Missing Sikh Nevada girl found with her relative in Indiana

karamReno, Nevada: Reno police say they have found a 16-year-old girl who went missing last week with her brother-in-law in Indiana.

Authorities said they found Karamjit Kaur unharmed with Parvinder Singh at a hotel in Merrillville, Ind.

Kaur had ben missing since Wednesday after she was last seen riding her bicycle.

Police say the case is still under investigation to determine whether there was any criminal conduct.

Authorities say students and staff helped identify Singh to get a lead on Kaur’s whereabouts. Police say Singh was visiting Reno before Kaur’s disappearance.

Authorities combed the area where Kaur was last seen riding a bike last week, and her parents pleaded for her safe return. The bike was found a day later at a skateboarding park.

Source: San Jose Mercury


  1. what the hello was brother in law doning with her…he should be taken into custody….

  2. Why just blame her? She is 16 and the brother-in-law is 29 ..Shame on the brother-in-law for doing all this.

  3. This is typicall behavior of FOBS who come here and think they are all modern and can do as they please…shame on this girl for putting her family though all of this

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