Sarbjit Dhunda shown door by Slough Sikh Sangat and now heads toward Singh Sabha Southall

Slough, UK – An update on the events of 4th November 2012 at Singh Sabha Gurdwara slough. The management committee had previously been advised not to host the koor parchar of Prof Sarbjit Dhunda, not listening to the sangats wishes they continued to book and support him leading to the events of today.

Gursikhs of UK and local sangat of slough and surrounding areas tried to arrive at the Gurdwara Sahib prior to the start of his katha, however they were delayed and arrived a few minutes before Sarbjit was to speak. At this time after the stage secretary speech had finished his speech, a local Gursikh sevadaar made an announcement on stage that the person who is about to do parchar is against Gurmat and he should not be allowed on stage which lead to a minor argument between the two.

Sarbjit was about to sit on stage/ had sat on stage. On witnessing this the Sangat agreed that he should not be allowed on, to which the Gurdwara Parbandaks/president, stage secretary and other hired support disagreed. Sukhdeep Randhawa (park ave stage secretary) and Daljit Singh (construction builder) were among them.

At this point the Sangat stood up and an argument unfortunately erupted in Darbar sahib with pushing and nudging. At this point the hired support pushed the Singhs back and Sarbjit ran and escaped with a few bruises downstairs to a separate room with security outside.

The arguments continued in Darbar sahib and members of Sangat and committee then on stage disagreed with the main committee and spoke against Sarbjit Dhunda. The supporters of Dhunda included body builders and Kabbaddi players. Sarbjit remained in the room and the Sangat continued to protest outside. The Gursikhs then left and sarbjit also left shortly after. The Parbandaks were seen in revenge mode and started calling police and were openly advising them to arrest the Sangat.

Why Sangat is against Controversial Preacher Dhunda?

Sarbjit is known for spewing venom against the sacred bani of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji and he also against the concept of:

  1. Naam Simran
  2. Sikh Daily Prayer Sri Jaap Sahib (Scriptural composition to be recited during Amrit Sanchar/Baptism, SRM, Article XXIV, Clause J)
  3. Sri Hemkunt sahib
  4. Gurithaas and
  5. Sikh Ithaas.

He openly c0-host events organized by anti-Sikh elements such as Ragi Darshan Singh and Driver Inder Singh Ghagha. He recently was given Tankha at Sri Akaal Takht Sahib for speaking against the sacred Kirtan that occurs at Darbar Sahib. After the Tankha he again spoke in June 2012 in Nagpur against Sri Dasam bani and Sri Hemkunt Sahib ji.

Gursikh sangatan of UK does simple benti in the charan of Sevadaars, Gursikhs and Parbandaks to not book such rouge and controversial preachers with which hard earned peace be destroyed in our fragile community. Sadly, this controversial preacher is booked all week at Southall park avenue and huge protest will be happening. Come and join to protest against this rogue, controversial preacher from Punjab.

The recent controversial video after he had give takha (punishment) for his religious misconduct. He admitted all his mistakes in front of millions of sikhs under Nishaan Sahib of Sri AKal Takht Sahib and later on sangat can see below video where he again makes mockery of: Sikh Daily prayer Sri Jaap Sahib and Sri Hemkunt Sahib.


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  1. Dhandhi an 8 grade styles himself a prof.A fake

  2. No one says that there are two guru granths but bani of dasam pita is sacred

  3. This kathakar is devoid of basic tenents and beliefs.he condemns bani with which he has been baptized. no one knows his name in India but he is a cult among gullibles abroad.

  4. That is a bull s by you.he is from village dhundha.He never crossed 8th grade.He did not see the gates of a college leave aside univerity.

  5. The BASIC message is that there is no other Granth for the
    Sikhs other then the Siri Guru Granth. Those who have committed their beliefs
    in the Dasham Granth in its entirety are faced with a dilemma. The Panth has
    decided & accepted the nature of the Nitnam, which includes only certain extracts
    from the Dasam. That does not make the
    Dasam in its entirety on equal par with the Guru Granth Sahib. For those who
    have a commitment to the Dasam face a contradiction. Sarbjit Dhundais is only
    proclaiming the oneness of Gurbani. That might irk some Sikhs as clearly it

  6. he is saying nothing wrong in this video.don’t condemn blindfolded.

  7. Do you have any evidence that he has only 8th grade education? I know he completed Masters from Punjabi University, Patiala……

  8. He is a turncoat and untrustworthy person.Does not own his words and backtracks.Can anyone tell us why he writes himself a prof when he has 8 grade education. Shame on this heretic

  9. its totally miss-leading news…. Please watch the video.. there is no word against Gurbani, Jaap Sahib, Naam and Gur-itihaas. Bhai Sarabjit singh has very logically conveyed the importance of Guru’s message.

  10. Very good effort by sangat

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