What happened in Slough Singh Sabha Gurdwara with Sarabjit Dhundi

It is with great remorse we announce to the International Sangat, that Gurdwara Singh Sabha Slough, which was once the centre for Panthic movements, has now aligned itself with controversial characters some which have been removed from the Panth. These individuals are constantly attacking our rich history and beautiful Gurbani by causing doubt, confusion and splits amongst the Sikh Nation. In the past, Singh Sabha Slough has called many “Kathavaachaks” (Preachers) who have continually attacked the beloved words of the Guru (Gurbani) and Sikh history (Ithiaas) on stage. This was brought to a peak last week when the controversial preacher “Professor Sarabjit Dhunda” was invited to do Katha (Discourse) on a main stage Sunday diwan (04/11/12).

The management committee had previously been advised on numerous occasions not to host the false preaching of Prof Sarbjit Dhunda. Local gursikhs met with the committee at various times as well as phoning the Pardhaan, encouraging him to cancel the booking. All this effort was made as Dhunda was KNOWN to play with the sentiments of the Sikh Nation by attacking and ridiculing the Bani of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the very principles the faith stands on. However, ignoring the concerns of the Sangat, the committee continued to support Dhunda leading to the events of the Sunday diwan.

Local and National Sangat arrived at the Gurdwara Sahib prior to the start of katha, however Sarbjit Dhunda had made his way upstairs around 30 minutes before his start time (11.15am). At this point the stage secretary of the Gurdwara Sahib had introduced him and asked him to talk about the Sikh Rehat Marayda. After this introduction, a local Gursikh Sevadaar wished to pose questions to Sarbjit Dhunda for him to address during his allocated time. Through his questions he hoped to make the Sangat aware of the anti-gurmat parchaar he is guilty of on a regular basis. However, this lead to a minor argument, resulting in the secretary pushing the sevadaar away. On witnessing this, the Sangat stood up in disagreement against the treatment of the sevadaar. Unfortunately, this led to an argument in the Darbar leading to pushing and shoving. At this point the hired support pushed the Singhs back whilst the controversial preacher Sarbjit Dhunda, was taken into a seperate room (Hazoori Jatha sleeping quarters) with security outside. The arguments continued in Darbar between local members of Sangat and the committee. The Sangat spoke in disgust at the committee’s decision to allow such preachers to be allowed on such a Panthic stage.

The supporters of Sarbjit Dhunda included local politicians from Slough and Southall. Sarbjit Dhunda remained in the room while the Sangat continued to protest outside. The national Sangat left at approximately 1pm with Sarbjit Dhunda leaving shortly after. Forthwith, an agreement was made by the Sangat that such a preacher should not be allowed back in this Gurdwara or should be stopped from holding discourses of his twisted distorted views in other Gurdwaras aswell. The committee informed the police and were openly advising them to arrest the Sangat who opposed the venom of Sarbjit Dhunda.

Who is Sarbjit Dhunda of Sikh Lehar/Gurmat Giaan Missionary Society?

Sarbjit Dhunda is known for spewing venom against:

· The sacred Bani of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Sri Dasam Granth) including those compositions which make up the daily nitnem of a Sikh – Jaap Sahib.

· The importance of Simran (meditation) – he mockingly agreed on it being like a parrot repeating itself.

· Sri Hemkunt Sahib/ Takht Sri Hazoor Sahib whom he openly speaks against.

· Gurithaas (History of the Guru’s) and Sikh ithaas (History of Gursikhs), in regards to the Sakhis (stories) which make up the very foundations of Sikhism.

He openly co-hosts events by other dodgy/nutty professors which have been excommunicated from the Sikh Nation such as Ragi Darshan Singh and Inder Ghagha. He recently was given tankha (punishment) at Sri Akaal Takht Sahib (the ultimate body for the Sikh Nation) for speaking against the sacred Kirtan that occurs at Sri Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple). After the tankha (punshiment) for disrespecting the 10thGurus Bani, he again spoke in June 2012 in Nagpur (India) against Sri Dasam Bani and Sri Hemkunt Sahib.

It is quite clear that such mischievous characters are attempting to directly attack the very foundations of Sikhism.

Sacred places such as Hemkunt Sahib and Hazoor Sahib are so dear to the hearts of the Sikh Nation. These are places that Sangat from across the globe travel to, taking time out to connect with their history and build a relationship based on love and faith with the Guru, and yet such ‘preachers’ are putting doubt in the minds of the Sangat about this? Will we allow such people to further break our links with Sikh History?

It is a benti in the charan of sevadaars, gursikhs and parbandaks to not book such individuals who have political, RSS and teja bhasauria mindsets and thus prevent them instilling doubt in the minds of unsuspecting innocent Sikhs.
The recent controversial video (after he had been given tankha)

Dhunda against Sri Hemkunt Sahib

Harjinder Sabhra and Dhunda against Hemkunt Sahib and Chaupai Sahib

Sarbjit Dhunda hitting a Gurbani Pothi (Jaap Sahib) with a stick and disregarding the Bani.

For More Information On Events in Slough:
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  1. AKJ and Taksaal are silent about Bhai Bittu and 11 others imprisoned for 10 more years under TADA act. While 37 other co accused have been killed in fake encounters. You guys keep on fighting Dhunda. What has happened to us?

  2. This posting is done by Slough member is beadbi by itself and should remove his article immediately. Dont do a blind judgment by yourself or by getting excited by some gruops influence…pls use some bibek budhi…do consultation dear veerji…..

  3. Gurjant Singh

    Dhunda is an member of RSS, his job as member is to divide panth. In times like this when our enemy had started to attach us by portraying to be one of us, we must recognize the enemy and fight against it with everything we have to fight with.

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