Rebuttal of Gurdarshan Singh’s attack on Charitropakhayan (Part III)

Maharaja Ranjit Singh listening to the two sacred Granths being recited near Sri Harimandir Sahib. (A Painting by August Theodore Schoefft (1809-1888), made in Amritsar. From Princess Bamba Collection)

Continuing from Part II Rebuttal of Gurdarshan Dhillon’s comment about Sikh Scripture Sri Dasam Granth Gurdarshan Dhillon name calls Sri Dasam Granth because of Charitropakhayan. He is totally wrong as he has not understood its purpose. Charitropakhyan is a plot created by Guru Sahib in which there is an account of stories told by the wise minister to his King ...

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Construction starts for new building of Sikh Gurdwara in Sacramento


Sacramento, California: Sikh Society of Sacramento is managing a Sikh Gurudwara on Bradshaw road for more than 20 years. Management was trying to build a new building to meet requirement for increased Sikh Sangat for the past one decade. Project had been stalled for many years on one pretext or another. Finally they have approval permit from city to go ahead ...

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Guru Gobind Singh’s armour recreated in 3D


Guru Gobind Singh’s armour recreated in 3D Taran3D has joined with the Sikh Museum Initiative (SMI) to recreate one of the plates from the body armour of Guru Gobind Singh. The body armour commonly known as Charaina or four mirrors has been patterned to bring out the glory of this important historical item. The first phase of this project was unveiled ...

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Missionaries challenge Sikh Scriptures, History and Traditions

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 12.12.32 PM

Sikhism is a relatively new religion. It became an organized religion ever since Guru Gobind Singh ji created khalsa in 1699 and gave a code of conduct. He ordained Kirpan, Kes, Kanga, Kachhehra and Kara to be worn by Sikhs. He also prescribed five transgressions for sikhs namely not to cut hair, not eating meat slaughtered by halal, no extra ...

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Sikhs in the West are not entertaining any Indian Political Party anymore

amarinder singh

Punjab Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh on Thursday cancelled his plans to hold political rallies in Toronto and Vancouver following request from Canada’s foreign ministry. However, he would be meeting and interacting with the Punjabi diaspora during his six-day visit to Canada that begins on April 23. Amarinder was informed on phone by Indian foreign secretary Dr S Jaishanker that ...

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