Akalis engage Phoolka for preparing review mercy plea

Amritsar, Punjab: Supreme court lawyer HS Phoolka is among the legal experts that The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) has engaged for preparing the review mercy petition for saving Devinderpal Singh Bhullar from the gallows.

The SAD has already indicated that it will seek presidential review of Bhullar’s mercy petition. The SAD took this decision when Bhullar’s hanging became imminent after the Supreme Court rejected his review mercy petition on Friday.

“I am busy preparing the review merey petition for the SAD which will be submitted to president Pranab Mukherjee,” said phoolka while talking to the media outside the Golden Temple here on sunday.

Phoolka said obeisance at the shrine to thank the Almighty for the “judicial victory” in the anti sikh genocide sase against Congress leader jagdish Tytler. The lawyer has been fighting the cases of delhi genocide victimes in courts in the national capital since long.

“With the court ordering the reopening of the case against Tytler, we haver arhieved a victory of sorts.

We are hopeful that even in the case against Congress leader Sajjan kumar, we will get a favourable verdict,” he said.

Uttarakhand Governor Condemns 1984 Genocide

Uttarkahnad governor Aziz qureshi who paid obeisance at the golden temple on Sunday met Phoolka at the information office of the shrine. The two had a lengthy discussion on the 1984 genocide in Delhi.

Thereafter, talking to media persons in the presence of Phoolka, Qureshi said that he was among the first congress members of the lok sabha to condemn the Sikh genocide.”While speaking on punjab in Parliament, I told than Prime Minister Rajiv Gandihi that ther assassination of Indira Gandhi was a sin but a more grave sin had been committed against Sikh families. I mentioned that 3,000 Sikhs had lost their lives in genocide but not a single person had been arrested nor was a case registered against those involved,” he said

Source: HT

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