SGPC condemns targeting of Sikh truck driver in US

Amritsar, Punjab: T he Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) on Monday condemned the US police and law authorities for targeting a Sikh truck driver in America requested the Indian government to take up the matter at the diplomatic level with the US government.

Expressing concern over the incident, in which the police in the US state of Mississippi had called driver Jagjeet Singh a “terrorist”, SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar said that despite repeated appeals by Sikhs worldwide against racial attacks on members of the community had failed to stop the assaults.

In this context, he also referred to last week’s assaulting of assistant professor Prabhjot Singh at Columbia University in the US. Even his attackers had called him a “terrorist”. “We have been making appeals and trying to explain to people worldwide that Sikhs are a peace-loving community and not terrorists,” said Makkar. “It is unfortunate that some insane people just fail to understand us,” he added in a statement issued here.

People needed to understand that Sikhs had distinct identity and they should not be mixed with other communities or seen as terrorists, Makkar further said. “Sikhs contributed to the development and progress of each country, including the US, where they have settled,” said the SGPC president, asking Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to intervene.

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  1. Narvinderjit Singh

    I am a sikh, but I do not consume the flesh of any animal or living being nor do I consume any alcoholic substances.

    Your comments should not suggest that each and every single Sikh indulges in those activities, its bluntly saying every Muslim is a terrorist. I have Muslim friends but there not conspiring plots of terrorism, acknowledging that, are they still terrorists or Muslims ? or are they humans like yourself.

    Please don’t be quick to judge and make rational comments if you lack intellectual knowledge regarding another religion, please educate yourself through the use the of the internet and refrain from using absurd beliefs about ethnic groups and cultures that are completely incorrect.

    Thanks, and take care.

  2. To
    The Honourable President

    Sub: Deny Visa to Modi
    Respected Sir,

    1. Mr. Narinder Modi was involved in killing of innocent Muslims in Gujarat, India. He is being appointed as a person to be the Next Prime Minister of India.
    2. Mr. Narinder Modi of B.J.P. is in touch with Chief Minister of Punjab Prakash Singh Badal (Akali Dal Party) a Sikh Terrorist.
    3. If U.S.A. or their people are honest they will never grant Visa to Mr. Narinder Modi in any circumstances. Your actions will tell every thing.
    Thanking You,
    Yours truly,
    (Hardeep Singh Sandhu)
    Joint achievements of these two Political Parties B.J.P. / Akali Dal Badal
    1. They killed innocent Muslims in Gujarat, Genocide / 2002.
    2. They burned Godhara train in which three U.K. citizens died.
    3. They burned Australian Missionary. Two kids and their father were burnt alive.
    4. They ransacked Churches and raped Nuns in Uttar Pradesh.
    5. Now in September, they killed 100 innocent Muslims in Uttar Pradesh, Genocide / 2013.
    6. Weapons provided by Akali Dal Badal (Sikh Organisation) in all the above cases. Swords are provided by Sikh Community because in India only they have the authority to keep arms and ammunition like this in the name of religious Symbol.
    7. Sikh Turban and Swords are not religious Symbol. A Sikh religious body of Amritsar named S.G.P.C. is as corrupt like any other Hindu Fundamental Organisation.
    8. Ban these weapons as mentioned in Point No. 7.
    9. Now creditability and honesty lies on U.S.A. Govt. Administration.
    List of Persons/Organisations those who speak against Foreign Christians
    1. Mr. Narinder Modi of B.J.P.
    2. Mr. Yog Guru Baba Ram Dev of B.J.P.
    3. Mr. Rajnath Singh of B.J.P.
    4. Ms. Uma Bharti of B.J.P.
    5. Ms. Sushma Sawraj of B.J.P.
    The following Organisations are involved in riots:
    1. Bajrang Dal, R.S.S. and Shiv Sena

    The above mentioned Persons/Organisations opposed Ms. Sonia Gandhi of Congress (I) from becoming Prime Minister of India. The reason stated by B.J.P. was that she is a Christian Lady and her Origin is from Italy.

    Mr. Narinder Modi and Yog Guru Baba Ram Dev can be seen live on Indian Media spitting Venom against foreigners.
    It’s like double standard by granting Visa to these above culprits.

  3. To
    The Director Bank Central London U.K.
    Mr. Jack Tanna.
    Sub: Turban is not a religious symbol
    1. Sikhs many time fight in Gurdwara their own religious place and remove each other Turban which they wear on Head.
    2. This is an argument point which is to be raised; Sikh is declaring that Turban is a religious symbol.
    3. Ask that Sikh if that Turban is a religious symbol then how can there be two Sikhs one wearing Turban and the other Sikh is not wearing Turban.
    4. There cannot be two Sikhs one wearing Turban on Head and other Sikh is not wearing Turban on Head.
    5. There can be no Sikh without Turban or Dhoti (Piece of Cloth) on Head.
    6. By suing it is self explanatory that Sikhs are using a wrong mean all over World to extract money from Peoples.
    Thanking You,
    Yours truly,


  4. This is a particular sore spot between me and my countrymen. While I suppose ignorance is not unique to the United States, the peculiar ability of so many here to refuse what is before their very eyes is, and that is stupidity. Simply put, you can’t fix stupid! All that can be done is to educate those that can be educated, and save the save-able.

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