Punjabi to soon be Canada's fourth-biggest language

gurmukhi fontToronto, Canada: Punjabi is set to become the fourth largest spoken language in Canada by 2011 after English, French and Chinese, as per Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

He said this late last week after inaugurating the seventh Spinning Wheel Film Festival at Royal Ontario Museum, IANS reported.

Lauding the contribution made by Sikhs to the Canadian society, the minister said they have thrived after their initial struggles and made a place for themselves in Canada.

The 2006 census showed Punjabi is the sixth largest spoken language after English, French, Chinese, Italian and German in Canada. But it is projected to surpass German and Italian by 2011.

Referring to the 1914 incident when more than 350 passengers from India – Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus – were not allowed to disembark from the Komagata Maru ship and sent back to Kolkata, the minister said Canada has recognized its racist past and apologized for it.

Source: IANS



    Congrats CANADIAN PUNJABI bharavo,tusi sare balle balle karati


    Strange, on the distant lands punjabi is coming up and at punjab all efforts are to go down punjabi. Congratulation who are making efforts to take punjabi up and shame who are trying to abolish punjabi from the land of its origion.

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