Sikh Genocide Colony Tilak Vihar Attacked by Indians on India’s Independence Day with the support of Police. Many Sikhs Shot and Wounded

Babu Singh Dukhiya president of Tilak vihar victims informed me by phone that 4-5 sikh youths were just going on their way when all of them they were obstructed by some sweepers of adjacent colony and without any provocation they attacked on Sikh youths as they had some pre-planing similar to 1984. It was a pre-planned attack as they (sweepers) were well equipped with sharp edged weapons called Churis, Knives etc.


When some elderly Sikhs watched it, they interfered and objected, soon the scuffle was over but in a short time these sweepers gathered in large numbers nearly 100-150 and attacked once again at Gurudwara Sahidganj at Tilak vihar.

It provoked Sikhs as they had already faced 1984 in their life, soon a stiff resistance was made by Sikhs who gathered at once and by collecting anything to fight, they stopped the attack and gave a befitted reply.

At this point Delhi Polcie which was so far a mute spectator entered into scene and fired the tear shells on Sikhs and simultaneously opened fire upon them who were just trying to save their place of worship – their Gurudwara. nearly 5-6 Sikh youths got wounded by bullets. One Sikh was shot in his pelvic region, two sikhs got bullets in their hands, one bullet pierced an ear of Sikh (hardly saved) and another one Sikh received a bullet in his neck. (Babu singh Dukhiya was there with this person when talked to me on phone).

Other Sikhs wounded got injuries due to pelting stones by these sweepers. Police didn’t made any attempt to save the gurudwara but supported the attack and by opening fire upon Sikhs. This is confirmed from Babu singh dukhiya.

Source: Eyewitness report by Ajmer Singh Randhawa


  1. Hindus are poor stupid brainless tramps who foccus all their negative energy on Sikhs while hindus themselves are being raped, converted to Islam and being taken over by Muslims. So when the time is near like the moghul days..dont expect Sikhs to help you! you monkeys!

  2. HAHAHAHA! India and its monkey government will always be corrupted! They use hindus as tools to start fights, riots, rapes and then the police join in. When will these pathetic know it all wannabe buchans wake up and see what is happening to them and their beloved India!!



  4. bhai kya chahte ho tum log ye bta do agar ladai chahte ho to bta do yha vha se pange na lo kham kha valmiki se or ha parminder tu tomar ko kya kh rha hai hame apna ghar ko khud safe rakhna aata hai tu bta tuje saftey chye to kyuki is time safety ki jarurat tum logo hai bhai hame kisi ki safety ki zarurat nhi hai or parminder agar tu padha likha hai na to jara apni goverment ki spelling check karle or agar tumhe ek ganna yaad ho to jo ki mika singh ne gaya tha ???? valmikiya de mundey nhi darde panga paye firde …… so plzzzzzz beaware from us …..

  5. Tomar ji, You dont need to be scared. If you give me your address I would personally come and guard your house from my sikh brothers. Please dont shit your pants as we all know you are just capable of making comments and thats all… I promise you I would save your low life from the wrath of the Khalsa when its time. You could also go and get help from Durjan kumar as he seems to be roaming around in givernment cars with red becons on top…. that should keep you safe aswell.

  6. sawal hamara nhi hai sawal tera hai jawab chye to bta diya jab marji …………

  7. The all valmiki brother’s we all are together we dont have to affraid from these bullshit comments if we all valmiki come together to fight they all are gonna backstab from these fight so plzzzzz dont be affraid from these sikhs……..

  8. Gurpreet singh khalsa

    we will nt torelate all this. My message to all my sikh brothers ,veero tayar ravo is hinduwad nu jawab den lai

  9. Show us the evidence…….

  10. ye sab jhoot hai, bullets balmiki ko lagi hai

  11. sikh broz dont bother we kashmirix will back you,this is first time you people got faced such incident, we are facing these coward acts everyday….we are with you sikhs

  12. I’m not understanding why you are getting so heated up about this when neither of u were at the scene of the incident so both of you are taking the word of others… U cant do that…I understand the police system in India is backward but what help are you doing by arguing on here? God does not let things like this happen for no reason, I’m sure there will be justice for the people hurt NOT revenge…Sikhism is not a religion that believes in revenge. If Sikhs unite all over the world & go to the government I’m sure we could do something about the way Sikhs are treated but that never happens because most Sikhs don’t want to try the peaceful way… Do not fight, unite!



  14. what a stupid report,every bit of this is fake,first of all der was nothing on dat level,it was a clash between two communities,which happens almost every where in the world,no one was targeted and seriously how can you use the word “Genocide”,do you even know wats the meaning of dat word,i used to be proud to be called sikh but now because of people like you who are spreading these messages of dividing my country is just hurtful,people like you should get ur facts straight and get some education about the topic,the people who always stayed together you want to divide them with this brainwash,Such a shame

  15. So just because you cut your hair doesn’t mean that you are supposed to sit around quietly or refuse to defend ur religion. I dont care who cut their hair and who smokes what; when innocent people are attacked and the police is not helping, it doesn’t matter who you are and what “sins” (for lack of a better word) you have committed. YOU HAVE TO STAND UP FOR TRUTH! If hindus/their temple were attacked by someone, these Sikhs would have come forward and faught, just like they have been doing. This story is not one-sided. THis is another 1984 — people of India are just reminding the Sikhs that they are still slaves, as simple as that.

  16. Mohinder Singh, the US based plaintiff’s family living in Tilak Vihar was especially targeted as their house was pelted with stones and their vehicles were burnt by the mob under the Delhi police watch.

    Mohinder Singh is plaintiff in a case pending before the US Federal Court in New York against the ruling Congress Party of India for its role in organizing and perpetrating violence against Sikhs during November 1984.

  17. You again need to learn bit about religion other than sikhi.. Ask urself which religion justify to treat these people as 3rd class or well known as untouchables. Maybe people nearby you are discriminating against these ppl but not our dharam or any institution.

    Jumping and circling around and not to come to the point is the case of one egoistic mind. Don’t worry I have bigger ego issues than most of people here 🙂

  18. Canadian Punjabi

    And you fail to notice that out of the 365 days of the years, for the 364 days, we the ones trying to show off our Ego and superiority. For 364 days of the year, we are the aggressors against these poor people.
    So let’s agree to disagree. Peace.

  19. I am not here to win anything but trying to show you other side of the coin. Do not rely on me or maybe this site but also try not to throw blind trust behind biased India media and your friends in India.

  20. There is no denying that few Sikhs MIGHT overact or did wrong but as pointed earlier “That is certainly not the issue”.

    The issue that you are failing to notice is the police support to those valmiki who were in large number inside sikh neighborhood and throwing stone. Just like in 80’s police stood as mute spectator but when Sikhs started giving reply to valmikis then police started air fire.

  21. Canadian Punjabi

    I declare you as the better man among the both of us. You are a true Keyboard Warrior!
    Cheers! Peace!

    “Rabba meher kar iss chardi kala te…..”

  22. I think you need take this incident and start learning bit more about sikh history in India from 1947 till Rajiv longowal act.

    House negro can be anyone who got the slave mentality not necessarily retired soldier :S

    Several various amateur videos posted by Sikhs of that locality and having that huge evidence can’t lift rosy colored eyeglasses off you then nothing can help you to look at the full picture. Only way is to read books regarding Sikhs getting 2nd class treatment in India.

  23. Canadian Punjabi

    Umm.. No.
    There are equal reports that our people went on motorcycles to their side first. If that is true, we are the aggresors.

    Who started today’s events – questionable. You may be right. I may be right. Who knows?

    What is absolutely NOT questionable is the fact that we like to be-little the other side at every chance we can get. We like to show that they are socially down trodden, not equal citizens of the same country. Check above for the “Ch**r*y” word that another of the brothers used. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Sometimes, things come and bite you back. A real Khalas man takes his lesson and learns to follow the path of God, the path of truth. Treat with respect, and you get respect back.

  24. Canadian Punjabi

    The house negro you talk about are mostly families of retired Defence services officers. Please have some respect for the people that ensure you country is safe and you yourself are not over-run by Pakistan or the even bigger enemy – China.

    The laugh is because a lot of our own people like to sensationalize events into the religious / political domains.

    In that sense, we are no different than the other side. We also like to do all nonsense, indulge in all crap, and then play the religious card. Just like the other side.

  25. Not one sided? Maybe not for you. So, did the reporter mentioned that it was balmiki who went to sikh colony. Did the article mentioned that it was only sikh houses which were stoned ?

    Go and call and find this out.

    Sikhs did not started stone throwing neither they went to their colony to attack their houses. It was all those ppl who came in started same style attack in 80’s. as there is saying, old habits don’t go away easily.

  26. Tilak vihar area is backward area and classy middle or rich class sikh ppl looks down on them. Don’t know about your so called relatives who first laughed at ur call before knowing full details. Anyway, there is term for such people.. “House negro”

    Pretty sad that few of own ppl are acting in this way. It won’t change unless mob enters in their home then they will know the reality.

  27. Canadian Punjabi

    Not appearing to be one sided? double DUH!

  28. DUH! What’s surprise in that article??

  29. Canadian Punjabi

    Surprise Surprise! Even Punjab newsline is ready to give a more balanced picture –

  30. Canadian Punjabi

    I was very angry after reading this news. Called my family and told them everything. They got upset too and we called our relatives in Delhi.
    Oh Lord what a surprise! Relatives laughed at this and promised to call back after getting all news from their nears and dears in the area. Yes, we got that call back sometime ago. Simple answer – Wait for the situation to settle down and only look for credible news source. A minority focussed website such as the one we are currently will obviously paint one side of the picture only – common sense.

    Actual facts as told to me – The boys in the area are no better than the other side. They commit all such things that are outlawed to all Sikhs. They will smoke when no-one is looking.. most will cut their kesh (hair) to look cool and “In” with the crowd and whenever something happens, suddenly they will claim to be all “Khalas” (Pure). They will openly indulge in using the outlawed word – “Ch**r*y” when talking to the other side. They will constantly belittle them. This constantly leads to tensions running high and nobody can put up with constant insults and belittling.

    End of the day, two “groups” of people clashed. Police stepped in and did what they could to control a mob that had gone totally bonkers, fuelled by their Ego and false religious pride on both sides. Opinion is divided on who started it “today”. Nobody knows who was the real culprit yesterday… who was the real aggressor yesterday and days before that. Could have been the Valmiki community boys? Maybe. The Tilak Nagar boys who think they are more superior in every respect? Even more likely.

    Regarding the YouTube video – the title of the video itself gives an indication as to what kind of picture is the editing group trying to show.. what side’s picture they want to show to gain maximum eyeballs. Among the groups, Who has more TV’s to watch controversy anyways? That’s the group you go after to get the eye balls and the advertising revenue. It’s a dirty mess, Indian media.

    You may choose to agree or disagree with the above. Only stating the general consensus among the people actually in the area and with some actual real education and experience to back up their observations. However, the “Keyboard Warriors”, I see are pretty unhappy about this. Go for it. Tear me apart. Satisfy your ego.

  31. Where is truth?

    Did you made any effort to see the video footage? It does not matter what the issue was or where whole trouble started. Main point is that the sarkar employees (police) deliberately sided with chooray community instead of staying non-biased or neutral.

    Here’s case and ppl here can decide:

    1. Video clearly shows Hindu (chooray group) throwing stones at Sikhs (cars, autos, houses, sikh families) WHILE whole police force was standing on their side – shoulder by shoulder.

    2. Area inspector belong to schedule caste and made not one but many biased decisions.

    3. Inspector says that no bullets ever hit any sikh but area hospital and doctor says that dozen Sikhs admitted, few were shot and one in serious condition.

    4. Media reporters will always voice for majority so that their channel and newspaper sell. Total biased and blackout !

  32. Iv just met a hindu who laughed wen i told him wats happening in india! I had to do wat i had to do. I broke the .. Edited

  33. The only thing Sikhs can do is brag about how we are “Shera di kaum” and how our ancestors kicked ass. Since 1947, we have been victimized in India, and we have no way to answer back. We know by now there is no justice for us in this country.It’s about time Sikhs unite and try to defend themselves rather than expecting the police or govt to do so. It’s time we actually become sher in real life. Don’t attack first, but when attacked defend yourselves and fight back in a way that in the future people will think 1000 times before trying to come at us. This goes for all the minorities in the country. Muslims, Christians same thing. Defend yourself before the Hindus wipe you out.

  34. Kitni jhoothi report hai yeh .. Exxagerated kahani hai yeh .. Riots hue hain but sirf Sikhs target nahin hue .. I live in Vikaspuri just besides Tilak Nagar .. Aisi reports situation calm nahin karti aur kharab karti hain !!

  35. Ajay Singh, Please take a look at this video [ ] and see that if it wasn’t a communal violence then why Police (belonging to one group) was mute spectator when their own religious group people were throwing stones at sikh homes? At last when sikhs got together then they started firing and injured/killed sikhs. Why police on one side ?? (Same as in 1984)

    It is grave injustice if you try brush such incident under the carpet.

  36. be polite ji

  37. Its congress government in Delhi just like 1984.
    I live in Uttam nagar which is just 2 kms from Tilak nagar. Not looking good I tell you. I will l stop pretending to be an educated moderate man if this shit does not stop. Police was guarding the bastards as they attacked sikhs.
    Fuck you India.

  38. Tilak Vihar colony in West Delhi area witnessed an altercation that left nineteen people, including five policemen, injured when two groups clashed over a motorcycle accident on Thursday.

    A police official said that the incident took place at 5.30 pm when a motorcycle rider knocked down a boy, who was flying a kite on the road. Both of them entered into a heated argument.

    Soon people joined in the argument that further escalated to a dispute.

    Eyewitnesses disclosed that when the police reached the spot, two groups had already been formed. The groups resorted to stone pelting and burnt down three police vehicles.

    Additional Commissioner of Police (West) V Renganathan said that the police had to use water cannon and tear gas shells to control the mob. 19 people including five policemen have been injured in the clashes. They are being treated in a nearby hospital.

    Police reports claimed that an unknown person had opened fire and the bullets from the gun hit three people who were among the 19 injured. Police, have however, refuted these claims.
    A police official reported the situation under control.

    A large police contingent had to be deployed in the area to prevent the tension from being more tense and serious.

  39. Fuck off !!

  40. It wasnt based on communal identity but infact a local gang of sweepers clashed with a gang of sikhs due to some differences. You can call it a fight of dominance. It happens all over the world. It happens in US when mexican gangs clash with Black gangs. Do not give it a religious face.

  41. @mashu
    What should we do..?? If BJP is Communal.. then we should support Congress as Congress did very well in 1984..!!
    So shut the fuck up..!! Congressi

  42. please do not make local fight between rowdies into communal fight. It will hurt the unity. we had enough post 1984. Please do not repeat it.

  43. Sikhs shouls stop supporting COMMUNAL BJP…
    or else India will become un safe for all except Hindus…

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