Meeting with French Home Ministry advisor on Sikh Religion Issue

France: A French Sikh delegation was invited by the French Home Ministry to discuss about French Sikh issues. Mr Ranjit G. Singh, Director of Public affairs of French Sikh Representative Council, Mr Hardeep Singh and Mr
Narinderpal Singh Chandok, attached to cultural affairs, have presented the various problems affecting French Sikhs to the new Socialist French Administration.

The situation on the prohibition of Dastaar on Identity documents, the administrative Status of Granthi, the Sikh Chaplaincy in Hospital, the agreement schedule of documentaries on Sikhism on the French Public Channels (hoping for the screening of a documentary on Guru Nanak Dev Ji in November 2012),  the common history of France & Sikhs, the need for more visibility of minorities, and discrimination suffered by French Sikhs were part of the discussion with the Advisor of the Minister of Interior Ministry.

This is the first meeting with the new French Socialist Government about the issue of Dastaar on ID Card. We will continue our efforts to find a solution to the right to wear the Dastaar on Identity documents.

Source: Ranjit G. SINGH
Directeur des Affaires Publiques
Au Conseil Représentatif des Sikhs de France


  1. A good start; that should not be allowed to end by the Sikhs.Next invite them to visit the harmander sahib and see the humanitarian woirk of the Skh community feeding hundereds of thousands..regardless of race, colour and creed.

  2. Good work…keep working with the UNITED NATIONS and organizations such as UNITED SIKHS, and other groups who are working on this issue

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