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109 Members of Congress Call for Sikh Hate Crime Tracking

Washington, DC: One hundred and nine members of the U.S. House of Representatives issued a new letter today calling on the FBI to begin tracking hate crimes against Sikhs, Hindus, and Arab-Americans, the way it does for other communities. The FBI is scheduled to make a decision about this issue in June. According to Sikh Coalition community surveys in New ...

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Community Education on Sikh Religion Continues

Wisconsin,USA: One of the many realizations following the Aug. 5 mass shooting at the Oak Creek Sikh temple was how little people knew about the Sikh faith. Despite being the fifth-largest religion in the world, the shootings were—sadly—an introduction to the Sikh community for many in Oak Creek and across the country, 100 years after the first Sikhs came to the ...

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Sikh Coalition mislead Sikhs in America?

Sacramento, California: Sikh Coalition’s press release’s on the so called “First Bill on Kirpan” are misleading and sweeping in thin air, by saying this again and again, that, this is a kirpan bill, without clarifying that this is only an education bill …for the kirpan, has resulted in a mockery of the Sikhs, not only in California but worldwide. The ...

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