Federation Workers Burning Effigies Of Prof Darshan Singh

darshan effigyLudhiana, Punjab: Sikh students federation burned effigies of former Akal Takhat Jathedar Prof Darshan Singh today throughout Punjab. They did that to express protest over Darshan Singh’s derogatory comments about tenth Sikh master Guru Gobind singh while speaking at a Gurudwara in USA.

Main spokesman of federation Bhai Major Singh told that they had held protests and burned Darshan Singh’s effigies at Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Ferozepur, Pathankot, Hoshiarpur, Bhatinda, Nawan Shahar, Moga, Mansa, Batala, Bagha Purana, Beas, Rayya, Ajnala and Zeera.

prof-darshan-singhAt Ludhiana Federation under leadership of its President Paramjit Singh Khalsa burned effigy of Darshan Singh at Jagraon Bridge, Ludhiana. Bhai Khalsa said that because of grace of Guru Maharaj, Darshan Singh became jathedar of Akal Takhat. He is using same tongue to do slander of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and his Bani with which he was singing this Bani. He asked Punjab Govt to book Darshan singh under criminal code 295 A as he has ouraged and caused immense damage to sentiments of Sikhs world over.

During this demonstration Gurdip Singh Gosha District president of federation, Jaspal singh Islamganj, Baljit singh Beeta, Bhalinder pal Singh Sudhar, Khushjit Singh, Balwinder singh Bhullar, Parminder Singh bagga, Kamaljit singh, Pavitra Singh Happy, Dilbagh Singh Bagga, Charanpreet Singh Micky, Avtar Singh lovely, Maninder Singh Ahuja, Sukhdev Singh Malwa, Paramjit Singh Sant, Tejinder Pal Singh, Bharpur Singh, Gagandeep Singh Hansra, Gurdeep singh Jamalpur, Devinder Singh Pardhan, Jagjit singh happy, Maninder Singh Mintoo, Shingara Singh, Inderpal Singh kala, Amarjit Singh happy, Gagandeep Singh Sethi, Simarjit Singh Kohli, Paramjit singh Hansra, Ravinder Singh Kalra, Jagjit Singh Neeta, Kamaldeep Singh Ghoora, Amrik singh and Narjit Singh participated.


  1. Prof. Darshan Singh was not mocking the 10th guru. He was quoting from the dasam granth which is a mockery of the 10th guru sahib and it is misrepresented as the tenth guru’s writings by mischievous perverts and many ignorant and misled people.

    The media mis quoted Prof. Darshan Singh’s speech and took it out of context. The derogatory remarks/story is written in the so called dasam granth. Darshan Singh was quoting those lines to let his audience know what kind of gibberish the dasam granth contains. Those derogatory remarks were not his words but words from the dasam granth. Darshan Singh is doing something commendable by exposing the reality of the so called dasam granth. We should honor him for that.

    All the more power to professon sahib.

  2. Gurinder singh

    Darshan ragi is a singer of hymns. he is not philosopher. he can sings gurbani but has no intellect to interpret it.

    He tried to interpret dasam granth. he made a mockery of himself.His silly followers instead of defending this bozzo should accept reality.The reality is indicated in the video below.

    He was called to explain his view point he failed.


  3. Gurinder singh

    This rogue ragi has been spreading slander in name of kirtan for the last two years. Sikh rehat maryada says that a kirtaniya cann’t do katha. Ragi darshan singh does katha only and that too slanders Dasam bani.

    Does he not know this? He is an agent of anti sikh forces. Akal takhat has taken right decision and every sikh should support akal takhat.

    Those who want to contest can walk out of sikh panth and form their own sect.Very simple solution. Why do not do that? get out and form your own sect.

  4. When such pearls slander sikh gurus they become worse than useless stones.Ragi darshan singh is not above our Gurus . he is a heretic and heretic has been rightly called to akal takhat.

    No one is indispensable. Panth have many more gifted ragis far better than him than this traitor of panth.

  5. tejinder singh

    prof.darshan singh is a pearl of sikhism.I m listing his shabad from last 20 years from my early age.it seems that someone has made things wrong. I things todays wrong peoples are in the sikhism playing politics. we should through them out. burning his effigy is totally stunt in
    derogatry manner. I respect prof. sahib

  6. Rogue ragi darshan singh is caught on Video while telling a story that does not exist anywhere. Now he is trying to put blame on dr Jodh singh to save his skin. A confirmed liar does not realize that Jodh singh has already blasted him that he has not translated it as darshan is saying. To conceal one lie he is getting tarpped in other lies.

    Point to note is that when he delivered that balasphemic speech in Gurudwara he did not say that he is telling per Jodh singh’s translation. That time he was telling that he had read it himself. Lies ,lies and more lies. Shame on this heretic ragi.

  7. Gurinder singh

    It seems the anger is spreading to streets now. Jathedar sahib should have taken early decision. He has solid proof in form of video. why give rogue Ragi time when it is obvious what he is saying.

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