Sikhs support Obama signing Executive action on gun control

Washington DC, US: Welcoming the gun control steps taken by President Barack Obama, the Sikh community in the US has asked the Congress to support his proposals, saying too many innocent people have become victims of these senseless killings.

“Sikh community, while empathising with the victims of Sandy Hook, supports President Obama’s initiative to take measures to stop the proliferation of deadly weapons in the American society. Too many innocent people have become victims of these senseless killings,” said Rajwant Singh, chairman of Sikh council on Religion and Education.

Singh was among the select individuals invited for the White House event wherein Obama signed an Executive directive for gun control.

Obama proposed sweeping gun control measures, including universal background check and ban on assault weapons, hoping that these would bring an end to deadly incidents like the Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting and Connecticut school firing.

“We used to feel that places of worship is safe and we had Sikh temple being attacked in Oak Creek, Wisconsin and 6 lives were taken away and we thought schools are safe and we have 20 tended aged children snatched away from their loved ones. This is not the way to create a harmonious and loving nation,” Singh said.

“We are in support of any move to restrict the easy availability of assault weapons and we appeal to congress to step in and show real leadership in this hour of need. It is a moral obligation to create safety for all particularly our young ones,” Singh said.

The Sikh community was invited by Vice President Joe Biden, as part of his effort to consult people and organizations across the country on gun control laws.

“On February 5, Sikhs will observe the six month anniversary of the shooting at the Sikh Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin and Sikh Gurdwaras across the nation will observe it with prayers for all victims of gun violence in America and will ask congregants to contact their representatives to support gun control legislation,” he said.

Rajwant Singh, as a Sikh leader, also signed a letter urging Congress to take action on this issue and this letter was coordinated and released by Faiths United To Prevent Gun Violence yesterday in Washington DC.

“We are in support of the 2nd amendment of owning the gun for safety or for recreation use but at the same time, would like to see stoppage of deadly weapons getting in the hands of mentally ill individuals. Mental health is an important component, which ought to be part of the equation,” Singh said.

Source:The Times of  India

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  1. Sikhs support efforts to keep weopons out of law abiding citizens hands? Guru govind Singh didn’t disarm people he armed and inspired them.

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