Tainted Sikh Preacher Sarbjit Dhundha at Milipitas Sikh temple


Fremont, California: Sarbjit Singh Dhundha is a Sikh preacher who creates problem by his heretic utterances. A missionary who follows blasphemous teachings of Gurbakhsh Singh Kala Afghana is often in news for his blasphemous sermons. He is on California tour these days. His tour is normally sponsored by an organization who have denounced Khalsa principles of Sikhism. Sikhs went to protest ...

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Sikh Farmers’ Organic Push in Punjab


Chandigarh, Punjab: When Ikroop and Raman Tiwana returned to Chandigarh in 2014 after spending a good number of years abroad, they decided to take over their farms themselves. They stopped giving it for contract farming and began growing vegetables. The farm at Paintpur near Mullanpur was a relatively small one — around two acres — but the produce was good ...

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World’s Largest Free Kitchen testing Organic food inside Sri Harmander Sahib


Feeding the hungry is a time-honored tradition among people of many faiths, all over the world. In Amritsar, India, the Sikh gather in Sri Harmander Sahib to serve 100,000 meals every single day of the year in a kitchen that never closes. The langar, or community kitchen, found in this gurdwara(temple) is the largest free kitchen on the planet, serving literally ...

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Sangat vows unity after chaos caused by Dhundha


After various meetings with the police, the federal authorities and Gurdwara Parbadhanks this week, all vowed that the Sangat would not be divided by the antics of Dhundha, who is using scripture to divide the Sikh community, which has always been united in California. An investigation is under way after a minor was badly beaten. The authorities are shocked that ...

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Sikh Celebrations with Prime Minister of Canada


Ottawa, Canada: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participated in Ottawa to celebrate Baisakhi that marks khalsa creation day. He thanked sikhs for their contribution to their country of adoption. He wrote ” I am thrilled to celebrate remarkable contributions of Sikh Candadians. Trudeau has brought Canadians together by taking in his cabinet persons from various background that consists of Aboriginals ...

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