Punjab Police attack Sikhs in Punjab

shaheed-darshan-singhLudhiana, Punjab: The city continued to boil up for the second consecutive day following the killing of one elder Sikh (shown in left picture: Darshan Singh), who was protesting against the holding of a congregation by chief of the Divya Jyoti Jagriti Sansthan Ashutosh.Cult leader Ashutosh continue to speak against the religious text of the Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib since 1980’s.

Darshan Singh, the victim, who resides at Lohara village, died on the spot. Twelve others sustained injuries when the police opened fire at the Cheema Chowk, where the activists of panthic organisations were leading a march towards PUDA grounds in Urban Estate where the religious discourses by Ashutosh Maharaj was being organised.

Following the incident, tension gripped the city. While there wasn’t any panic in the city yesterday, anxiety was writ large on the faces of residents today. District magistrate Vikas Garg ordered dera headed by Ashutosh to vacate the place at earliest. Heavy police was deployed outside the venue to protect it.

Witnesses attest that Honey Bedi was present at the protest site, and shot a firearm in the direction of the protesters. The organizations have requested that along with cult leader Aushutosh, Parkash Badal, Harish Bedi and his son should to be held responsible for the bloodshed in Ludhiana.

Meanwhile the Sikhs today imposed bandh in Ludhiana, industrial hub of Punjab. Sikhs have announced to observe complete Ludhiana Bandh tomorrow to protest against misdeeds of Punjab government in protecting and promoting anti-Sikhs sects and deras.




  1. Punjabi Tribune, Chandigarh Punjab Tuesday, 22 December 2009 Page-3
    Police and Civil Administration Responsible For Ludhiana Incidents

    Tribune News Service, Chandigarh, 21 December 2009

    A Report prepared by the Team of Professors of Universities arrived from New-Delhi

    The following questions are required to be answered in the larger interest:

    1. When the migrant labourers had been out of control, then, only the police, not in sufficient strength available on the spot, and the civil administration took the help of locals irrespective of any party, group, or sect etc to control them violently?

    2. Was the violence avoidable or did it happen purely due to mismanagement and the law and order problem?

    3. Under the circumstances, whether the violence between the locals and the migrants were of different nature than as usually arranged or incited by the politicians for the political reasons in other parts of India like the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat and the Sikhs massacre in 1984 etc in India?

    4. Whether the report distinguishes the facts clearly or not?

    In absence of the answers to the questions, the report could prove a disastrous for the peace loving and law abiding Indians.

    Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
    December 22, 2009

  2. The 1984 Massacre of Sikhs

    The Guilty Of Engineering and Abetting the 1984 Massacre of Sikhs Be Prosecuted After the Investigation in the Pending Cases

    Was the then entire government machinery not to be held responsible and guilty of engineering and abetting the 1984 massacre of Sikhs, the State- Sponsored Violence against Sikhs and be prosecuted under section 120-B of IPC etc after the investigation in the pending cases?
    Are all the criminals responsible for the `genocide of Sikhs’ or the `State-Sponsored Violence’ against Sikhs not be allowed to take the plea in defence of the then PM (Rajiv Gandhi) who almost rationalized the killing,”?
    Was the then PM Rajiv Gandhi not the main accused for the `genocide of Sikhs’ or the `State-Sponsored Violence’ against Sikhs?
    Whether in case, the main accused (Rajiv Gandhi) stands killed by a ‘Human Bomb’, the other co-accused, who remained the part and parcel of the then entire government machinery, responsible for the `genocide of Sikhs’ or the `State-Sponsored Violence’ against Sikhs, were exempted in the investigation or can not be prosecuted after the investigation in the pending cases, now?

    Because, the justice is being denied, intentionally and deliberately, as experienced, then, under the circumstances, every possibility could to be seen as impossibility in India.

  3. Darshan’s son made a cop, Panthics plead family to return govt ‘aid’
    Sikh leaders pay tributes to shooting victim

    Subject: Were they all not in field, to divide Sikhs for the political reasons with the support of the agencies?
    Who are not with the government?
    They may say or claim that they are with the centre or state, politically one and the same thing?
    Were they all, former Jathedar of the Akal Takht, Bhai Ranjit Singh, president of SAD( Amritsar), Simranjeet Singh Mann, president of Delhi Sikh Gurdawara Management committee, Paramjit Singh Sarna, Damdami Taksal head, Baba Harnam Singh Dhuma, Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwala, Satnam Singh Paonta Sahib of Dal Khalsa and Baba Sarabjot Singh Bedi of Sant Samaj etc, not in field, to divide Sikhs for the political reasons with the support of the agencies and always politically and financially benefited directly or indirectly so?
    Gurpreet Singh son of Darshan Singh rightly accepted the government job in police, and thereby, gave a strong message to the opportunists that such death would never be cashed by anyone mischievously.
    And, now, in return, in the present situation, the leaders of the various organizations may withdraw their announced financial assistance.

    Comment by
    Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

  4. manny coventry uk

    respect to the singhs and sants especially sant baba ranjit singh ji who put there own life’s at risk to save our sikhi and stand up for what is right this is exactally what all us sikh’s around the world everwere should be doing plez attend as many gudwara sahibs as possible for any events or meetings taking place over this issue and plez i urge all sikh’s we should all get together and unite LETS ALL BE ONE!!! not let the hindustani corrupt goverment win also regarding any negative feedback like the first one at top of poge its people like you who are breaking us and telling others to look at the bad in us please dont find silly excuses to fault our panth but if your a true sikh lets get together and grow and stop this corruption!!!!! this is exactly what sant baba jarnail singh ji fighted for so all sikhs wake up or ther will be no sikhi left!!!

  5. putt jattan de india

    although ashutosh has no rite doing that, he also offended hindus by saying hes an incarnation of ram, Baba Nanak and jesus. These khalistanis were waving swords. have u heard the viyahh saying if you takr out ur Kirpan at ur wedding it is inviting blood shed. so why do it here?? i do agree the punjab police should cut down on the beating that was outrageous but stop blaming others. akali dal have no rite to blame hindus because operation bluestar happened under badals rule.

    Fundamenta hindus?? what about ashif bagri “untill we kill 50 000 hindus we will not rest” is that fundamental enough? our Gurus never killed muslims in anything other than self.Not even in revenge. yes i do agree fundamental hindu organisations like RSS need to be banned. Even hindus i know say that…

    I think sgpc need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask them selves “how have i helped sikhi better still mankind”. Punjab is said to die out in 25 years time due to its water being diverted to other states.

    I think the government need to rethink too.

    Im not for india government neither am i for khalistan but the thing is that corruption is everywhere not just india. even in the UK

    wjkk wjkf – karma is the cause of birth in this world, salvation can be obtained by his grace by Guru Nanak

    Anger and lust are wounds to the soul SGGS

  6. Remember the sikhs home land was punjab pakistan, Mr Nehru’s policy was to divide and sikhs were through out. Now bahyas are taking over Punjab. Please brother sikhs WAKE UP! WAKE UP! dont let our punjab been taken over by bahyas. Guru Nanak had two fellows with him,remember there were muslims, muslims have never hurt us. The history tells hindus are always against us. There is a very big earth quake going to take place in part of where devils live.
    Sorry if I have enfended anybody

  7. The fundamental Hindu organizations are bent over to eliminate the Sikh communit and sadly it is working very well because Sikhs are intoxicated in drinking and butter chicken. RSS has infiltrated the Sikh community, Gurudwaras and its management. You just don’t know who to trust. On top of that, the Khalsa panth’s definition of being “Sikh” limited to only kesadhari, (please forgive me it is a bitter truth) will empower our enemies even more. We are less than 2% of Indian population but if you count just kesadhari sikhs we are possible less than 0.5 % and it is reducing FAST !!

    Sikhs need dynamic political and religious leaders who can bring ENTIRE Sikh community togather (Amritdharis, kesan dharis, sahaj dharis, all castes including harijans – lets stop pretending there is no caste system in Sikhism) only then there is some hope of this community to survive long term otherwise this is the beginning of an END of our panth. Wake up becasue enemy is working around the clock.

  8. Jagtar Gill Leamington Spa

    The consistent attack on sikhs my Indian institutions is an affront to the decent values held by the masses of indian populous law abiding holding high the vales of our long heritage and history, what would our father of modern India Mahatma Gandi Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Jifather of sikh nation think of us all no lessons learnt India is only strong when it respects and protects minority rights New Delhi how long can you continue in this fascist way ??

    All should comdeme this cowardly act and protect rule of law.

    Thanks, For Leamington Spa

  9. Nazi Hindu goons which control New Delhi and their minions are responsible for the plight of the Sikhs today. These new Deras/cults are all being created and helped by Indian intelligence agencies to divide and finish the Sikhs. Akalis or Congressmen are two sides of the same coin and take their orders from their Nazi Hindu masters in New Delhi. Sikhs must free themselves from slavery and have their own armed forces to defend themselves.

  10. Parnam soormian nu eh badal nu sharam ni aundi lokan de putter marvake app bahea di bokal vich Lokia bitha akalian de naam te kalank masla votan da ki ik insaan di kimat ik vote hi hai lakh lahhant ea koi gall ni time iko jiha ni rihnda Khalsa nu marna vi aunda te maarna vi

  11. The Punjab police are taking advantage of there power! They need to be punished one by one! They have no right in hitting the local people so brutally.Its a big shame that the higher authorities are not doing anything to stop these actions! As an NRI i wouldn’t want to go back to India! i wonder what tourist would think of these awful beatings by the Punjab police! Punjab police hang your heads in shame!!!

  12. A Magisterial Inquiry Ordered-What Could Be The Outcome? It was always remained a problem to know the real root cause of any violence through the ordered inquiries in my country due to lack of political will power for the reasons best known to the rulers concerned.

    Will it be possible to know in the magisterial inquiry as to why the so called radical Sikh and or non-Sikh organizations including some of the police officials, the politicians etc in the establishment are out in a planned manner to put Badal government on back foot?
    Will it be possible to identify the lawlessness forces working and at whose instance in the District for the alleged snatching of wages to deface and defame the entire district administration?
    It would also be difficult to answer on the part of the Punjab government as to why the district administration went out of its way to allow ‘the dera to hold its function at a site which was already placed under curfew and where over a lakh followers were expected to converge even though the situation in the city was tense due to Friday’s clashes’, under the pressure of BJP?

    What are the main reasons of Ludhiana bleeding or for the similar cases, the reasons remained in India? Was it a law and order problem or was the politics purely behind all this or is it the only way to rule over the unmanaged population of the country? Would the answer ever be given?

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