UK Sikhs won’t have to wear hard hats at construction sites

London, UK: Sikhs in the UK will be exempted from wearing hard hats at construction sites, British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced.

“From now on, Sikhs don’t have to wear hard hats at construction sites in our country,” Cameron said last night at a Baisakhi reception he hosted at 10, Downing Street.

“We have already stopped searching of turbans in the UK,” he said, describing British Sikhs as “absolute role models in integrating with the British society.” Construction sites are considered to be one of the most dangerous workplaces and hard hats are worn as a precautionary measure.

Recalling his visit to the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Cameron said, “I will never forget my visit to Amritsar and the peace and tranquility I experienced there.” “I know how much pain there was after the Operation Bluestar (in 1984).” He said he wanted adequate representation of Sikhs “everywhere” – including the army and judiciary.

He said: “This year marks the 160 years since the first Sikh arrived in Britain. Since then, the story of British Sikhs has been one of success – of many thousands of people making a positive contribution in so many ways.

Source: HT


  1. One has got to remember Mr Cameron only wears a hard hat for photographers when a building has a red carpet yet is doing more to weaken the UK health and Safety laws from CDM to PPE than any other politician I can ever recall. The man is an interfering walking liability only listens to bean counters and is undoing UK best practice at a stroke. No wonder UKIP is doing so well. Wait until CDM is applied to domestic clients then maybe he would be best advised to wear a hard hat and a turban as some will need a prayer for him.

  2. Colin Critchlow

    This is the most appalling idea yet. Construction Companies and Site Managers can be fined or imprisoned for breach`s of safety including injured persons. Where does this stupid ruling leave us.

  3. Does it mean that that they are not to be compentiated if flying stone,concrete break their scurs on site and contractors are no more liable?

  4. Why not abandon H&S completely and go back to killing people at work. What is needed is compatible headwear. We can produce technology to land on the moon but cannot resolve this issue. I might agree that some H&S rules appear to go over the top on a few occasions but Mr Cameron’s unprecedented direct interference in details of H&S is notable only for his staggering ignorance. I suggest he also be exempted from wearing any safety equipment. The whole point of compulsory safety equipment and PPE is it is needed to preserve life. Where are the equipment and PPE manufacturers. Time to talk to the Sikh community?? Look to checking risk assessments are appropriate.

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