Prayers answered, Nanded train flagged off

Anandpur, Punjab: Anandpur Sahib MP Ravneet Singh Bittu flagged off the Nangal Dam-Anandpur Sahib-Hazur Sahib Nanded Express train here on Thursday.

Speaking on this occasion, Bittu said that with the introduction of the train to link Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib to Takht Sri Hazur Sahib, a longstanding demand of the locals had been met.

Bittu said he was trying for this for the past four years and the credit for introducing the train went to the UPA government and former railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal.

He said since the Punjab government had no role in the starting of the train, Akali leaders should not claim credit for it.

The train will start from Nangal Dam at 4.20pm every Thursday. It will reach Anandpur Sahib at 4.38pm, Rupnagar at 5.16pm, SAS Nagar at 6.38pm, Chandigarh at 7pm and Ambala at 7.58pm. It will reach Nanded on Friday at 11.45pm after passing through Panipat, New Delhi, Mathura, Agra, Gwalior, Jhansi, Bhopal, Itarsi, Khandwa and Akola.

On retur n j our ney, the train will start from Nanded at 11am every Saturday and reach Nangal Dam at 8.25pm on Sunday.

Former ministers Ramesh Dutt Sharma and Tej Parkash Singh, former MLAs Rana KP Singh, Malkit Singh Dakha and Love Kumar Goldy, and railways divisional manager MK Sinha were present on the occasion

Source: HT

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  1. Rajinder Parshad Sharma

    History has always seen the good and the evil exist together. Its the same in present as well. Poor people as well rich, both have seen good minds among them. But most of the time it so happens that the evil force is seen in the rich or their rich supporters. A good soul thinks good about the society and works for its welfare but the evil force only causes blood-shed.

    Whenever, evil forces become powerful, they sweet-talk naives and educated lot and try to influence them to the level that they start killing each other over religious issues.

    When evil forces rise, it is the true patriots of the nation who stop them.

    Evil ones try to convince the young blood and they do get influenced. However, those who have got the genes of patriotism in them, make every effort to stop the evil ones and protect their nation.

    In today’ political scene, both evil and patriots can be seen.

    I remember a time sometime back when us, the employee leaders, went to discuss our problems with Chandigarh MP Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal. When Shri Bansal is in Chandigarh, he meets thousands of people, listens to their problems, and resolves their issues. On the day we went to meet him, he asked us to wait in the office and went outside. He talked to poor people outside, heard them with patience, and took actions for resolving their problems. This went on for over an hour as he listened to the poor.

    After he came back, he apologized for making us wait and said that the poor people sometimes fail to reach me in this concourse of people so I go to them myself to solve their issues, so that no one is left unheard. If they go back with hopelessness, it makes me sad.

    At that point, one of the members of our employee committee asked him that some of the ones who had come to meet you, belonged to opposition party and you are doing even their work. Why? On that he said, when I help people with their issues, I do not see who that person is or where he belongs. If I can help anyone at all, its a good thing.

    Upon seeing the humanity of Shri Bansal and love for his nation, my heart was filled with reverence.

    Its your decision who to vote for and you will be accountable for your decision. Choose wisely.

    Rajinder Parshad Sharma

    Employee Union Leader

    PSTC, Sec- 26,


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