Sikh Youth Slate wins in Surrey: Gurudwara to go Traditional

SandharSurrey, Canada: The determined struggle of the youth to restore the tradition of Gurdwara Sahibs to their pristine glory and ensure that Gurdwaras accomplish the purpose for which they are built, in a remarkable show, the Sikh Youth Slate comprising eighteen dedicated, selfless and committed individuals won the Gurdwara elections early today with a decisive margin of 13, 400-7,200.

Their mission is clear and focused, “We are a group of progressive-minded Sikhs, consisting of men and women, students, businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals from fields such as law, finance and software development. We genuinely desire to work towards the betterment of the community, and share a common focus and direction, centered on unity: We are all Sikhs!”

Not to be outdone with rhetoric and whimper, they seem to have done not only their homework well from the electoral point of view but also emphasized the inclusive character of Sikhism. “It is time to stand shoulder-to-shoulder as Sikhs – whether we are amritdhari or non-amritdhari, whether we are kesdhari, or sehajdhari, whether we have been walking the Sikh path for decades or we are just taking our first baby steps” said their campaign.

And for the cynics, who may still be imputing motives to the youth, the Sikh Youth Slate had this to say, “We are prepared and dedicated to create a progressive gurdwara environment, inclusive to all Sikhs. We consider ourselves to be sevadars tasked with the responsibility of changing the gurdwara from being a place of divisive politics, to being a positive place for congregation, open to everyone!

Not stopping at the Sikhs, they have also clarified that they would be working for humanity at large and ensure that the Gurdwara becomes the fulcrum of community outreach services encompassing all Canadians and those in and around Surrey in particular.

With veteran Sikh-baiter Balwant Singh Gill and company accepting defeat, the stage is set for a new president in Bikramjit Singh Sandhar in early January next year. He was at his humblest best when he truly said, “This service is done by the grace of God, for the well-being of humanity. Thank you to all those who supported this campaign, and all those who volunteered countless hours to make this change happen. Now, the real work begins.”

Source: WSN

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  1. Jagjit Singh Mukandpuri

    Waheguru ji da Khalsa, Waheguru ji de Fateh, Waheguru has blessed s.Bikramjit singh and their team of Gursikhs having progrssive thought and vision. Waheguru bless them in succedding their Mission and good health. Sikhism is a global concept and prays for Goodwill of all. Best Wishes. Waheguru ji da khalsa,Waheguru ji de fateh.

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