Operation Bluestar memorial will come up near Gurdwara Thara Sahib inside Darbar Sahib Complex

Amritsar, Punjab: Twenty-eight years after the Army stormed into the Harmandir Sahib complex and killed thousands of innocent Sikh pilgrims, the SGPC executive at a meeting in Anandpur Sahib today approved Operation Bluestar Memorial.

The memorial will come up near Gurdwara Thara Sahib in the Harmandir Sahib complex. The SGPC House had given the green signal to the memorial a decade back and the matter had been hanging fire since then. It was decided to hand over the ‘kar sewa’ of the memorial to Damdami Taksal chief Baba Harnam Singh. Buildings which suffered damage and a ‘bir’ with a bullet mark will also be preserved to commemorate Operation Bluestar.

Jasbir Singh Rode said ‘kar sewa’ for the memorial would start on May 20. SGPC chief, had set the ball rolling on June 6 last by announcing a five member-committee to prepare a blueprint for the memorial. The panel, comprising Damdami Taksal chief Harnam Singh, SGPC senior vice-president Raghujit Singh Virk, Punjabi University VC Dr Jaspal Singh, SGPC executive member Rajinder Singh Mehta and former Pro VC of GNDU Prof Prithipal Singh Kapoor, submitted its report to the SGPC recently.

Sikh scholar Bhai Ashok Singh Bagrian said the memorial should be built in front of Teja Singh Samundari Hall from where the Army had entered into the complex. Others suggested Maharaja Sher Singh Deori, which still bore bullet marks, the ideal place for the memorial.

The SGPC House had passed a resolution to raise the memorial at its meeting on February 20, 2002. A special executive meeting held at Anandpur Sahib on May 27, 2005, under the then SGPC chief, Bibi Jagir Kaur, unanimously resolved to build the memorial. Interestingly, the proposal was virtually shelved in 2008.

Operation Bluestar was ordered by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on June 3-6, 1984, to attack the most holy place for Sikh and ending up killing thousands of innocent pilgrims including Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhinderanwalay. The Central Sikh Museum has on display a list of 743 persons killed during Operation Bluestar which is dubious figure by many human right organizations.


  1. where is memorial about god, god’s teachings . where is the amrit which god want all mankind to drink ,guru ramdas ji architect harmandir sahib with established message for peace, unity, contentment, compassion, love and sweet speech. where is the adovacy of these memorials . why 1984 happened inside? if indian govt. army acted in negligence why a someone thinking as saint soldier”( saint soldier dharam is to fight for dharam and for its restoration regardless of his/her own life or family life, where was righteousness it seemed that it was melted and used for their own interest)” , fought inside he didn’t saw god in every human being or vice versa. how his heart became ready to fight when once maharaja ranjit singh and nihangs withdrew just for the sake of holiness of our harmandir sahib. who is wrong who is right? both acted in the best interest of theirs. where is god’ message memorial. when everyone today is getting roasted in the fire which is flashing and flowing all around. what is the message when guru ram das ji built and planned harmandir sahib.
    this avatr singh makkar openly saying who can stop it where he was when 1984 happened?, where was this Baba harnam singh ? they are just igniting the wounds and trying to revive militancy by pouring more oil by using current weak and hatred situation among masses. Harmandir sahib is to help us to get rid of posion inside us not to revoke the grieving wounds. if this so called sgpc want to construct memorial construct memorial of teachings exemplary Dharam personality like Baba Deep singh , what happend in 17 century mass sikh holocaust , baba nanak gurdwara masand sikh holocaust.And why it all happened , for whon they did sacrifice. So that our youngsters get the message and get back on track rather than derailing them further.
    SGPC should be abolished because Harmandir sahib ji everybody place and this SGPC has no indiviuality to exhibit here . Sadh sangat belongs to there , and it is for everyone. SGPC which was care taker intially should act as care takers not politicism of our Akal Purakh’s messenger holy place.
    most important of all that politics and sikhism is comletely different.
    There is ever countless salutes and obeisance to the memoriable of true sikhs who laid there life in 1984 for sake of humanity, peace , brotherhood not this bhindran jatha.
    Navpreet singh.

  2. It’s a memorial for those who lost they’re lives at the hands of the Indian gov’t and those who heroically fought inhuman acts committed by cruel leaders. That’s not wrong. 

  3. Sdisnsin_da_Bapu

    Users like above truly lack knowledge about the event that happened 25 years ago. Rather than pointing out fallacies in the article written by Indian Tribune, maybe he should read up a book by non-biased author.

    Typical case of decades of braninwash progapanda by India in its school system on teaching kids false history for decades and now we see product like above as misguided patriot. Bravo ! 

  4. Wow terrorists are being called martyrs? Great irony of todays ill-informed, propaganda-ridden, uneducated age; there should instead be a memorial for the hostages that were held. Also a note to the editor: you should probably review and look over your article because there are many fallacies in this article and the article itself is poorly articulated and lacks any sources or authority’s to back its statements up.

  5. Memorial is long over due.

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