this baba was opportunity since day 1, though not want to believe but that is what one find out after recent happenings in public.

  4. the entire essay is hate crime of the fundamentalists, Sikhism allows marriage of every humble sikh sevadar or faction leader, Every body christian Moslim Jain or hindu can accompany a barat or attend marriage of anybody, what headache has the so kalled Real sikhs abroad have got over peaceful events in Punjab, they are never willing to come and live here in Punjab, nor they will let live anybody here. Sant ka dokhi raj te heen, The badwisher of True person or truthful one loses even his own kingdom if he has any, No question of Raj krega Khalsa with this hateful mentality of fundamentalists.perhaps they never understand Gurbani instead of repeated prolonged bowing to Dhan Dhan Guru Granth Sahibji many times a day.

  5. My dear friends we all are the brothers,instead of fighting we should remain in unity,it is no matter from which religion we came,either from radha soami or khalsa panth,we all are the son of on father i.e. Akalpurakh or maalik

    Sada pita parmatma ik hai,
    Koi dharm Granth dasha hai ke parmatma do ya tin Han?
    Je rab ik hai ,tan rab da privar vi ik hi hovega.
    Chahe Milan de raste sab de Alag ne,par vishvas ,bhavna,jagyasa, tan sab di same hai,fir fight kesi?
    Je pita de sab bachhe pyar nal rehnge ta pita khush hovega ke je apas vich fight karnge ta khush hovega.
    Jo is nu criticise kar rahe han uh insaniat de dushman han,

  7. Baba Baljit Singh Daduwal, 39, who tied the knot with 21-year old Bibi Sukhmit Kaur ( shamefull) married with his daughter aged women:(

  8. Jagjeet Surrey Better u dont criticise anyone on the basis of religion or differrnt spiritual opinion. Everyone is wise enough to choose their path..if you think you are on right path then others think the same. Criticising is not the real work to please God. Meditation is the real work to please God..if you wanna be a true Sikh then you need to stay calm and quite. Body hair and beard dont make us true sikh. Our good actions make us true sikh

  9. Be a good human

    I dnt wanna say anything but Jagmeet Surrey always try to create dispute.. We all know that baba baljit singh did not wanna get married but since he met baba gurinder singh ji he moulded him and convinced him to get married to live a GREHSATH life.. Saint has the power to mould our mind. No human being can mould other human being except a true sanit or satguru and moreover they always stay away from media and they dont wanna get praised and dont advertised themselves in newspaper ans TV. JAGMEET SURREY you need to accept the truth that a man’s guru only could be a man.. Ten gurus and kabir sahib ravidas Jesus maulana rum and so many more came on this earth in a human form but what we did to them we all know only because we could not understand that they were true gurus. Thats why Guru Arjun dev ji wrote; SATGURU NIRANJAN SOI, MAANAS KA KAR ROOP NAA JAAN. Means that satguru is God only. Dont tale him as a normal human being. That is the reason people became his enemy because HE told us that God comes on this earth in a human form and some orthodox religious people who thought that God only belongs to their religion like we think now and did not like it and put HIM in boiling water and hot iron.

  10. Well said my brother… I think people should watch sangat channel right now!! Stop dividing the people into caste..!
    People should always think before they speak!

  11. Dear Brothers & Sister,

    Why do we have so much hatred in our hearts for fellow human beings? If Baba Baljit Singh & Radha Swami Baba ji, have resolved there issue, then why do we have a problem???? The reason is not many people know about the truth about Radha Swami’s and are making up there own events, pls understand why is there millions of Radha Swami’s because, a Pura Guru / a perfect living master, can connect them to Waheguru Ji, we have got to have a living master. Any Saint or Mystic or Guru that comes on to earth, doesn’t try and create an new religion, his teaches are based on the same principles, however because time, culture, religion, these have been changed, but the truth lies within as there is no religion, as Guru Nanak Dev Ji, said ” No Hindu’s and No Muslim” meaning we are all one, we may have different routes to get to our destination, for example if we are travelling to the same destination, we may choose Car, Flight, Train, but the destination is the same, but different methods of getting to it.

    For Baba Balji Singh to respect Radha Swami Baba ji and invite him to his wedding, he must have realised, that in fact, Radha Swami’s do hold the Shri Guru Granth Shaib Ji in the highest respect. We need to realise the Shri Guru Granth Ji, is complete spiritual and this is what the Radha Swami teaching are about.

    All of us being to the same source, there is so much hatred in this world, that if we put our efforts in helping each other & tackle real issue, i.e poverty, drug & alcohol misuse in India (more so Punjab, we would be better people and definetley better Sikh’s.

    I request to all of you in these forums, that try and understand each other and remove all this hatred. Let behave as one and love each other, as to find god you have to have love in your hearts of hearts.

    Please don’t create extra sins on yourself’s by using foul or upsetting language to any guru. It’s so upsetting seeing how Sikh’s are now fighting with Sikh’s, this was never our guru’s objective and never will be. Religion causes war and media the way they paint pictures about Radha Swami’s this is really bad, Media, internet, etc have to make a living and the can only run there business on bad news, which we all enjoy. If something good is happening in the world are we interested about?? No..

    I am sorry if have had said to much and apologise, if this has caused anybody upset.

    Regards, Gurkeertan Singh

  12. Think before you bring the faith n gurdwaras in this!!

  13. A monkey has more sense than humans…

  14. john Singh whats your source?? John i heard you drop head for bus fare and still walk home. is it true??? No correct (i hope). get credible arguments JJJhonny boyyy. However if dadu dude and rs dude have manged to keep peace in controversial times i don’t see whats the harm. The whole issue with the gudwara was blown out of proportion by semi educated fools (use the term educated loosely) with no knowledge, tangible or credible arguments. basically portraying Sikhs as idiots in the UK. In the end it was shown it was all done legally and no disrespect was shown to the Sikh faith. Personal opinion get rid of all the gudwara (they only cause problems) have the gurbani at your own home read it understand it, it worth increases tenfold. on a light note the gurbni it self suggests you need a true who can guide you to wahe guru (or any other 1k names you wish to refer to god as)him self.

  15. Radha Soami kisse kadi matha nahi tekde…. You dummy Sikhs only know criticism…

  16. The mindset takes long time to change. I think the Dera Beas chief can not change traditions there overnight! I heard they have brought back the Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji back to their dera. Which is good thing. Maybe people there will slowly come back to the Sikh mainfold. PR is everything these days.

    Calm down guys. Give him some space.

  17. baba daduwal’s soul has awaken by maharaj baba gurinder singhji dhilion !!!!!

  18. Real Sikh leaders and leaders of other spiritual movements like RSSB understand the meaning of unity, love, and are accepting of other beliefs and faiths. The author of this article seeks to create disharmony and division among people when in reality no such division needs to exist. Maybe instilling fear and hatred works to get readers by stirring up a conflict- but truthfully a sense of comradery prevails amongst both groups and probably always will. One questions the hidden agenda of this publication in creating strife… Geopolitical factors are at play and won’t do much do dissuade the movements towards harmony these two groups have SO quickly come to bare with one another. Great job to all the leaders for coming together despite feable attempts to stir up controversy! Keep it up- you are the future–> one love.

  19. Gurinder singh

    The writer has written facts. baba daduwal is a hypocrit.Was he not involved in human smuggling to UK wherein he was busted by an undercover journalist? He is also friend of panth hater Sarna.

  20. Be a good human

    John singh dont say amything you have not experimced personally… Dnt say bullshit unless u have really seen it… I have been going to radha soami and i have never heard anyone swallowed saliva… Its just like someone start calling you donkey but you know whether you are donkey or not… All 10 gurus were in human body when they come on this earth and no one understood and now people like you fight for Guru Sahib. We all know they came to take us back home but we set them on fire beheaded them. Why?? Just because we human being could not recognise their real form… Accept the truth..

  21. nanak niva je challe lage na tatti wao.

  22. Feel sorry for the idiots who follow radha swami because they have to swallow the saliva of some random guy and secondly if the guy is at bhai baljits wedding is it not a big deal to be honest but it is a big deal if people are bowing down to him infront of guru granth sahib ji.

  23. all mankind is one

    The only shocker here is the divisive fomenting of communal hatred by the writer. Is this the Sikhism of Guru Nanak and his successors or the insecure ranting of those who listen to the words but do not hear the sacred message of Gurbani?


    This is deleiberate attempt to malign Daljit Singh and create divisions in the communities witrh false parchara.It looks this the work of the flase damdamai taksaalis and their bacvitter nataki goons.

  25. The writer of the above story trying to create dispute between Radha soamis and sikhs. They have settled all the dispute in the past and now trying to create good relationship but the reporter trying to create same situation again. They are good friends now and some people dont like it. What is the problem with people. Do we read Gurbani ever. If we do then its written in Gurbani NA KOI BAIRI NAI BEGAANA, SAGAL SANG HUM KO BANAI. Every single page in Guru granth Sahib ji teaches us love and love for humanity. But we never understand what is written in GRANTH SAHIB but we always find others mistake. We never accept our mistake. That is the reason guru sahib were great because they never blamed anyone instead they blamed them selves

  26. This article is a joke. You guys should be careful before publishing such a baseless/biased/divisive report. Not everyone that is not Sikh is anti Sikh!

    I seen a video of daduwal saying the beas guys/babe never sit at the same or above same level sggs ji maharaj – surely this a sign they see themselves as lower. This website is getting very tabloid and should think twice before slinging mud/doing kintu prantu/spreading gossip – it is a disservice to the panth.

  27. LOL,

    It is shameful for all sikh hardliners what was preached to them and what they are doing. You people are spoiling the enovironment by creating haterd.

  28. Babaji Gurinder Singh Dhillon ~I Just Wanna Hide~:

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