Sikhs runners to wear black armbands during London Marathon as mark of respect to victims of Boston Marathon bombing

London, UK: A Sikh running group from Redbridge will wear black armbands during the London Marathon in memory of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Harmander Singh will carry a flag bearing the words ‘Sikhs love Boston’ as a tribute to the three people who died and the 150 who were injured in yesterday’s attack in America.

Mr Singh,53, of Wellesley Road, Ilford, said: “I was gutted, saddened and angry to see what happened in Boston.

“Why would anyone target something like a Marathon where so many innocent people are gathered? It’s senseless.

“There is no place for violence like this and we want to show our outrage at the people who did this but also our support for those who were the victims.”

Harmander and the group’s Scottish members, who are staying at his house for the Marathon, will say a prayer for the victims of the Boston bombs before they set off.

He said: “We do the prayer every year, but this year it will be especially poignant.”

This will be the 29th consecutive London Marathon and the 67th Harmander has run in total.

He said: “Sadly I have never run the Boston Marathon.

“I have always wanted to do it, but you have to run a qualifying time and I have never been able to reach it.”


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