Ghulam Ali visits Pingalwara charitable society

Amritsar, Punjab: Renowned ghazal singer Ghulam Ali kept his date with the holy city by visiting the All-India Pingalwara Charitable Society. He was accompanied by Hazoori ragi Bhai Nirmal Singh, who was hosting him on his personal visit to Amritsar.

Calling his brief visit a social pilgrimage, Ghulam Ali interacted with the staff and officials at the charitable society and made the most of his short time there. “Every time I was in Amritsar, I wanted to come here and see for myself the selfless work done by the trust for the needy. I am glad to come in association with Pingalwara and would try to keep myself available for them when required,” he said. In his brief interaction, the singer also picked up a few tips to keep his melodious voice safe from Dr Jagdeepak Singh, vice-president of the Pingalwara society.

Accompanied by Padam Shree Hazoori ragi Bhai Nirmal Singh, with whom Ghulam Ali is entering into a musical partnership, the duo also shared some notes on their upcoming album of shabad and kirtan.

“I have made a few compositions and will definitely discuss them with Ali before deciding on the final cut. This will be the first-time collaboration for both of us,” said Bhai Nirmal Singh.

Source: TNS

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