WAKE up call for Sikhs

wake-upA very learned scholar once told me around 14 years ago, there’s a Gang in Indian city of Mumbai! They go to a hospital’s mortuary, pay a bribe of 50-100 rupees to ppl there and buy a dead body. Then they bring that body to a roadside and start crying. If someone asks them why r they crying, they say the dead person was the only earning member in their family, so now he’s gone, they don’t have money even to cremate him. Ppl get pitiful and donate money, by evening they collect sum 10-15,000 rupees, throw the body in a cremation ground and eat and drink with that money. He said this thing happened to all our Shaheeds and same will happen to Sant Jarnail singh ji and other great martyrs of the Panth. I doubted his words then, but when I see the situation today, I remember those words and get pained; every word he said was true. How??

Today u’ll see many organisations in India,Europe, UK, USA and Canada which claim to be following Santji’s path, working to fulfil his dream, his mission. People related to these organisations today will put on banners with santji’s name, take out posters in his name, and hold marches and rallies in his name and in the name of other great martyrs of Sikh Movement and Shout slogans of Khalistan Zindabad! Bhindranwale Zindabad!but when it comes to following their ideology, their words, they simply refuse. There they follow what Kala Afghana said, what Ghagga says, what Darshan says or what SSC says. They make money out of Santji’s name, get sympathy and support from sangat and youth in Santjis name and do exactly opposite the ideals and principles of Santji.

Today these very people using santji’s name, his picture, call Sri Dasam Granth a brahminical granth, and believers of puritan panthic maryada as agents of RSS and Brahmanvaad. But the fact is that Santji fully believed in Baani of Sri Dasam Granth, he did parkash of Sri Dasam Granth at Chowk Mehta Headquarters of Taksal with Guru Granth sahib ji and bowed before it. He used to take Hukamnaama of Sri Dasam Granth with Sri Guru Granth sahib ji. Was he a Brahmanvaadi?? Was he an agent of RSS?? Recently a bibi named Harbans kaur from Faridabad said, the Ones who don’t wear pyjamas and bow to Dasam Granth and read Dasam Granth’s baani can never be called Sikhs………..Amazing!(I thought definition of a sikh was what Baani and rehat maryada told). Does that mean Santji was not even a Sikh??? Coz he never wore a Pyjama and did namsakaar to Sri Dasam Granth.. By her standards even Baba Deep Singh Ji was not a Sikh (even he didn’t wear a pyjama). Ha! What a great honour of our shaheeds by the people who call themselves Sikhs!

I’ve seen many ppl wearing T-shirts of Santji and other shaheeds(including Babbars),putting up banners and posters of those Shaheeds and still abusing Dasam granth. What should these people be called?? They are not better than that Gang of Mumbai Thugs. They are out to MILK Santji’s name, his fame, his sacrifice and collect money in his name and do things detrimental to panthic unity and maryada.

Some Questions….

Was Santji a Brahmanvaadi??
Was he an agent of RSS??
Didnt he respect or Love Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharajas true Guru??
Did he ever speak against Sri Dasam Granth or Puratan maryada??
Did he ever speak against the maryada of hazoor sahib or patna sahib?

Then how can these people use his name, and under the garb of Sikh Movement do things which go against basic principles of Khalsa panth? They can’t! But we let them do it, why?? Because we don’t have the courage left to speak against them.

Sons and Daughters of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj, stand up to protect the honour of our great Shaheeds! These naastiks(in santji’s words) have raised fingers on Shaheedi Of Guru Arjan Dev Ji (that he was never made to sit on Tatti tavi-Harjinder singh dilgeer), on Shaheedi of Guru Teg Bahadur ji, on the Shaheedi of Baba Deep Singh Ji (that his head was never Cut, it was just a wound). How much more will we listen to their crap and be quiet???? How much more will we let them Dishonour our panthic traditions and History??

Boycott them, spread the word everywhere, to ur friends, relatives everywhere in the world, raise ur voice against them if ever they come to ur area to misguide Sangat. Unite under one banner and raise ur Voice! Maybe People sitting at Akaal Takhat will reach on some kind of compromise with Darshan and his gang, but Guru and Shaheedi Fauja will never forgive these traitors for what they have said against Gurubaani! Now its upto you which side of line you stand, With Guru or with Nindaks and bemukhs!

Source: Kamaljeet Singh ShaheedSar

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  1. All Sikhs need to wake up after the events of today… 1 Sikh dead 12 injured after what media states “radical sikhs” protest against religious sect..

    “radical sikhs” pure propaganda as per usual by the indian media, somebody should show the media the video where people were shot and repeatedly beaten whilst hurt on the floor. The whole world needs to know what happened here and the real truth because in India there is no such thing as democracy. The Police quoted “We fired in the air after tear gas failed to stop the protesters” if this is so true then how come 1 Sikh is dead and 12 others seriously injured?. I am grateful I was born in Britain yet upset at the way my brothers and sisters are treated in India. Never Forget 1984 or December 5th 2009 as these are 2 dates of many more which will remain in Sikh hearts forever .

  2. Sarabjeet Singh

    Every Sikh MUST Read this article :

    This gives us an idea what RSS is up to ?
    RSS is just a Hindu version of Aurangzeb .
    Aurangzeb used to force Hindus to Muslims . Now , these Brahmans are forcing their Hindutva on Sikhs .

    Let us come together and oppose RSS before its too late.

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