Statement by Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair on the 29th anniversary of the Golden Temple invasion

Ottawa, Canada: I extend deep sympathies on the 29th anniversary of the invasion of the Darbar Sahib or Golden Temple and dozens of other Gurdwaras in Punjab India.

The tragic events that began in June of 1984 and the subsequent repercussions have left an indelible mark on the Sikh community and the whole Indian community, in Canada and abroad.

Like our former leader of Jack Layton, New Democrats stand in firm solidarity with human rights organizations and people of conscience around the world in calling for a full rendering of accounts during these tragic days. When innocent lives are taken, we have an obligation, as one democratic nation to another, to ask why and seek honest answers on behalf of our citizens.

As we pay our respects to those who lost their lives, let us renew our commitment to truth-seeking, healing and reconciliation, and to the protection of democracy and human rights in all corners of the world.

Source: NDP.CA News

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