Guru Nanak’s marriage anniversary nears, devotees offer chaplets

BATALA, PUNJAB: With the marriage anniversary of Sikhism’ founder, Guru Nanak Dev, falling next Saturday, the demand for chaplets (a circle of leaves, flowers or jewels) has increased manifold in the town.
It has been a tradition to of fe r chaplets to the Guru Granth Sahib installed in the Gurudwara Kandh Sahib to seek the blessings of Guru Nanak Dev. The belief is that parents who do so any time near the anniversary, manage to get their wards married off very soon.
Devotees from different parts of the country and abroad gather in the town and pay respects through chaplets and wish for the successful marriages of their wards and relatives.
The Gurudwara Kandh Sahib was constructed in the sacred memory of Guru Nanak Dev. It was the place where his marriage was solemnized.
Kulwant Singh, manager, Gurudwara Kandh Sahib, said that devotees followed the practice the whole year, but the rush increased near the actual anniversary.

Source: HTN



  1. I have visited the Gurudwara at the location where Guru Nanak sahib was married. Unfortunately the “kar seva” a few years ago destroyed the raised platform on which Guru Sahib sat while getting married. It was distressing to see our heritage destroyed.

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