US Sikh’s response to racist tweet goes viral on social media

New York, USA: A New Jersey-based Sikh youth’s response to an apparent racist tweet made by a youth went viral on social media.

The be fitting reply by Ashishpal Singh won applause from the virtual world and was widely shared not just on Twitter, but on other social media networks, including Facebook and tumblr.

Ryan Carr had made a racist comment in July 2013, which read, “Am I racist if I feel uncomfortable about a guy with a turban on my plane because this isn’t okay with me.”

A year later, Ashishpal Singh, a 22-year-old biological sciences student at Penn State University, gave a befitting reply, saying, “Ugh, I know what you mean, I get really uncomfortable whenever I see a white man walk into a movie theatre or elementary school.”

Carr immediately responded saying, “You’re actually funny, if anyone’s seen my twitter it’s never to be taken seriously, but I laughed at your tweet.”

The conversation has since gone viral with several people taking to micro-blogging site Twitter to term Carr a racist.

Earlier, American rapper Joe Budden had also received a similar reaction after he had posted a Sikh man’s photo along with a racist comment on a website in March this year. Budden, too, received a befitting reply from a Los Angeles-based Sikh youth Jaskaran Dhanoa. After drawing flak from the virtual world, Budden removed the picture from his account and tendered an apology.

Source: HT

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