Anti-Sikh graffiti by Radical Hindus @ Sri Amritsar Sahib City


In English it says:

 “If you want to stay in this country, then you have to speak in favour of Hindus”
Jilla, Fursat, Hareesh Sharma , Hindu Surakhsa smiti


  1. Hinduaandabaap

    hinduan di bhehn di lun ,ehna di maa de shivling kyonki jdo ena de nvi shaadi hundi h ta pehla eh shivlingh te fudi khsaundian ne kyonki hindua de apne vichc ta dm hai nahi fir shiv g hi ehna di fuddi maarde ne, bhang pee k te fer hinduaania nu maza aunda hhaaa…….

  2. hindus are fudus

  3. Peace between all religions. Sikhs and hindus muslims co-exist it is the illiterate dumb people who cause unnecessary uproar. Rajanoa should be released followed by legislative reform. This graffiti is stupid because Sikhs are amongst the highest number of fatality counts on which India’s history lies and have been mistreated for long enough and this kind of stupidity should cease immediately. 

  4. Eh kaum kade na haare je sikh -sikh nu na maare………It`s time to be united …… samaah hai jaago ….. !!

  5. anti-propaganda!

    anyone can write that! including people that aren’t hindu!

  6. Bladerunnerjb

    not all hindus support this bs.   

  7. Badal Is RSS Tout

    Every sikh should starting beef, thats the reply to these fu** hindus. All akali leaders should prove their honesty towards sikhism, they should eat beef other wise do not vote them. Save sikh land from these link worshipers. “Gaye ka maas khayege, hindu nahi kehlayege” 

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