Sikh Coalition mislead Sikhs in America?

kirpan billSacramento, California: Sikh Coalition’s press release’s on the so called “First Bill on Kirpan” are misleading and sweeping in thin air, by saying this again and again, that, this is a kirpan bill, without clarifying that this is only an education bill …for the kirpan, has resulted in a mockery of the Sikhs, not only in California but worldwide. The Indian media has made statements, stating that the Sikhs in California will not be able to wear a kirpan any longer based on their chain of mis-informing press releases.

The community should issue a strong and a serious warning to the Sikh Coalition to stop issuing misleading spin stories, in order to gain attention.Spread this message around. Put this out on various forums to inform the sangat of the truth, regarding the mis-quoted Kirpan Bill and what it really stood for.

There actually was a true Kirpan bill, a few years back, put up by the sangat of California, many years before the formation of the Sikh Coalition. This bill was also unanimously passed by the both houses but had also been vetoed by the then Governor. I also do seek more granular information on that true Kirpan bill. Can anyone provide it, or maybe help me blog this on most read forums to get the correct information.

Sikh Coalition, you work on behalf of the community, on the dollars given by the community, as a not-for-profit with a 501C3 status. Don’t take the charity of the sangat, for granted and continue to fool them.

Read below for more information on the mis-quoted “Kirpan bill”, as referred by the Sikh Coalition, but actually, it is a bill on educating the police and nothing more. This weak bill on being passed would have fetched nothing more than what is currently available in each state today, through the training provided by various activists in the USA.

Source: Vivek Singh Sandhu

Action Alert in USA

  1. Neha Singh claims Arnold shows a “lack of religious understanding” and that “he does not understand the value of educating our law enforcement agencies” – NO, that is not what I read. Arnold clearly states that he felt the commission can decide and add/create whatever curriculum they want. He just obviously doesn’t feel that this needs to be a LAW (especially, since it would be the first law of its kind). There is a big difference there! It seems to me that the solution is to work with the commission to create the appropriate education.
  2. This bill has nothing to do with kirpan rights.. it is trying to create a LAW stating that police officers must learn about Sikhs and kirpans. The “HOPE” is that police will arrest less Sikhs for carrying a kirpan. That is a poor reason to create a LAW in my opinion.So as far as education goes, we should just work with every police station possible and SHARE our resources. I hope Sikh Coalition will be willing to share their curriculum and presentations with the sikh community at large. Local sangats can take up these battles.Laws aren’t the only answers to problems. I agree with Arnold’s thinking on this one.If we want laws related to the Kirpan, then let’s make it legal to carry a kirpan!


  1. satnam waheguru ji (

  2. Gurteg, look at the earlier Press Release’s and community voices from Sikh Coalition. Clearly there is mentioning of the words, “First Kirpan Bill”. First of all, is this statement true ? How was it the first? Ram Singh from Freemont worked with the Sikh community of California on the true Kirpan bill.
    It was not stated explicitly in the headlines that this is an educational bill. I can reproduce the Community Voices for everyone’s perusal. The media picked up what was said by the Sikh Coalition and hence added to the confusion. Sikh Coalition should acknowledge their mistake. Stop thinking that the sangat is dumb! Open up to the people.

  3. Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

    Sikh Coalition mislead Sikhs in America? | Global Sikh News
    Dear Manvinder Singh (ms514) and Khalsa ji,
    Sat Sri Akal!
    Here as under, to say so, for Indira Gandhi, am “I” to be considered egoist using hard words? If I am accused, bring me in witness box to prove me guilty! I am in field and experienced all, then only writing. I am like an eye witness of the circumstances. Let others prove me wrong. Though the words “I” and “My” are always wrong to be used so frequently but, when something was to be said with full responsibility, then become unavoidable. If you are still not convinced, I have to say sorry and pardon me for wrong explanation: Anyway, suggestions of Manvinder Singh and Khalsa ji are also valuable, not to be ignored so lightly. Thanks for boldly expressing yourself and rightly advising me to some extent. Yours sincerely, Balbir Singh Sooch.
    Indira Gandhi Shall Be Remembered As A Thoughtless Lady In The History

    Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

    After contemptible army attack in June 1984, the Indian army stormed the Sikhs’ holiest shrine, the Durbar Sahib (Golden Temple) in Amritsar, Sri Akal Takhat Sahib other historical Gurdwaras of Punjab, and thus, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi did the contempt, intentionally and deliberately, of Sikh religion and of killing of thousands innocent Sikhs including minor children and women in the army operation.

    Under the circumstances, the conceited Indira Gandhi proudly wanted to send a message worldwide that after all this, she was not afraid of Sikhs and, to prove further them coward, kept Sikhs her bodyguards in the inner security circle, from where nobody could ever escape and think so to take the risk of committing the crime.

    But, Beant Singh and Satwant Singh took this extreme step because of the outcome of intense feelings that carried away them, for the reasons of the deliberate religious contempt and the killings of innocent Sikhs by her action and the Indian army.

    It would always be wrong and incorrect to say that she trusted Sikhs as her bodyguards.

    For the ignorance, Indira Gandhi was herself guilty and for ever, shall be remembered as a thoughtless lady in the history.

    Extract from the exchange of views with a prominent Journalist Rahul Singh:

    RAHUL SINGH : rahul singh wrote


    Dear Rahul Singh ji,
    rahul singh
    Sat Sri Akal!


    First of all, nobody would like to use for him such a language that Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was an evil man, what to talk of me though I personally never met him? As you said, “Of course, Indira Gandhi foolishly promoted him, on Zail Singh’s promoting, to divide the Akalis. That was her short-sighted political strategy” you must have rightly said so.

    Are only evils-devils always projected in politics in India as being experienced and, you also said so in case of Bhindranwale ? If answer is yes, then I am no one to contradict you.

    The Akalis must have also preferred to remain silent strategically and foolishly.

    Moreover, India is under unitary form of system, constitutionally and politically but, not under federal system as being projected by and for the fools in India, that is only to show the outer world.

    To answer your question,” But he (Bhindranwale) could have been opposed by Sikhs, which did not happen, even the senior Akali leaders and the high priests of the har mandir sahib were scared of him, why?”

    I was or am not so experienced or badly trained politically and leaglly to give a direct or straightforward answer that “the senior Akali leaders and the high priests of the Durbar Sahib (Har Mandir Sahib) were having hands in glove with the Indian central agencies to get instructions from them in the case of Bhindranwale”.

    But, you are much experienced to say so, to call the Akalis equally guilty for their silence or for other reasons.

    To my knowledge, leaving aside the selected a few members of ’District grievances committees’ that was on papers then, no Akali leader was allowed to visit police stations where Sikhs were being inhumanly tortured, eliminated and kept in police custody without any record, later on shown disappeared.

    I did write a few lines when ‘the SGPC installed the portrait of Sant ji in the historical Sikh Museum at Durbar Sahib (Golden Temple), Sri Amritsar on November 29, 2007’ as under:

    To Know India!
    Oh! Genocide of Sikhs and Generation Transformation;
    What are you murmuring?
    Where, how and by whom?
    Of minorities including Sikhs in India!
    Yes; through the so-called Babas-Saints and their henchmen!!!
    You mean to say in the name of Dharma gurus!
    Yes; who planned and when?
    The central agencies entered through Sant Bhindranwale-Taksal;
    Jarnail Sant Bhindranwale was too late to understand in Punjab;
    then what happened?

    (I bow my head before his sacrifice, he might be manipulated by the thoughtless)

    The sacrifice of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale would never be out of the Sikh history in the context of independent India.

    The life story of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale is a very painful part of Indian history and nobody could forget it. It shall always remind all the unanswered questions of planned Sikhs Genocide in independent India and to Know India!

    Yours sincerely,
    Balbir Singh Sooch

  4. Jagjit singh mukandpuri

    Respected Khalsa ji and Manvinder singh ji, I my self has learnt a lot from you kind and meaningful advice, we learn from each other, no one is perfact and we should come out of ego and other negative ideas. Any one serving with true sense should not be discouraged. We should think and work as brothers and sisters. If on any issue we differ, we should express our opinion with wisdom. Waheguru bless all. Waheguru ji da Khalsa, Waheguru ji de Fateh.


    First, the name is Manvinder Singh – I use the ms514 identity because I post with this identity and can be readily identified by others on forums. So, now that I am not a “hiding identity” as you accuse me of, you can stop trying to insult me with it. Next, as per you not hearing much of Voices for Freedom, brother, I have never heard of your “Sooch Sikh Vichan Manch” either. But nobody here has disrespected you just because they have never heard of your organization. The same respect should be extended.

    Brother, get over your ego. Sorry to tell you, but you are not any more or less important than any other Sikh or Sikh orgnization. Any Sikh of the Guru that is engaged in seva should be respected, but if they let their ego come out in as flaming manner as yourself, your seva is going to be useless. Are you so special that everyone should come to see you? You want to do seva, that’s great. You want to slander other’s efforts in their seva, then go answer to Guru Sahib. And just for your reference, the organizations that you shose to slander by being “hiding identities” always mention the names of their sevadaars in their Press Releases with photographs and other pertinent information that in now way hides their identity. So nobody has been hiding their identity.

    Now, unless you have proof of fraud, abuse or negligence against the Sikh organizations you sought to accuse, you produce it outright and it better be very definite. Otherwise, I would think very clearly and definitively before making any further accusations, especially as you are speaking from India about organizations that are in the U.S. And keep in mind that U.S. organizations are independently and governmentally audited frequently for fund allocation and fraud.

    So make with the evidence to prove your accusations, or is it all hot air?

  6. Balbir Singh Sooch, I read your posts here and in few other places. I feel you are dedicated person with honest sentiments. I just have few humple observations which i feel like passing on to you because whatever you are trying to say is not going in right direction:-
    1. Sometime your words seems to be so much concered about “I”,”My” etc which smell ego.
    2. Try to hear others as much as you want to say your feeling.
    3. Be inclusive. Do not try to to use hard words against any section. We all are human beings. There are bad potatoes everywhere which need to ne brought to justice , not any section.

  7. Symbolic Bandhs- Symbolic Protests On Nov 3 2009 Only In Punjab

    So named religio-political radical groups should not to be allowed to harm anybody or damage the public property under the garb of the dramas i.e. bandhs, protests in Punjab

    After everything covered up with help of the various so named religio-political radical groups, now, no hope left to get justice and The Indira Gandhi Legacy- Inner Truth i.e. “Mrs Gandhi increased socialist economic controls started by her father Jawaharlal Nehru, opened the doors to widespread corruption that leading politicians and bureaucrats now routinely practice day by day by, and sowed the seeds for both her own death and that of her son, Rajiv Gandhi, by encouraging a militant Sikh leader in Punjab and separatist Tamil activity in Sri Lanka. She also increased separatist sentiments in Kashmir” to be promoted silently by the same people who as sincere and obedient soldiers supported the legacy so far and in order to ruin Sikhs again.

    After 25 years of ’84 Sikh Genocide, the same religio-political radical groups seem to be directed to resort to disrupt rail road taffic only in Punjab, must be symbolically by so-called various religio-political radical groups under the aegis of the Khalsa Action Committee, the Dal Khalsa has given a call for complete bandh on Nov 3 to mark the ‘Nov 1984 anti-Sikh Carnage’.

    The Symbolic Punjab Bandh – Symbolic Protest on November 3, 2009 like holding seminars etc in the past experienced by the same radicals being said to be significant at the large scale (It seems to be sponsored by the Indian central agencies) as it has a full backing of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, Damdami Taksal, Akand Kirtani Jatha, Chief Khalsa Deevan, Sikh Youth of Punjab, Bhindrawale Federation, Shiromani Khalsa Panchayat, SAD (Amritsar) and various factions of Shiromani Akali Dal & Sikh Students Federation.
    “Fight for justice to riot victims, now is just for symbolism as “I knew what I was doing. Taking on politicians and police officers was never going to be an easy task especially when both were involved. And considering the immense power they wielded, it made my job that much tougher,” says Phoolka………
    “Most of the cases against politicians and police officers are over. They have already resulted in acquittals. Only four to five cases are left now like that of Congress leaders Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler,” he said……..””, said lawyer Harvinder Singh Phoolka.
    The Sikh Vichar Manch understands the compulsions of the Indian agencies to celebrate such shameful occasions by lighting candles, bandhs, protests, conducting seminars etc symbolically for the promotion and the advantage of their men on one pretext or the other, but submits that they should not to be allowed to harm anybody or damage the public property under the garb of the dramas i.e. bandhs, protests in Punjab.
    For Example:
    The Extrajudicial Execution of Jathedar Sri Akal Takhat Sahib
    The Inquiry Report Hushed Up
    iswK kqlyafm curfsI dy dosLIaF nMU sjLf nf hoxf srkfrI awqvfdI mfniskqf[[[
    Submission by
    Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch
    November 2, 2009

  8. We should never oppose “those who frankly admit that whatever, they do, they do it only professionally that’s to earn, rest all is secondary and hypocrisy for them, may be in the name of religious or the community service and, they openly say people may call it service or not, while doing so in the line of our business”.

    Though I am not from business class but, I do welcome the frankness. Otherwise, it remained my view that earning out of creating confrontation within Sikhs and outside and the cheating in the name of service to religion or Sikh community must not be tolerated and condemned under all circumstances especially by the forces doing anything under the garb of the Dhande Di Sikhi (those who become Sikhs for commercial motives) and Bhekh Di Sikhi (those who accept Sikhism formally to imitate Sikhs for material gains and to exploit Sikhism for their ignoble ends).

    If there are any such acts of meanness under the garb of Sikhi or Sikh politics, are further deplorable and must be out rightly rejected as such acts are more harmful for Sikhs living peacefully especially abroad.

    By some ms514 (hiding identity) on October 28, 2009 at 12:51 pm, rightly pointed out about me because I could not associate with any of the organisations (for fund raising) otherwise to me there is nothing exceptional in them which I have not done or could not do under the name of Sikh Vichar Manch.

    Whoever, gives funds to any organisation, feels that is important for him. Similarly seems to be the case of ms514.

    To ms514, “there are organizations like Voices for Freedom that are addressing the issues of human rights and things related to India, which are all very relevant and important to the Sikh community”. I have not noticed their any meaningful work except releasing some photos of Sikhs and conducting a few seminars in Delhi, Chandigarh and at far away places from Punjab in the respective government rest houses, buildings etc, otherwise nothing much heard about such organisations. Other groups/organisations named by him, are politically affiliated to toe their respective party lines and there is nothing much to do any work for them to raise voice for justice impartially.

    When I said, “like organisations seem to be roots in India directly or indirectly though any of their functionaries/activists personally never contacted or consulted me here regarding Sikh affairs”, I meant to say that I don’t recoganise by face such activists though their roots are in India, must also be doing secret meetings in Mumbai like big cities, with their counter parts operating in different colors, strategically to highlight their provided services for Sikh community, may not on ground but on papers for fund raising as they do by sending emails to Sikh Vichar Manch.

    Such organisations operating within and outside must have definite information that the Sikh Vichar Manch is not fund raising organisation/forum and could not be of any utility for the purpose to them. They must also know that the Sikh Vichar Manch is a thought provoking forum for justice openly but they can not do so in the manner. Under the circumstances, they should have never felt any use to see me by wasting their valuable business hours.

    I never expect anything from such organisations as experienced in the past remaining in the field.

    Again, I wish that the reality must come out and be brought on surface about such organisations operating within and outside in order to maintain peace and the law and order in the world. In case ms514 is against this demand, I can’t help him.

  9. Jagjit singh mukandpuri

    Dear MS 514, Sat Sri Akal, I agree 99% with you, Waheguru bless all. Sat Sri Akal.

  10. The persons like Sardar Harvinder Singh Phoolka are alive who take bold stand without any hypocrisy and not hiding their identity like cowards

    The bold disclosure and stand in the article, ‘Lone Sikh ranger still beavers away (25 years after Indira Gandhi’s assassination)’ by Sardar Harvinder Singh Phoolka

    “I knew what I was doing. Taking on politicians and police officers was never going to be an easy task especially when both were involved. And considering the immense power they wielded, it made my job that much tougher,” says Phoolka………

    “Most of the cases against politicians and police officers are over. They have already resulted in acquittals. Only four to five cases are left now like that of Congress leaders Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler,” he said……..”
    1984 killings of Sikhs were not only riots but was ‘Sikhs Carnage i.e. Genocide of Sikhs’. It is fully described, as how they were targeted and singled out, in detail in the article in Panjabi as under and please link to read:
    Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

  11. Well said ms514!
    It can not be said better.

  12. Continuing the whole “the US organizations” are destroying or ignoring India. Sir, India has 17-20 million reported Sikhs. They have religious power (SGPC), spiritual power (5 Takhts), political power (Akali Dal – pick a faction). What are the 17-20 million Sikhs doing voting Badal in power all the time, allowing Jathedars to be changed like a Kacherra, having their very leaders defame and insult Sikhism? Rather than blaming the mere couple of millions of Sikhs outside of India for not helping or hurting the Sikh Panth, maybe a little home based parchar would be in order???


    Let’s get a few things straight – and keep in mind that I am not a part of Sikh Coalition nor do I support them blindly. My dealings with them or by people I know have not always been positive – and I am using kind words. But rather than bluntly bashing the initiative, go analyze it a little:

    First and foremost, rather than bashing this initiative, learn to see something positive out of it. With the passing of this bill there would be a DEFINITIVE admittance by the California government of the Kirpan’s validity. Now, even if this is a duplicate effort and the government has already conceeded the Kirpan as legitimate for the Sikhs to wear, it would serve to confirm that sentiment and serve as a VERY STRONG base to SUE the government for any further arrests and harassment, which by the way still do occur. Also, it would renew the acceptance of the Kirpan and serve as the basis for a precedent to present to and fight with in other states. So rather than getting all bothered that they are hoodwinking the Sikh community, try something new (at least for our Panth): SUPPORT them for an initiative that, even if repetitive, cements the Sikh community’s position on the Kirpan to be worn legally.

    Second, the comments by Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch. Sikh Coalition, SALDEF and UNITED SIKHS were founded in and based in (apart from UNITED SIKHS, which has chapters golbally) the U.S. They are not based in India. To be frank, there are organizations like Voices for Freedom that are addressing the issues of human rights and things related to India, which are all very relevant and important to the Sikh community. BUT SALDEF, Sikh Coalition and UNITED SIKHS focus is elsewhere. Much as the Sikh Panth has Jathebandis that target different sevas, so do these organizations. So rather than getting on an ego high horse about how you were never consulted, perhaps YOU should take the step to offer your services to them and see if you can collaborate. A typical disease of the Sikhs – they think themselves so important that everyone should report to them. Get off of it.

  14. That last statement by Singh21 is great!. Now i am proud that we have some people like Singh21 in our Sikh community. Otherwise i was very discouraged to see the comments what type of people we got in our community.
    We need better people who knows how to talk and write rather than childish people which has spread like virus all over the sikh web.

  15. I am not a regular visitor on this site. Just got diverted from Google News. Have to say I agree with the last comment by Sukh that we don’t seem to be talking either respectfully or maturely on important issues. Arguments and counter-arguments in a discussion are all part of a logical discourse. However superlatives, quick judgements of others, strong adjectives and personal attacks instead of logical viewpoints seem to be common – not only on this site but most such forums related to our community. Seems like either we all have very strong views or the people online all mostly teenagers (we do definitely need the young energy, just a bit more in positive direction). God Bless All.
    To the article under discusssion, I have read about the bill, its pros and cons and its status. Yet I couldn’t understand the point in the article beyond the fact that the writer seems to be neither happy with the bill nor its rejection and seems to be using this to vent anger at an agency, the reasons for which seem relatively trivial given the choice of words.

  16. When will we (Sikhs) understand how to talk respectfully to each other and be together. Ridiculous statement like “Mislead Sikhs” etc to a wonderful organization is discouraging some good people to work for Sikh rights which seems to be only professional voice of Sikhs.

    Do not make negative statements. Be matured . Bolo Waheguru

  17. A Kaur’s article is baseless and merely ridiculous. How the Indian media interprets the bill is irrelevant to the work the Coalition has done. A Kaur, you are part of the problem and not the solution. Instead of mending relationships between our people and the non profit organizations, you are dividing them. This is typical of how the Sikh community reacts…always pointing the finger at other Sikh’s while efforts could be made to build a stronger community together.

  18. AHH the confirmation exists: (Thanks Kirpal!)

    “The commission has stood by for the last 8 years, watching the problems between Sikhs and law enforcement grow more acute, and has not taken any action to remedy this problem. That is precisely when the legislature feels compelled to act – when a government agency is not doing enough to protect the State’s citizens.”

    I don’t read anywhere that the Coalition contacted the Commission PRIOR to this legislation to lobby them to change their curriculum, do you?

  19. It appears Sikh Sangat is becoming the Fox News of the Sikhs. Here is some helpful information from the Sikh Coalition blog:

  20. Finally someone speaks the truth!

    Sikh Coalition’s efforts would have been better spent had they actually contacted the Commission rather than conducting a media stunt to gain attention. Seems their more interested in the sound of their own voice than actually advocacy… too bad.

    I wonder with Sikhs advocacy groups will grow up…….

  21. This story lacks credibility and is clearly trying to malign an excellent organization working tirelessly for the Panth.

    This bill was called the Kirpan Education Bill by the Sikh Coalition and the Bay Area Gurdwaras supporting the bill. This was a collective fight. All the local sangat supported the bill and understood its significance. It was to educate the law enforcement officials.

    Your source is “Vivek Singh Sandhu” — who is he and what authority does he have to make such statements? Please don’t engage in defamation of Sikh organizations. This is shameful.

  22. Doubtful Integrity:
    The most of the functionaries of UNITED SIKHS, Sikh Coalition, the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF) like organisations seem to be roots in India directly or indirectly though any of their functionaries/activists personally never contacted or consulted me here regarding Sikh affairs.

    They do their assigned task without bothering the conditions of Sikhs in India. Such organisations do send their emails for propagating only their given agenda but never responded or commented anytime on issues like abuses of Sikhs Human Rights and or the pitiable conditions of people in India.

    Some from Gurdwaras or controlling Gurdwaras and naming themselves “Khalistanis” with idea of collecting offerings, only abuse to Sikhs and the Sikh leadership of Punjab to please their masters. Their propaganda proves like double edged weapon to harm Sikhs in India and Punjab.

    What are their real function under the garb of Sikhi and are they only after highlighting the shortcomings of systems of western world, though not always legally sound, without touching or bothering about the deplorable conditions of people in Indian System?

    Are the most of the functionaries out of them or the persons linked with those who instead of honoring the law of the foreign land, due to which they are enjoying the present life, abuse it for their nefarious designs by giving wrong picture of the police actions etc? And have they not come to destroy the systems by their embedded immorality/corrupted/sabotaging habits as there were always reasonable apprehensions expressed by law abiding Sikhs about such elements operating abroad?

    I may be wrong in observing and noticing so from the distance but the reality must come and be brought on surface in order to maintain peace and the law and order in the world.

  23. I think Neha Singh is clearly referring to it as at Kirpan Education Bill. Where is she misguiding or “fooling” the community??
    I agree that local law enforcement agencies in various cities etc can be trained about the importance of Kirpan, but a law at
    the state level would have eased things for all Sikhs in California very smoothly and quickly. If the so called Indian media misrepresents it, how is the the fault of Sikh Coalition?

    The role of Sikh coalition is also to propagate and educate the larger community about Sikh identity.Even if some initiates do not succeed, as bonus, Sikhs get covered in the media thereby helping the community. Let us not just run to criticize these young Sikhs under anonymous names and instead appreciate their activism. They have done yeoman’s service to the Sikh community after 9/11.

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