Panj Piyares demand resignation of all Five Takht Jathedars – Video


Amritsar, Punjab: Panj Piyares of Sri Harmandir Sahib here today asked the resignation of all Five Takht Jathedars. They also want SGPC to remove all of their belongings from the Takht premises they represent. However, all the five Jathedars who were asked to appear at Akal today didn’t turn up on the call of Panj Piyares today. Addressing the media ...

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Sikh for Justice meeting with the US Commission on International Religious Freedom


SFJ met with the officials from the US Commission and had a talk on International Religious Freedom. According to Amardeep Singh, we made sure the US knows about the desecration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the violence against innocent Sikhs by Indian Police. We need to involve the world in this issue so that when we demand the re-establishment of Punjab as an independent ...

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UK Police deliberately allow use of heavy handed tactics against peaceful Sikh protest in London


London, UK: For over 30 years Sikhs have demonstrated numerous times outside the Indian High Commission in London and worked closely with the police to ensure they only need a minimum presence. There has never been any violence, let alone arrests. Several thousand Sikhs have protested in recent years and the police have closed roads to accommodate the large numbers ...

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Racists spray ‘die Muslims die’ graffiti on Sikh temple in UK


UK: Threatening graffiti sprayed onto the outside wall of the temple included the phrase white power as well as religious-themed profanity Police are now investigating the vandal attack on the temple on Allensway. It comes just weeks after thieves struck at the Shri Guru Nanak Gurdwara and Sikh Community Centre, stealing food and clothes. The threatening graffiti sprayed onto the ...

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San Jose Sikh Gurdwara Sahib Elections 2015

san jose

In ideal situation, there should be no dispute, wrangling, or expensive court cases over the control of our Gurdwaras. But this is not the case and we all face an unsavory situation in San Jose with elections this week. I have intentionally tried to keep away from getting involved in the politics. However I am deeply concerned about the impact ...

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