akaal ustat samagam

Akal Ustat Samagam unites Sikhs in Malaysia

Malaysia: “This semagam is not done by the SGGS Academy or any specific person. This semagam was made successful by Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj Himself. We are no one in making this happen. It’s Him who gave us the sewa and made all of this possible! Those that are against Sri Dasam Granth, aren’t against us, their fight is with Guruji. He gave SGGS Academy the sewa to ensure people are more aware of His Baani and they can therefore decide for themselves and not just blindly follow others.” ~Quoting from Pitaji’s Katha.

From the planning to publicity to langgar planning to sewa and finally the day! I am nobody but being a person that feels hurt when someone condemns Gurujis Baani and seeing what a successful Semagam this was, I would like to thank the Sanggat, Titiwangsa gurdwara for their endless support and Sikhinside team for their selfless sewa. This made it possible for many people around the world to also watch the program and they were very thankful.


Many sewadars were restless as they tried their best to provide langgar for the unexpected amount of people. Basically everyone played a role in making this semagam a success.

What made us extremely happy was the fact that everyone came to show support and stand up for Guru Maharaj’s Baani. The love they have for their Guru and actually getting to see it, was mind blowing.

To those that say Dasam Baani would cause disunity, here’s your clear answer. Sri Dasam Granth united Sikhs from all over Malaysia!

– Dheepnam Kaur (Malaysia)

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