Dera head apologises for hurting Sikh maryada

 Kapurthala, Punjab:  The Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Satkar Committee made a baptised Sikh head, Manjit Singh, of a religious place tender an unconditional public apology for allegedly violating the Sikh religious code of conduct.

Balbir Singh Muchhal, a representative of the Amritsar based committee, approached the Kala Sanghian police post officials with a complaint against religious dera head Manjit, accusing the latter of hurting the religious sentiments of the Sikh community.

On the police expressing its inability to accompany the complainant on account of shortage of staff, Muchhal along with his armed associates reached Manjit’s dera to settle the issue. The devotees reportedly got intimidated due to presence of armed men in their midst. Committee members recovered slips carrying certain Sikh religious couplets.

“Manjeet Singh used to issue such slips to the devotees on the assurance that their problems will be solved if they will get these slips soaked in water and drink the same. He was making money out of such corrupt practices and making fool of gullible people. This is violation of the Sikh religion. No one has the authority to mislead people,” he announced.

Manjeet admitted to his mistake and sought to be pardoned at which he was made to say sorry.

Source: HT

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