Delhi Cops among 1984 Anti-Sikh rioters

Delhi, India: In 2010, a woman, who lost five of her family members in 1984 Sikh Genocide, claimed before a Delhi court trying Congress leader Sajjan Kumar and others that she did not go to the police station after the incident as policemen were among the rioters.

“I did not want to go the police station because the police officials were among the rioters,” Jagdish Kaur told Additional Sessions Judge Sunita Gupta.

Recording her statement before the court, she said, “I had lost faith in everybody and therefore I did not approach the Chief Minister, Home Minister or any other Minister in Punjab or any other authority.”

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) told a court that the Delhi police, acting in a pre-planned manner during the 1984 Sikh Genocide, kept its “eyes closed” to the violence.

Advancing final arguments in a 1984 Sikh Genocide case, in which veteran Congress leader Sajjan Kumar has been accused of instigating a mob in Delhi Cantonment area, CBI counsel RS Cheema said the city police “deliberately” did not act the way it was supposed to. “This was a case where the police acted in a pre-planned manner and every policemen was keeping his eyes closed,” Cheema said.

He said about 150 complaints were made regarding the genocide incidents but only five first information reports were registered by the police.

“Whatever action was taken by the police was taken against the people who helped the Sikhs. Police did not take action against the main culprits. No policeman was recording complaint during the riots. They were not interfering to help the victims,” he said.

Cheema said even the police officials, who were defence witnesses, had said that they had not seen anything during the riots.

The court asked the prosecutor if the CBI has any “direct evidence” against Sajjan Kumar and other five accused Kishan Khokkar, Girdhari Lal, Mahender Yadav, Balwan Khokkar and Captain Bhagmal to show they were instigating the mob to kill the Sikhs.

The CBI prosecutor told the court that they do not have the media reports but they have other direct evidences against accused.

The CBI prosecutor told the court about the nature of the case and said this was not a case of personal enmity.

“This was not a case of personal enmity. This was a pogrom. It was a case of massacre,” Cheema said.

Source: Oman Tribune & IBN


  1. I have posted many comments on this regard but no Indian newspaper such as Times of India, Indian Express, The Hindus and The Hindustan Times published it online. All indian newspapers are actually voice of Hindu led parties only. They have blocked their websites for comments. It is hard for them to take comments from people who are opposed to this inhuman terror. Turth is bitter. I think India is worst country in the matter of freedom of speech and public opinion. I posted the comments that on what basis India call itself largest democracy in the world. On one hand the leading Hindu parties exercise indirect dictatorship. They crush week and mionorities all the time. They are worst example of partial behaviour against race and religions. Sikh families who lost innocent family members in 1984 riots (or Hindu terrors) can never forget their dear ones even after till they alive. The girls who were mercilessly raped can never forget that horrifying terrible pain. While this party say that forget about it. They can forget but who have gone through that terror can never forgive these wicked minded people. I have also watched that no one in parliament is willing to hear the matter of 1984. They can not have peace with thier own people how they can establish peace with Pakistan and China. (It does not mean that Chinese and Pakistanies are better than Indians, they might be more worst and racist). Sikhs own this land as much as Hindus own. Difference was that Hindus did not follow teaching of Sikh gurus 400 years ago while some followed their teaching and become Sikh. If Sikhs at that time demanded for Khalistan, it was because they were always made fun and not treated well in this country. What government did to them? Divided the Punjab into 4 parts so that Sikhs can not get big share of land. While this country has been land of Saints what they have learned from their teaching. Did Indian Saints teach killing and mercilessness towards other human if they wear different cloths or have different skin than us.
    Amitabh bachan was friend of rajiv Ghandi and used his famous image among crazy illiterate Indians to agitate. We can understand the reason he was supporting congress. While this actors mother was Sikh. Bachan is clever man who always escape from all wrongdoings. PM Rajiv in 1984 said, “once a mighty tree falls, it is only natural that the earth around it shakes”. But when earthquake or any natural disaster like Tsunami, comes, it doesn’t see your religion and race—it kills all alike. When earth shake it treats everyone women, men, children, black, white, animal equally.
    Congress is scared of US court not of Indian court because Indian court is under Indian government. Sonia approached US court because she knows…it can show her the same hell as these people showed to Sikhs in 1984. Sikhs time to time demanded to justice of 1984 quietly but no one even like to hear about this incident. Now after 2 decades, they are hopeless of any action by any Indian government that is why they approached US court to help them. They are minorities doesn’t mean Hindus are allowed to crush them on the basis of religion. All human’s have equal right on this earth because Hindus have not created this land….all humans are part of this earth and involved to create it thus have same right to raise their voice and demand for justice.

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