California Governor says NO to Sikh Kirpan Bill

guvSacramento, California: California Governor Schwarzenegger said NO to a measure that would have required police to receive training in how to deal with members of the Sikh faith, who carry a small, curved sword called a kirpan.

Civil rights activists pushed for the bill, AB 504 by Assemblyman by Warren Furutani (D-Long Beach), saying Sikhs who carry the blade, which they consider sacred, are being unnecessarily arrested and prosecuted. Schwarzenegger said the state Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training should set such guidelines, not the Legislature.

Source: Los Angeles Times


  1. Navinder Singh

    I think they are right in refusing it.

    1. 99 sikhs wont use it for anything wrong – but what about the one – is it worth the risk? This is not India – 2-3 people die – who cares.. they care for every life.

    2. Tomorrow Muslims will say – their religion says that they need to carry AK-47 and you know we can always trust them..

    3. One must respect the law of the land, and must be ready to absorb the ways of life where they live. If you want to stay as you were, then you should stay where you were – I mean come back to Punjab..

  2. What kind of double standards is being followed by US govt!!On one hand they say a person has right to protect himself and caryy a gun and on other hand they don’t allow us to carry kirpan!Have they lost their mind or what??

  3. It just should be allowed.
    Asi kera kuchh galat karna hai.
    If some wear a turban only to the gurudwara, then we should be thank-ful that theyare still wearing it, even if it isn’t for the true meaning.
    It’s still better than not wearing or ever remembering the turban.
    The law should be passed because what about the people who are real Sikhs and actually are devoted to Sikhi?

  4. Dear Arnold, I would advise you that even a military officer and a knight receive a sword when they have passed all judgements and are committed to their life.

  5. simple – if they have to wear and just go to the gurudawara only,then rather don’t wear.i don’t know if i am wrong,it is said that once someone strart wearing the baana,he has to wear it all the time,not for just going to gurudawara.anyone can correct me please!

    if the government of that paticular country allows people to carry kirpan,then why wear only on sundays??they can wear every day as long as there is no restrictions.

  6. if people wear it just on sunday yeah they are showing off but really if they wear it to gurudawar there is no other public place they can wear it at that is the only place they are allowed to do this

  7. Jaswant S. Dhaliwal

    For Sikhs Truth is bitter
    False life with fake dignity
    Role of present Sikh leaders

  8. Our stress was and is always remained only on one point that Sikhs were/are good soldiers-fighters nothing else. Sikhs fought in so and so wars and at so many places sincerely and obediently. What about them who say so and what is there role and contribution presently? Shameful!!!

    You all trying to communicate the message silently that, otherwise Sikhs are agents, useless…..and unfit to rule. What are the rubbish arguments illustrating and repeating always. What is it a high degree meanness?

    That’s all, Indian agencies desired and wanted from all of you in the present context to harm Sikhs.

    We have to say whoever promotes and supports such arguments-message is provoker and endlessly mean, working to get killed selected Sikhs with the understanding and on the dictates of anti-Sikh forces.

    To whom you people are inciting or provoking? Was the provocation not be considered by the traitors from abroad to the persons like Balbir Singh Sooch that they must die without living intelligently and comfortably as Sikhs?

    Some say like an idiot , “If due to jealousy you can not tolerate others and their thinking, then please you try to draw a long line than others”. What type of the assigned task they have in hand and provoking accordingly? Is it not like sitting in heaven and writing, talking all non-sense to the advantage of Indian agencies and for the disadvantage of Sikhs? Who are they?

    We know history more than you people, now, while staying in safe heavens and are acting as exploiters, foolishly …… with an idea of or misusing offerings donated in the name of Guru and continuing the practice of collecting funds on the directives of their masters i.e. Indian agencies who helped them purposely to settle abroad.

    Mostly people, who under the garb of Sikhi shifted so abroad and carried with them the dirty tactics and the teachings of Indian politics in order to pollute the atmosphere everywhere. It is always true, ‘Old habits die hard’. The people like me can’t be party to such dirty politics or the mean tactics in any manner.

    Come to Punjab, let us discuss the Sikh affairs and advise your masters, the agencies accordinly. You must also try to learn and remember more seriously the present and the recent history of Sikhs in Punjab and elsewhere, before playing and repeating the meanness.

    Here “heroes” stand exposed, the criminals survived and the real ‘Heroes’ were eliminated-liquidated or shown disappeared long back, not by Badal policies but by the inhuman policies of the Central agencies’. Badal and some of his associates including Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India may be among the sincere and obedient soldiers openly but not like you guys hiding and targeting the Sikhs and mischievously disturbing the peace of Punjab-Sikh Home Land always through a few selected hired and the puppets and they, now and then, are changing their face of organisations under different heads.

    You all are aware of it, now, playing, intentionally and deliberately, always a naughty game on one pretext or the other from abroad and within, at the instance of or in connivance with some persons, party, group etc inimical towards Sikhs and Sikhism.

    God may help all of you but others ought to remain cautious.

    Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

    Forwarded to me by:
    From Harbans Singh
    Date: Oct 24, 2009 11:38 PM
    Mailed by:
    “khalsa panth niara hai. its value.tridition.history is separate and distinct.and is recognized worldwide.if nehru.gandhi.and their bootlicker have problem with this.than it is to bad.than AURANGJEB was right who believe in forced conversion. only khalsa panth came to rescue these hindu downtrodent people.these very same people did not believe in deversity.that is why india is facing a big mess.classifying sikh.buddhist.jaina as hindu in article25 freedom to religion is not only against the united nation human right charter.these legislations are unacceptable in 21st century. And Comments of British Generals regarding Sikh Soldiers harbans singh”

  9. Gurdial Singh Bhullar

    Satkar Yok Jaswant Singh Ji. I bow down to your comments. If everyone in this world thinks about you, the environment around us will be totally different. Our Youth needs to get together and fight these culprits who are KALA DHABBA to our society. We came to America for better living and a better life but that dream will only be fulfilled if HONESTY becomes The BEST POLICY.
    The Dishonest people in Gurdwaras should be screened before they are elected as a memeber for the Gurdwara. Their background should be checked to see where he or she is coming from. Is that person going to think about the Sangat and The Gurdwara or is that person just going to think about his or her POCKETS to be filled with money.
    Video 1 Link –>
    Video 2 Link – ->

    This thing is happening at a lot of Gudwara’s around the world. People like this should be Punished by the Sangat outside the Gurdwara. Each Person From Sangat SHOULD SLAP BASTARDS LIKE THIS so that no-one ever dare to do something like this.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    Sincerely Yours
    Gurdial Singh Bhullar
    Ret. Lt Gen Indian Army
    Los Angeles, California

  10. Doubtful Integrity:
    The most of the functionaries of UNITED SIKHS, Sikh Coalition, the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF) like organisations seem to be roots in India directly or indirectly though any of their functionaries/activists personally never contacted or consulted me here regarding Sikh affairs.

    They do their assigned task without bothering the conditions of Sikhs in India. Such organisations do send their emails for propagating only their given agenda but never responded or commented anytime on issues like abuses of Sikhs Human Rights and or the pitiable conditions of people in India.

    Some from Gurdwaras or controlling Gurdwaras and naming themselves “Khalistanis” with idea of collecting offerings, only abuse to Sikhs and the Sikh leadership of Punjab to please their masters. Their propaganda proves like double edged weapon to harm Sikhs in India and Punjab.

    What are their real function under the garb of Sikhi and are they only after highlighting the shortcomings of systems of western world, though not always legally sound, without touching or bothering about the deplorable conditions of people in Indian System?

    Are the most of the functionaries out of them or the persons linked with those who instead of honoring the law of the foreign land, due to which they are enjoying the present life, abuse it for their nefarious designs by giving wrong picture of the police actions etc? And have they not come to destroy the systems by their embedded immorality/corrupted/sabotaging habits as there were always reasonable apprehensions expressed by law abiding Sikhs about such elements operating abroad?

    I may be wrong in observing and noticing so from the distance but the reality must come and be brought on surface in order to maintain peace and the law and order in the world.

  11. Jaswant S. Dhaliwal

    Dear Khalsa Ji:

    You all know that we have come to America for a better living for our selves and a better future of children by virtue of American’s great laws. We must enjoy our life and be thankful to almighty GOD. At the same time we must remember that there are some unfortunate East Indians who had to leave the country (India) for peaceful living and better life because of others misdeeds/worst policies/high handedness/depravity after British Rules. Those victims of calamity in India decided and opted to come to Foreign Countries (America), work hard and adopted as their own country for many decades and continue serving with dedication and earned respect as an excellent citizen.

    Criminal people are in all communities and our community is also not spared by some Sikhs who have come to destroy the American system by their embedded immorality/corrupted/sabotaging habits. They have tortured/ripped/ harassed with high handedness thousands of families and their innocent teenagers without any shame and self-respect. Some of them have filled up their pockets with bribes and enjoyed their life in a corrupted system on the cost of the innocent and simple people.
    Some of our people instead of honoring the law of the land, due to which they are enjoying the present life, want to abuse it for their nefarious designs by giving wrong picture of the police actions.
    1. We are not following the occupancy criteria issued by the city council for the kitchen hall and congregation hall. still the city is honoring our religion by not interfering in our religious activities.
    2. We must realize what is occupancy at peak time?
    3. How much occupancy is left when 31 Akhand Paths are going on in Gurdwara Hall?
    4. We advocate to American Law agencies that we Sikhs are law abiding and peace loving people but when we take the laws in our hands the image of ordinary Sikh is tarnished and if we create such an impression before police and other agencies how will they look at us.
    5. These unscrupulous elements of our community have put the teachings and Sacrifices of our Honorable GURUS in shambles? These people have lost all Dignity, Respect, Ethics and Morals, that our forefathers have earned?
    6. Which standards are we setting for our new generation?
    7. Using the innocent Sikh Sangat against the Police will strain our relation with that department.
    8. On one side we want to extend our relationship with the administration to get good image for all of us. On the other hand our present Gurdwara Administration is putting our community at wrong foot for their personal vested interests.
    9. Whom you will blame for destroying Sikh Religion and Contaminating Sikh Culture?
    Some of the Sikhs are blots on the Sikh Community. Some of them are teaching new generation neo-Indian immorality/corruption/sabotaging habits to contaminate American culture with their jungle law habits. What so ever police does is to maintain our good relationship with the surrounding community? We need to develop a good rapport with our neighborhood. We should discard such Sikhs who for their personal interests are trying to use the Sikh Community against police. We should present our case in a dignified way before the police not as jungle rule.
    Recently a case of drug smuggling came to light in Sacramento and that is the symbol of all those criminal Sikhs about whom I am talking. My purpose is to awaken the Sikh Sangat about such people so that in future we do not repent. The criminal Sikhs like the one in Sacramento are every where in almost all Gurdwara. If the Sangat does not recognize such people now and put them away from Gurdwara activities you will see they will ruin our religion and destroy our Sikh Culture.

    We need the help from all the True, Honest and Dedicated Sikhs to make a turning point now, before it is too late to restore the Moral, Ethics, Dignity and Honesty to earn the respect as per Sikh Religion teaching. Otherwise Fake Sikhs will contaminate our Communities with Drugs and destroy our Sikh Religion with piracy, as they have no Respect for our Gurus and mercy for Sikh Generations. Now it is wake up call for every Sikh to Think, Plan, Execute and Implement their moral responsibly to protect our Guru treasure earned with great sacrifices.

  12. In addition to all this:
    Must know more about the justce and the human rights:
    The extrajudicial execution of Jathedar Gurdev Singh Kaonke, the former Jathedar (Mukh-Sewadar), Akal Takht Sahib

    1. At whose instance and in connivance with, the inquiry report on the extrajudicial execution of Jathedar Gurdev Singh Kaonke submitted by then Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) B.P. Tiwari to the Punjab government in the first week of May 1999 not publicly disclosed till date and hushed up?
    2. What was the role of the so-called Committee for Coordination on Disappearances in Punjab (CCDP) to hush up the inquiry report?
    3. What were the reasons of silence or not approaching to UNO and the other internationally recoganised and meaningful Human Rights Organisations for the purpose so far?

    Bhai Gurdev Singh Kaunke, the former Mukh-Sewadar, Akal Takht Sahib, was abducted by the Hindu India’s police personnel on 20th December, 1993, from his village in Punjab. Bhai Jasbir Singh Rode, also one of the former Mukh-Sewadar of Akal Takht Sahib, Advocate Balbir Singh Sooch and former police officer Darshan Singh, along with several other witnesses, testified in the enquiry of Bhai Kaunke’s abduction. Police officer Darshan Singh said that Senior Superintendent of Police Swarn Ghotna, Deputy Superintendent of Police Harbhagwan Singh Sodhi and an Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police Chanan Singh tortured Bhai Gurdev Singh Kaunke, at a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) centre and other places, before dumping his body in a canal on 3rd January, 1994.

    An Undeclared War on the Sikh Nation Punjab: “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984, The Brutal Military Operation of Indian Administration and its Armed Forces
    By Webmaster
    Published: October 4, 2009

  13. Jagjit singh mukandpuri

    Respected Jaswant Singh ji, Sat Sri Akal,
    You have taken my views in other sense. You are right in many aspects to some extent. If a fallen Sikh does some blunder mistake then many people do not take any notice of him. IF a sabat surat sikh does some thing wrong then many people take notice of him, but a Amritdhari do some or big mistake then every body take notice of him. If he does some serious crime then he is black spot on sikhism. Not all but many has lowered the name of Guru not only by doing crimes or clashes in Gurudawara Sahibs and Police has to enter the Gurudawaras, these thing lowered the dignity of Sikhism or SGGS not only in punjab or India but through out the world. I have read these news from the news papers and in my recent visits of UK, CANADA and USA i have heared and seen this. Not only these but fake marriages, taking money for fake marriages of daughters are such shamefull act done by 95% sikhs irrespective of Patit, sabat surat and Amritdharies. Such Shamefull and most crual act we have done in the presence of HAJAR NAJAR GURU all knowingly, we sikhs have not spared Their Guru then whome other we will spare. OUR self respect died, this is what we have given respect to the philosophy and struggel to keep alive Baba Nanak Jot for 239 years and martyrdom of Guru Arjan Sahib, Bhai Sati Das, Bhai Mati Das, Bhai Dyala, Guru Teg Bahdur Sahib, Five Beloved ones, Four Sahibjadhe of all 7 years to 15 years of age, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and About 2 lacs of sikhs up to 1849 for Sikhism, but what we are doing, We are thankless people but still we say that we are honest . We have lost right to be called sikhs of Guru Nanak Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh ji and SGGS. W

  14. I am proud to be a Sikh and from Sikh family, though I am not a baptised- Amritdhari Sikh.
    Thank God, I can also not be counted among those as defined by respected Jaswant S. Dhaliwal in his message on October 16, 2009 at 10:58 pm.
    I stand by my all comments sent on the subject or related to the subject and the writings also displayed on website so far, based purely on ground realities and also fully support Dhaliwal’s comments sent by him on October 18, 2009 at 12:29 pm.
    At the same time, when I share my experiences to make a record for keeping alert and cautious all, I do restrain and avoid giving sweeping adverse remarks or statement about any section or group of Sikhs and others.
    If I feel suffered due to my sincerity, honesty, innocence and the others feel benefited, it was all HIS order and always likely to be for some betterment and may prove positive in some form.
    Similarly, I always think and console myself and my family including near and dear ones during any extreme distress faced otherwise my life remained normal, though worldly greed never fulfilled.

  15. Jaswant S. Dhaliwal

    Dear Khalsa Ji;
    Honesty is not pleader ship and complex of their superior ship but bitter truth which Khalsa do not want to admit. Good wisher of religion and having global wisdom can detect the degrading facts with their analysis. I agree that “all that glitters are not gold” That really applies to Amritdharis that most of them are fake and greedy involve in Drug Smuggling, Theft, Robberies and Immoral Acts to defame and degrade Sikhism in the Universe as they have no respect and regards for our GURUS and their noble work. Most Amritdharies work for Agencies and other anti Sikh interest are giving advice to those who has no love for humanity and the teachings of Great Gurus and make their survival. Real Sikh do not drink any pegs of whisky . Sikhs living in overseas were not fools but After Political Asylum most Sikhs are on wrong track, they think clever and do not respect law which is proven by every study including Sikhs own survey. If any one tries to convince the fellow Sikh brothers to follow the teachings of Guru Sahiban then nothing wrong but get bullying from Amritdharies because they threaten with Kirpan. But Amritdharies think that they are the only contractors of Sikhism not other 95% Sikhs. We should be true to our word, and then the pen is more than sword to improve our own image in the rest of the World. But before saying anything to others, we should have a look on our contributions to the Sikh Religion. I have solid proof to prove my written stories with pen, but cannot find TRUE AMRITDHARIES to get justice from Sikh Authorities. Yes, I have drawn line 30 years early but I did not think that contaminated blood will come after me to haut and lower my religion respect and insult me. Tolerate others should be with limits and under law. People know that they have to always in mind the international laws and norms but not SIKHS. But no one is asking to forget the sacrifices of Great Gurus and devoted Sikhs and their teachings. Amritdharies must follow GURUS Teaching and apply to their daily life and stop bullying. All countries respected our manifest of Sikh religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. To wear our religious symbols is our fundamental right in world community. It is true why we are fighting daily and police is called often in Grudwara not in Churches? Can any Sikh can answer my question with justifications? It varies from person to person his love to his religious symbols and we performed our basic duty as a Sikh every where in the world where Sikh resides to respect the local laws like any other citizen of that country and also tell the governments of those countries every thing about the youngest religion and about customs and symbols of the religion, which are must for a Gursikh. Gurshikh must respect his own religion not to sell DRUGS. But AMRITDHARIES do not follow local Governments law they wants to become Supper Rich by CRIMES and we are shooting our own foot.

  16. Jagjit singh mukandpuri

    Some people has very much proud of their pleadership and complex of their superiership, they can give you polished words and only goodwisher of religion and having global wisdom. There is a very good saying that all that glitters are not gold. People who work for Agencies and other anti sikh lobbies are giving advice to those who has love for humanity and the teachings of Great Gurus and make their concentration after puting in few pegs of whishky . Sikhs living in overseas are not fools but some people may be on wrong track. If any one tries to convince the fellow sikh brothers to follow the teachings of Guru Sahiban then nothing wrong. But some people think that they are the only contractors of sikhism. We should be true to our word, then the pen is more than sword. But before saying anything to others, we should have a look on our contributions to the Sikh Religion. Just by making false stories with pen , you can not do justice with your words. If due to jealousy you can not tolerate others and their thinking, then please you try to draw a long line than others. People know that they have to always in mind the international laws and norms. But they can not forget the sacrifices of Great Gurus and devoted sikhs and their teachings. It is writen in the 18 article of Universal Declaration Of Human rights` that everyone has right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. To wear our religious symbles is our fundamental right in world community. It varies from person to person his love to his religious symbles and it is the basic duty of every sikh any where in the world where he resides to respect the local laws like any other citizen of that country and also tell the govts of those countries every thing about the youngist religion and about customs and symbles of the religion , which are must for a Gursikh.

  17. Jaswant S. Dhaliwal

    In Gurdwaras



  18. Sikhs allowed to wear kirpan at Olympic venues‎-Before criticizing or accepting any criticism against the permission to wear kirpan, we must read and understand ‘the conditions under which the kirpan may be worn and the term ‘reasonable accommodation’. Similarly, we should think in case of ‘California Governor says NO to Sikh Kirpan Bill’ before expressing ourselves and re-introducing the Kirpan bill in California after veto now.

  19. Sikhs allowed to wear kirpan at Olympic venues‎
    “The new guidelines provide ‘reasonable accommodation’* for religious freedoms as defined by Canadian laws and values, while clearly identifying the conditions under which the kirpan may be worn,” police said.
    Here the ‘reasonable accommodation’* for religious freedoms is important to be referred and worth for pleading as guidelines for the purpose.

  20. Justifying their past misdeeds, now, some are posing themselves deeply religious as baptized Sikhs or the only left true Sikhs.

    Earlier, they were with those who supported/instigated and or were participating actively with the specific high ups and the political class in eliminating the Sikhs levelling them separatists. Such traitors are in majority settled abroad.

    In return such patriots were rewarded and now somehow, they also managed to get them and their families settled abroad to again play their dirty game there to create law and order problem on the issues as to who are the true Sikhs and in the name of promoting Sikhism or running their political activities for their self promotion abroad and elsewhere under the garb of Sikh religion .

    Their comments are only like political speech nothing else and they are far away from religious reality. Such elements are required to be identified in the interest of safety and security, for maintaining peace and the law and order keeping in view of the internationally recoganised and accepted law, norms and values.

    To my mind, the foreign governments are wise enough to look into such games and the dirty affairs keeping the religious sentiments of Sikhs intact.

  21. Jagjit singh mukandpuri

    Waheguru ji da Khalsa, Waheguru ji de fateh, The so called sikhs who have no faith in the teachings of Guru Sahib are thankless people. They are trying to be above Guru Sahban and it looks like that they are not the sons of their fathers. They are on sale and selfish. Who have no faith in the teachings of Guru Sahban, they have no right to be called sikh. They are insulting Guru Sahiban and Sikhism. It is better that they can go any where they want. They are snakes of lap and more dangrous than any other enemy of Sikhism. They are worst than Jahagir and Aourangjeb for sikhi. These two enemies martyred Guru Arjan Sahib and Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib. But these people are trying to confuse Sikh Philosophy . May Waheguru get rid off Sikhism from these dishonest persons in the sikhism.

  22. Devinder Kooner

    Sat Sri Akaal To Everyone.
    Kirpan Law is not imposed. It is a very good thing that the Governor did.
    Just practise Sikhi from your heart as someone said below.
    There is no need to show off. A lot of people wearing kirpan ( amritdhari’s ) are working on liquor stores….. amritdhari’s are eating at places where meat is cooked…. amritdharis are getting caught at the brothel house….. amritdhari sikhs are travelling in airplanes sitting next to someone who is enjoying liquor.
    It you can’t practise Sikhi… don’t insult it.

    KIRPAN LAW was a Joke… AMERICAN’s Are Not STUPID PEOPLE.. They know how to rule.

    Devinder Kooner

  23. Khotayian nuh reply

    Dangur khotayian de barat nuh chitar paen walay jehday kehanday kirpan deh laour nahey haegy.

    Jeh kirpan nah hundey teh harry sharry vargay deya tabar hundiya Randyia, kotaay valleys.

  24. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fathe.

    Excellent to all us, who are among in fighting,slapping and others will take advantage of this weakness of our blaming each other and arguing for OUR OWN FAITH, who is True Sikh, who is Singh, who is not both, etc. We say kirpan are useless these time , we says not living in jungle, we says proud to America law, but doesn’t feel about we having question on our identity by such sort of restrictions and still say ourselves proud to be SIKH. Who Sikh we are, GURU Sikh or self-made Sikh which not to choose Gurus Hukams and which we never sacrifice to save our faith. Is scarification was limited to only that time Sikh who were living in jungles, or to those who lost life in 1947-1984. May We can’t sacrifice over self now because now we are become American,Canadian,European citizen. We are save here now, so who care about religion identity. After 1984 many fled to USA,Canada and others,we unable to save our faith in India, how can we save our own self and faith now in foreign. But still hail “Proud to be SIKH”.

    Needless to say , some don’t respect for 5 k’s but they still care for 1 K’ that is being added by Manmukhi’s to 5K’s that K’s is Kenchi(scissor), kenchi on faith identity, Kenchi on head, Kenchi on face. Just in order to look more like western people,to attain peace and pleasing environment which we might haven’t had in India after Independence. But those have respect about 5 k’s will stand against it and will say in favour of it, because these gifts from direct from WAHEGURU, not to till time Khalsa was fighting with Kirpans against criminals and staying in JUNGLE, but until the eternity.

    Why don’t we think this, is their any major cases happened either in India or foreign , that Sikh frequently took out their kirpan and start attacking others for nothing. Why don’t we think , America like country says that they respect all religion then why they are creating problems for SIKHS, why Sikh has to sacrifice to their law, which is unnecessary and hurts us. Why some Punjabi Sikhs are so influence of others and quickly accept other proposal in order to please, even they are restricting us to breathe free. It their own problem , their social norms are not OK that (if any) make derogatory remarks against SIKH and instigate us until they take out their kirpan to protect. And due to minorities, Sikh come under scan, “Oh!That Sikh are aggressive”. Its their law is not like that in which we are free to carry our articles of faith. They have to set rules to respect all,so that no one can make mock of any faith and till finally let Sikh to loose temper to protect. If America is free countries in all sense then let breathe all. Why chocking our veins?.

    What the new thing arise now Sikh and Singh ? Any period of their life when Guru Gobind Singh said, Sikh belong to till 9 Gurus who was not baptized then and all kirpan wala Singh/Khalsa only belongs to Gobind Singh category/Singh’s( SHER )army and do remain in jungle. If People ask 100 Hindus ,”what is your religion definition?” All will says about 33 million confused definition. If somebody ask 1000 SIKH, “Whats your definition, True Guru SIKH says only one and one definition, “THE KHALSA” definition. But now Sikh,Singh(LION),patit, shejdhari, etc. Seems like competing with Hindus. Comon!! if Sikh and Singh are two varieties then why using SINGH after name. Choose else but please don’t blemish KHALSA. I ask the question to persons who desire,if they think that Our Guru’s might never been in foreign land and forget to set rules for Sikhs in others land, and must be change according to Mr. Arnold like personalities, could anyone define please, “what should be our Gender identity of Sikhi,what should be done to create Khalsa rule,what should be done to save Sikhi, what must be a way to achieve Waheguru?”
    Whose jot inside SGGS, only Jot of 9 Gurus coz are present but Guru Gobind Singh not added his banis so Gobind Singh Hukam is not being recognize, because we ant find in SGGS ? Is Guru Gobind Singh Jot different from Guru Nanak jot ?

    Guru Gobind Singh said to 5 beloveds one:
    The Khalsa is the Guru and the Guru is the Khalsa. There is no difference between you and me. As Guru Nanak seated Guru Angad on the throne, so have I made you also a Guru. Wherefore administer the baptismal nectar to me without any hesitation. Accordingly the Five Beloved Ones baptized the Guru with the same ceremonies and injunctions he himself had employed.

    Who says 3 times a day naam simran can get us to God, which baba says such things?, “A Baba inside human body or Baba inside SHABADS Guru”,who says mental devotion only let us get salvation, Who thinks that by keep shaving our self, get fall from Sikhism, and standing against OUR own khalsa shows you that we are gr8 Sikhs, some thinks wearing American flag on their head with honor and wearing printed shirt showing “Proud to be Sikh” or “Raj karega Khalsa” will write our such kind deeds as devotional Sikh in Sachkhand account. Might, true said by someone, 3 times naam simran rest time for “GOOD JOB ARNOLD” “GOOD JOB ARNOLD” …. How Khalsa raj gonna create ,by abiding any kind of law against our faith. But still we feel Proud to be Sikh and demand for “SARBAT DA BHAALA”.

    Proudly we say at the starting of any conversation and end of it the greeting way set by Guru Gobind Singh “Waheguru Ji Ka Khaalsa…. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh”, does we know the meaning of this, if we don’t know or forget, please try to re-brush it “Khalsa belongs to God and all triumph be to His Name”. Now if don’t like Khalsa rules, then what need of use “Khalsa” in such sentences and 1’K (K=kenchi) is still here, lets cut out “khalsa” from such. Because Khalsa for Guru Army Singhs ( SHER ) not for Sikhs? Isn’t it?

    Once in English class, one learner say to all, “just say 3 times English, English, English and do some deeds to shows that “Devotion resides in the heart of” all lessons by our teacher, but we can’t perform ,because my other teacher don’t like it. So the learner keep telling himself in thinking that it will clear English test with maximum marks, and get highest position in class”. That’s what our (English) Babaji wants. Isn’t it? As though learner know the Babaji very well. That teacher must be false who will clear all the students without any keeping & obeying any rules set by teacher to clear his class test.

    What is the need of the oceans of oceans SGGS banis and Guru Gobind Singh Orders to achieve salvation and meeting God, because now “Just Say Satnam Waheguru 3 times a day and do good deeds”, and now no Mughals reign, less brahmanis Pakhand, not living in Jungles any more, now we living in America,civilized , already learnt to live life to God way,safe here, then why don’t all lets us back to 500 year olden time before Khalsa created. So thanks to Guru Gobind Singh ji “That our Guru you have created very excellent army of Singhs ( SHER ) to settle us but we cannot afford it any more coz we are now settle in America,now we are OK, don’t want to destroy America as we did Punjab, Present Khalsa is visible as Greedy, Selfish, Rude, Disrespectful and backstabber and happy to stay as simple clean shaved Sikhi without any hard rules but with casts as surname , we don’t need any more your Khalsa/amrit, please come collect your things , call your Singhs ( SHER ) back to jungles or Kirpan should be taken off from the amritdhari sikhs. Devotion resides in the heart of a person, not showing off”. Isn’t it?

    Tomorrow other countries will say the SIKH beard must be shave, they look dirty in our society, our children are afraid of Sikh appearance so all must be clean shaved and wear only 1 ply clothes and their words will be still same “We respect all”. If we says like that kirpan should now allowed in public, school and working periods etc , so where the “Khalsa ji” will hide it. How much we have fall from Sikhi to save our self to enjoy worldly materials against our faith.
    Yah surely America is not Punjab, because sacrifice and battle cry only jobs of Sikhs in Punjab , rest “We are living in civilized society not living in Jungle and have best protection and security” .

    We, after Khalsa born come into Akaal Prakh category , that cannot be changes or altered. Those who are born in Sikh family are very lucky to on the way to ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ and near to salvation, but this Khalsa faith have some norms 5 K’s and Guru teaching , until unless we are not become baptized or Amritdhari we are still not SIKH as Guru ji said. And how much we can do efforts, read much paath or some says 3 times or 9 times simran enough, or only by become baptized even we can get American, Canada, Europe citizenship by flushing our religious norms to make them please, but without accepting and respecting of Khalsa norms we can never get salvation and never allowed to achieved citizenship to WAHEGURU COURT.

    If either of our kids or our siblings or our wife , let suppose to cross the dark lane, they night cross and are afraid to cross alone , but when they come to know that our father, our brother, our husbands is with us they get confident to cross lane, that somebody with us. Doesn’t mean they will use their confidence against society, until unless there will some problem. Similarly keeping our 5 k’s and Gurus banis with us create moral confidence in us to cross every restriction, doesn’t mean they use against to show their Punjabi power pack.

    We require to join and stand against this kind of restriction against our believe. If we still believe in “who care about 5 k’s or Sikh rules, we are mentally attached to Lord” then we must stop praying about “Raj karega Khalsa, aaki rahe na koe”. How Khalsa shall reign when their army are joining another camps. By the order of one and only one Akaal Purakh, our 10th king completed Sikhi with final touch of Amrit which convert all to under one rule, the “Khalsa” rule, khalas life, Khalas heart, Khalas jobs,Khalas serving,Khalas appearance. No one on earth are able to compare with Sikhism, because this from “ੴ “. Sikhism is “unlike in nature beauty” set by ONE DOER, Guru ji Sikh are different, we have different identity, different actions and different life style. Only those who are abide and obeying such by Waheguru Hukam in SIKHI will get freedom from life birth-death cycle and get place in Court of the Lord.

    Guru Nanak said :

    ਜਿਨੀ ਨਾਮੁ ਧਿਆਇਆ ਗਏ ਮਸਕਤਿ ਘਾਲਿ ॥

    Those who have meditated on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, and departed after having worked by the sweat of their brows –

    ਨਾਨਕ ਤੇ ਮੁਖ ਉਜਲੇ ਕੇਤੀ ਛੁਟੀ ਨਾਲਿ ॥੧॥

    O Nanak, their faces are radiant in the Court of the Lord, and many are saved along with them! ||1||

    Guru Gobind Singh ji gave us the appellation of SINGHS (Lions) and we were named from Daya Ram to Daya Singh, Dharam Das to Dharam Singh, Mohkam Chand to Mohkam Singh, Himmat Chand to Himmat Singh, and Sahib Chand to Sahib Singh. The Guru then addressed them as the supreme, the liberated ones, pure ones and he called them “THE KHALSA”. He then ordained them to do the following articles of faith whose names begin with ‘K’:The 5Ks.

    Khalsa mero roop hai khaas, Khaalse meh hau karau nivaas

    Khalsa is my form special, In Khalsa I live

    Khalsa mero mukh hai angaa, Khaalse ke haun sad sad sangaa

    Khalsa is my body, With Khalsa Im ever ever present

    Khalsa mero mitar sakhaaee, Khalsa maat pita sukhdaaee

    Khalsa my friend companion, khalsa mother father peacegiver

    Khalsa mero dharam our karam, khalsa mero bhed nij maram”

    Khalsa my faith and actions, Khalsa my distinct personal mystique

    Khalsa mero bhavan bhandaara, Khaalse kar mero satkaara

    khalsa my treasure vast, Khalsa keeps my honour

    Khalsa mero satgur poora, Khalsa mero sajjan soora

    Khalsa my satguru complete, Khalsa my virtous noble friend, brave dauntless warrior

    Khalsa akal purakh ki fauj, pragteo khalsa paramatam ki mauj.

    Khalsa army of God, the Akal Purakh, Khalsa joy of the Supreme Being.

    Jab lag Khalsa rahe niyaara, Tab lag tej diyo main saara

    Upto the time Khalsa maintains its distinctiveness, I shall shower all types of fame and splendor on it.

    Jab eh gahe bipran kee reet, Main na karon in kee prateet

    If (Khalsa) starts following contrary ways , then I will not recognize them.

    Atam ras je janhi, so hai khalis dev. Prabh mai, mo mai, taas mai, ranchak nahen bhev.

    He who has experienced self-realisation is the exalted Khalsa, there is not the slightest difference between Akal Purakh, myself and the Khalsa.

    Sev kari inhi bi bhaavat, aur ki save suhat na ji ko.

    Daan dio inhiko bhalo, ur aan ko daan na lagat niko.

    I like serving only them, I do not appreciate serving others, offering made to them only are worthwhile. Offerings to others do not appeal to me.

    Judh jitai in hi ke parsad, inhi ke parsad su daan kare.

    Agh augh tare inhi ke parsad, inhi kripa phun dhaam bhare.

    I have won battles by their grace, only by their grace I have done any good, by their (Khalsa’s) grace I have overcome all wickedness, and by their goodwill only my house became virtuous.

    We accept 1000 rule to stay in worldly materials, but cannot abide by few rules set by Guru Gobind Singh by the order of to achieve boons from Lords Court.

    May few of us still not care that nothing will happen if some of rules not abide and changes made by us. Just because our faith is simple and practical , no restriction like others religions , that’s why we take advantage of it. Some still thinks i have chopped my hair, Baba so far said nothing to me, I did this n that, baba so far never punish me. Some thinks I did so many paath , i m amritdhari , i did good deeds, i never get any boons from baba.

    We are happy or sad even after did lots of efforts , its all according to our luck. But one things is clear, all sort of deeds done here on earth being written in Gods court. Here might on earth nothing will happen against our karma , but surely at Lord court all will balance.

    Guru ji handed us all spiritual and physically power to us in one package we must keep this until we on this earth. NO ONE CAN EDIT OR DESTROY OUR KHALSA.

    Neither Sikh, nor Singh, nor Hindu, nor Muslim, nor Christian, nor others will rule “ONLY KHALSA WILL RULE”.


  25. Jagjit singh mukandpuri

    Sikhism is a global concept and also logical. Science is much behind and it can not known yet about one universe but according Guru Nanak Sahib , Lakh Akasa Akas, lakh patala patal. Gurjot From Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh ji and SGGS has asked us to take directions from Shabad ( Gyan or knowelege ). For this philosophy, Guru Arjan Sahib, Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib, five beloved ones, four Shaibjadas and about two lakhs of sikhs up to 1849 have gave martyrdom. Sikhism is a religion of principles not of any rituals or of Prophets and all it needed is purity of mind and physical perfactness and have a controll over senses and no middleman between Waheguru ji and all Sikhs. At the time of martyredom of Guru Teg Bahadure Sahib and Bhai Mati Dass, Bhai Sati Dass and Bhai Diala, due to fear of Aourangjeb all sikhs of Dehli denied that they are not sikhs of Baba Nanak Jot only two sikhs attacked Aourangjeb and they were beheaded. For two days the head and body of Guru Sahib was remaind there and no body has shown courage to take and do last cermonies and after two days by some how head was taken by Bhai Jetta lator on Bhai Jiwen Singh and body was taken by Lakhi Shah Banjara, a transporter having bullock carts taken and he put the cart in his house and put fire to his house, where now is Gurudawara Rakab Ganj Sahib in New Dehli. Similarly when Guru Gobind Sahib ji asked at the time of Bashakhi for which the sikhs were asked from all corners of Indian Sub Continent to attend, asked for a head having a kirpan in Their hand then thousands of sikhs fled from the venue due to fear and many gone to Mata GUJRI Ji that there is something wrong with Guru gobind sahib ji, then five persons came one by one belonging to different parts of sub continent. Then Guru beptised the five beloved ones and Himself also also beptised from them. ABUL DURANI, who was a spy of Aourangjeb in Guru Sahib’s Darbar has sent last letter to Aourangjeb that he should leave confrontation and take blessings from Guru Sahib and also said that he is also going to be beptised. He was named Ajmer singh and he got martyrdom in the battle of Chamkour Sahib. Now is worst condition of sikhs in both purity of mind and physical perfactness and the uniform of Khalsa. Now doubt to day many evils are in 95% sikhs. Only very few have both. IT is our duty to remain ourself above from all the bad things.At that time only who became perfact in all aspacts from Hindus and Muslimes, They were the sikhs or singhs and The khalsa Panth was, is and remain of Waheguru. After 1849, sikhs remain slaves of British and now in India. The most sikhs are mentally slave and they have lost their glory and now they are giving their opinions about Sikhism or Khalsa Panth. In spite of to improve themselves, they are doing this and that on Sikh Philosophy. THE POUR AND PERFACT PEOPLE BEPTISED NECTOR OF KHANDA AND BATTA WILL RULE THE WORLD ONE DAY. Now please all see that are they sikhs of Guru or any body else. ARE THEY HAVE THE SPIRIT OF FIVE BELOVED ONES OR deserters like those of Dehli or ANANDPUR SAHIB.


    Oye IK THAPPAR DI MAAR “””Satnam Singh””. What does YES SIR YES SIR has to do with SARBAT DA BHALA.

    Hell with your Kirpan Law.

    Rabb Jo Vi Karda Hai…Changa Hi Karda Hai
    Dukh Dainda Hai Te Sukh Da Vi Meeh Ban Kaye Vardaaa Hai.
    Ohdaye Charnaa Vich Sheeh Niva Te Shukar Manaunda Jaaa
    Apni Kirpan Nu Gal Vicho Lah Taye Rab De Charni Sheesh Jhukaaa..


  27. Sukhram Sandhu

    Kirpan should be taken off from the amritdhari sikhs. Devotion resides in the heart of a person, not showing off.
    I AM AGAINST THE KIRPAN LAW. It’s just making fun of the sikh community.

    Just Say Satnam Waheguru 3 times a day and do good deeds. That’s what our Babaji wants. He would have never thought that one day his SIKH COMMUNITY will be making fun of this Kirpan.

    Waheguru Waheguru

  28. Hardial Singh Bhullar

    Hello Sikh Sangat and Everyone Else :
    There are few things I would like to share with everyone who is reading this blog or comments.

    Number 1 – KIRPAN – KHANDA needs to be respected rather than making this a PUPPET for the Media.

    Number 2 – It does not make any sense to impose a law or pass a bill for an individual sikh to wear Kirpan out in public. We are in America, Even though we become American Citizens, we need to respect the laws and not try to change those laws.

    Number 3 – Just take a deep breath and think yourself – HOW MANY HONEST AND DEDICATED SIKHS DO YOU SEE IN OUR COMMUNITY ??

    Number 4 – I am not saying that Honesty is lost in Sikhism. No, it still resides but it needs to be in much more percentage rather than it’s in now. Sikhs Are Fighting In Gurdwara’s over Membership, Sikhs Are Caught Everyday with Drugs in their Big Rigs ( Trucks ) hence putting them in the list of the Violent People.

    Number 5 – Whatever The Governor of California has done is “ MUCH RESPECTED” And I am Sure If you think about it’s for the safety of our children in the future. Who Knows there Is a fight and the Kid take out the Kirpan to protect himself or herself and later that same kirpan could turn on them if it falls in the opponent’s hands.

    Number 6 – My Message To All Those People Who Are Trying To Impose This Law : I KNOW IF THIS LAW PASSES, THIS WILL MAKE THEM FEEL REAL GOOD IN THE COMMUNITY AND THEY WILL BECOME FAMOUS THAT THEY IMPOSED THIS LAW. BUT the bad things that will come with this law should be forseen. The Attorney’s who are trying to help the protestors in the case will fain FAME and will become Famous. JUST BUSINESS POINT OF VIEW.

    Mr. Dhaliwal….. Harry…. Rupinder Singh….Dilraj Singh… I am glad to see your views.

    Sincerely Yours
    Gurdial Singh Bhullar
    Ret. Lt Gen Indian Army
    Los Angeles, California

  29. Well Done Harry, Rupinder and Jaswant Puttaro,

    I am not surprised by this… thru times I have seen Sikhs misrepresent themselves, so did this Bill…We certainly need to do better than this and for those who thinks Kirpan is useless these modern days. I congratulate u for being part of the high roller society. Kirpan concept is out of ur understandings, seems to me u kakeys are YES SIR, YES SIR at job and here propagating “SARBAT DA BHAALA” message. U pays for health insurance to protect u from unseen events and cant understand a concise message that kirpan simply presents that we are the army of God, so we can protect others and ourselves from unseen events, too. I have never used kirpan in my life but I am sure I am well protected with this gift from God.

    I didnt used Guru Gobind Singh Jee coz you kakey are so Called Sikhs of Guru Nanak Dev jee ONLY.
    This Kirpan hukam is From Waheguru himself. Waheguru gave hukam to Guru Gobind Singh jee to create Khalsa.

    May Waheguru bless u kakeys..

  30. Rupinder Singh Mangat

    This is WOW to Mr. Jaswant Singh Dhaliwal’s Comments posted below.
    1. Correct….. Singhs ( SHER ) Army of Guru Gobind Singh Ji wore Kirpan in and lived in Jungle’s.
    How can you allow Kirpan In Schools and Open Public. This is just Wrong.

    Sikh Community needs to understand that please do not make America like the Punjab that we left to come to america to make our lives better. What is the point of carrying a Kirpan by school kids, I see 4 year old kids – 12 year old kids who are Amritdhari…… …. First of all the Amritdhari’s need to learn the meaning of AMRIT.

    AMRIT was Guru’s ARMY who fought. Amrit is for the Singh ( Sher) Not Sikh.

    Enough Said ! !
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khaalsa…. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  31. Very Very well put Mr. Dhaliwal!
    All sikhs who are educated and have seen school should at least try to understand message by Mr. Dhaliwal.

    People like Mr. Dhaliwal make a society worth living peacefully not the extremism. We don’t live in a Jungle and carrying Kirpan is offensive in these days, please understand!

  32. Jaswant S. Dhaliwal

    Dear Khalsa Ji:
    Please try to understand system and civilized society of many different religion, faith and cultures with tolerances that had made America Great. If every one wants to impose its own rule that will certainly have conflict of ideology which will lead to further segregation and misunderstanding.

    Sikhs are fighting with Criminal Hindu Rule, which is our birth right and mistake our own KHALSA LEADERS like Master Tara Singh and Fake Sant Fateh Singh. Muslims are trying to destroy Sikhs with Instigations and Drugs to open the doors to eliminate HINDUS. Our Fake Khalsa injected into Sikh Religion and Community by NAXALS is destroying Sikh Religion and Community worst than cancer. Fake Khalsa has no Self Respect, Moral, Integrity, and no Faith in Sikh Religion and Trust in Sikh Methodology hence hurting most by misdirecting Sikh Community members. We Sikhs are on sale and on path of self destructions, which can be measured every Day, Week, Month or Year.

    Again I request all Khalsa members to act with wisdom like good citizen not like animal as Guru Nanak Dev Ji has used for Muslims. Please act as per Guru Granth Sahib;s Teaching, if we truly believe Sikh religion, not to destroy America as we did Punjab. Present Khalsa is visible as Greedy, Selfish, Rude, Disrespectful and backstabber.

    Any Human has faith and follow on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s teaching and was respectfully written in “The Guru Granth Sahib” and we must obey as true Sikhs. It is fact and common practice, which is adopted daily by 95% Sikhs.

    Guru Gobind Singh Ji formed Sikh Army and invented “AMRIT” to convert Sikh into Singh and made mandatory for ARMY members and named as “Khalsa Ki Fauj”. Khalsa was fighting with Kirpans against criminals and staying in JUNGLE. In 1700 century the Kirpan was best arms to fight enemy at horses back and on the ground. At the same time discipline was imposed that Khalsa should not rob banks, Sangat donation; sell Drugs as prohibited by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

    We are living in civilized society not living in Jungle and have best protection and security. The California Governor, Mr. Schwarzenegger has done right to protect the rights of all and we must respect his decision. I congratulate on his intellectual thinking and common sense ruling that is good for all, which is “SARBAT DA BHAALA” as per our daily ardas.

    Jaswant S. Dhaliwal
    Dedicated Sikh

  33. dilraj it seems you know nothing about sikhism……

  34. This is crazy Kirpan should not be allowed in schools and work period.
    Sikhs should realize that they cannot make the entire world make rules or regulations to accomodate the Sikhs. First before demanding this what contribution have the Sikhs made to America, (are they running this country’s economy like the Jews, do they constitute a big chunk of the voting bloc like the Hispanics, African Americans, ) if not then they don’t need to be complaining about it. Second what % percentage of Sikhs in this country are legal U.S. citizens and participate their right to vote. Third Sikhs have portrayed religion as a Punjabi/Indian religion as opposed to as an American religion for example by having the kirtan and hukamnama and viakhia in Punjabi rather then in the national language of the country they are residing in.

  35. ‘My comment is awaiting moderation’ sent on October 12, 2009 at 11:06 am. What is the hitch to validate the comment so far? Are you getting objections and am I so controversial for your readers? Or do you not like to remove my address part from it? Or the truth ought be suppressed and the comment is likely to be removed? Will you clear the suspense? Please do send far and against views related to my comment. Sorry for bothering you for seeking reply and the confirmation of my comment.

  36. Jagjit singh mukandpuri

    Waheguru ji da khalsa, waheguru ji de fateh.

  37. Not all Sikhs are from India. I am not. Therefore, I have no place to go back to. Further, America is for everyone — regardless of their faith. As Sikhs and as Americans we should join together to maximize freedom for all. When the Khalsa is free, all are free.

  38. sukhvinder Singh

    Mr Harry Puttar or whatever you are thanks for your advice to come back to India .For your knowledge as for as Religious tolerance is concerned India cannot match U S A . For record you will never hear a riot in U S A on religious lines and in India you can check the golden book of records of India for last 60 years. Gujrat, Delhi 84, and numerous others, you are right sab chalta hai. And this attitude is one sided , I think you better understand.

  39. This is insane to ask US government to allow Kirpaan in their own country!
    Every country has its own right to allow things for security reasons. India mein sab chalta hai, isiliye India ki ye durdasha ho rakhi hai.. itna terrorism bhi India mein hi hai.. Us ke laws strict hain isliye wahaan terror itna kam hai…

    Why don’t sikhs comeback to India and wear kirpaan if they want to? India mein to sab chalta hai yaar….
    We should respect laws of land where we reside else we should comeback to our country!

  40. Karan, if you do not practice Sikhi as Dasmesh Pita has asked us to via taking Khande-de-paul and keeping your 5 Kakkars on you, then please do not assist in not allowing those who do, to not practice their faith as their Guru’s wanted it to be practiced.

    You may think that the Kirpan is out dated and how the “police” will save you. Let me ask you a question if you got involved in a confrontation and the “police” had not arrived yet, but there was a thiar bar thiar Gursikh there to help you with or without using a Kirpan i’m sure you would thank him/her. The principle of the Kirpan does not neccesate the use of it (which should only be when all other means have failed), it reminds the Gursikh that he/she should be ready at all times to help others in time’s of need.

    Lets not let our own mis-judgements, opinions oppress others from practicising their faith and actually learn what Sikhi truley is before getting all “health & Safety” on the Kirpan issue. At the end of the day, there are people who know martial arts who are deadly with their bare hands than a Kirpan, but it’s the responsibility of the person, which is important, the values they hold, they must be wise enough to know when or when not to use the Kirpan.

    Avtar Singh
    “May God Bless Us All With Respect For Each Other”

  41. The California Governor has done right. In this modern day and age there is no reason to carry anything religious which can cause harm to others. The Kirpan may have been relevant in yesteryear because it might have had a purpose then, but now its unnecessary, we have a civilized soceity and the police to safe guard all of us. If Sikhs want to have their rights, rights which can harm others, rights which infringe on the safety of others, then it should strictly be disallowed. Justice for all not just for a few. Sikhs and all other people of all faiths and races are created by one and the same God. If Sikhs still want to cause trouble by not adapting with reason to the modern times, then they can go to a new planet and have their own way, or they can stay in Punjab. Same goes for people of any religion, common sense and universal rights of all citizens are more important than the whims and fancies of any community and te same rule goes for Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews or anybody. even Guru Nanak would not like the Sikhs who are acting without commonsense, Guru Nanak did things then with a purpose not just as a principle.

  42. California Governor says NO to Sikh Kirpan Bill

    In continuation of my submission to California State Assembly, I have to only add that to my mind, my Sikh religion is another name of ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib’.

    The teachings of ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib’ have no contradictions with any internationally recoganised and accepted law, norms and values.

    To glorify the teachings and for living sprightly, Some of us need dress code etc but not violating to the spirit of ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib’.

    California Governor Schwarzenegger may not be aware of the real spirit of ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib’.

    Sikh religion does not allow any kind of preaching to get converted people from other religions to Sikhism by adopting any hidden agenda or tactics like in the name of imparting spiritual education or other means by letting down others in any manner.

    In fact, the open teachings of ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib’ and by living sprightly are only our methods of preaching and the imparting education to our own people and others, without intending others conversion to Sikhism.

    After all, the religions are concerned with God or gods, not always with individuals. Finally, Will of God shall prevail nothing else. Morally, for the sake of such things of ignorance, I am afraid to say, “Sikho!! get ready again for fight against injustice” then to repent…… Sorry for posting wrong comments on this post…..

    I submit along with my earlier sumission as under:

    “ In Re; Assemblyman introduces bill for police training on Sikh faith

    California State Assembly

    Submission regarding Assemblyman introduces bill for police training on Sikh faith keeping in view the safety and security
    Please publish and also forward the submission to all the appropriate authorities concerned: Thanks
    Submission by Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana, for consideration in the larger interest of Sikh Community- The possible language of the legislation for consensus may be as under:
    The legislation was necessary so that the Sikh community should not live in fear of arrest by law enforcement for carrying the kirpan-blade, which is an integral part of dress and or otherwise for the Sikh practitioners religiously.
    And, the legislation would require police officers to receive instruction about the Sikh faith to prevent instances of ignorance-based harassment, or at the very least provide a legal basis for holding police officers accountable to culturally appropriate standards of enforcement for the diverse communities in which they work, when the Sikhs as ‘practitioners’ of their faith truly’ carry blade i.e. Kirpan as part of five articles of ‘specific size’.
    The Sikhs as ‘practitioners’ mean who practise in the sense; ‘Truly’ means who believe strictly in carrying it as part of five articles of ‘specific size’ allowed; In case, the internationally recognized ‘Sikh coalition’ or Sikh Committee (s) as may be specified in the legislation certifies so, keeping in mind the safety and security, to such Sikh practitioners as beneficiaries under the legislation, then, there should not be any hitch in reviewing it (bill) and the gaining political traction in the upcoming legislative session, so far, I understand from the news.
    Full Address:
    Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate;
    Chief and Spokesperson
    Sikh Vichar Manch
    # 12333/1, Street # 12, Vishvakarma Colony, Behind Sangeet Cinema, Ludhiana-141003, Punjab (India)
    Phone: 91-161-2531029; Mobile: 09814334544; Email:

  43. Jagjit singh mukandpuri

    It is a sad story, they can make law for marriage of homosexuals which is against the law of nature, because they trust in GOD, but they have no common sense for tolerance of other faiths. Actually they want to discourage the sikh religion so that they force them to convert them in chriestans .THEY can prolong the permission but one day they have to do all. LORD GOD bless them.

  44. Sorry for posting wrong comments on this post. Actually this comments was for article “School bars Sikh student for wearing Kirpan” .

    Which is being submit unintentionally but mistakenly on this article.


  45. Sikho!! get ready again for fight against injustice. This all akaal puraakh hukam, He wants us to produce more sacrifices of any kind ,that’s why this sort of problem being arising infront of Khalsa. What this kind of people thinks that this sort of publicity act will break us. SIKHI NEVER ENDs, BUT BECOME DOUBLEs. We require more putout to Waheguru to stable Khalsa on whole universe, HE the one wants us to more strong.

    May Waheguru give strength to panth, who are stands against this kind of restrictions on our faith and who will stand up.


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