Sarabjit Singh Dhunda accepts his mistake and ask forgiveness from Sri Akal Takht Sahib

Amritsar, Punjab: Sikh preacher Sarbjit Singh Dhundha who remained in severe controversies in past due to his controversial remarks during preaching, atlast appeared before the Panj Takht Jathedars on Saturday.

After appearing at Akal Takht, Dhunda tendered apology before the five Jathedars who accepting his apology suggested him to listen Sikh religious hymns for the next few weeks in the Harmandir Sahib besides recitation of Sikh religious scriptures and then again appear at Akal Takht to perform Ardas (prayer) as per Sikh rituals. Akal Takht Jatehdar Singh Sahib Gurbachan Singh said that Dhundha appeared at Akal Takht being a humble Sikh and Panj jathedars have given him a chance to make clear his conscious while listening religious hymns so that such mistakes couldn’t be repeated in future.

Dhunda appeared at Akal Takht along with his eight supporters amidst the tight security cover given by the Task Force of SGPC. Jathedar said that earlier Dhundha had uttered some objectionable remarks about the Golden Temple Amritsar, during his appearance while tendering apology said that his words were twisted and distorted but he was always ready to aplologise if sentiments of anybody were hurt due to him.

Dhundha told Akal Takht that for him Akal Takht was supreme and would always obey all the directions issued from here. Akal Takht recently issued directions to Sikh community to all over the world to avoid Dhundha for allegedly uttering objectionable words against the Harmandir Sahib unless he appeared at Akal Takht to submit his clarification along with apology.

Dhunda put a full stop at all the controversies by appearing at the secretariat of Akal Takht to tender apology for hurting the sentiments of Sikh community whereupon he  clarified that he never intended any such thing since he kept high respect for Harmandir Sahib as well as Akal Takht.


  1. gurwinder singh

    just sit home and relax hahhahahahahahahha u dont know guru nanak brought sidh jogies from hills they were not waiting for guru nanak also went away from his home all sikhs left their home,

  2. Khalsa Harpreet1992

    Ek ta bnda sch bolda h,onu ta support krna cheda h(akal tkat nu dasam granth baare koi decision lne cheda hai)

  3. Professor dhunda is a great pracharak, and he hits where it hurts the most….he opens the evil secrets of people and by nature people are turning against him. but we love him for his truthfullness…….professor sahib nanga kardo papiyaan nu…

  4. Darshan S.Ghankas

    Sikh Sangat,s, reader jee , Guru jee dee fateh, to you,

    Dhunda’s ,  dhoonaa {smoke}  has almost has settled down by now.Has anything changed in the lives of his followers or admirers,I think,things are worse than before,because Dhunda has created frictions in the mind of sikhs. A, parcharic suppose to bring peace, to the minds of Sangat, through Gurubani, and persue Sikhs to embrace the path of SGGS jee ,but Dhunda was pervoking Sikhs to hate Akakal Takhat.Dhunda was using Sikh Sangat to spread hatered towards, Jathedars,he was very cleaverly,misleading the innocent Sikhs to hatefull feelings towards the present Akal Takhat system, to me that is not the way to do things.As I, understand, the change is possible if and when, Dhunda and other who wants to change,than they should get envolve in that system.

    Any way Dhunda got away with tonns of $$$,some saying,$150,000,some estimates,$100,000,some,$80,000,I can  not say ,which figure is correct, if one of these figure is correct, than 20 trips, like this one, will make Dhunda a rich man, like ragi Darshan Singh,than why, we are worring to make our children docters or engineers or pharmasist .We should send our kids there to those so called missionariy schools, it is free training for 2 years, and that is it,our childern will get rich, and they will be worshiped by hords of worshipers.

    Now some of Dhunda’s followers are mad as hell,some are sad as hell,I hope in the future, they will not depend on any body to make they schoolars in SGGS,there is no such thing as schoolars,I have not found any in my life,people don’t learn,they do things in repetion, all their life,I don’t know how to stop them, I am not happpy when I see my people are looted again and again.

    There are so many looters,it is hard to make a list of them,these looters are mostly uneducated,but they can loot educated Sikhs.These krooks has set up DERRA’s,Gurdwara’s,Ashrams, Thath’s,they have been looting money and minds of my people for too long, I can only pray to my Guru jee to put some wisdom in the minds of Sikh people to stay home,home is the place where our MUKTI is ,no where else.Please stop running around Guru will come to you to cure all the situations you are going through,just sit home and ask Guru jee,pray for for help.Live humble,egoless life,in short time you will find peace within you.

    Brotherly yours,
    Guru fateh,
    Darshan Singh Ghankas[Brampton}


  5. Darshan S.Ghankas

    Guru Nanak jee dee piari Sangat jee,

    Jo bole,so nihal,
    Sat shiri Akal.

    let us talk about, Akal Takhat. I visit some sites, there are people who are,so hatefull toward , present system  of the Akal Takhat, to me they are so irresponsible,childish,selfsentred,they are using internet to confuse many inexperience readers.

    The system we have , needs improvment, it dose not match the cotemporary demands.It needs Jathedars who are atleast Phd, in Sikh faith and in other religions,and they must be selected on the merit based system, not, how these Jathedars are planted by politions.But to change this old thing  will not come, writing on internet or calling these Jathedars all kind of things,that will not  bring change,that can only be expected from in side the system.There shold be plan for 5,10 yrs to get people in to SGPC and gradgually ,slowly and surely,change will come,people living in western countries will never go to Punjab and get envolve,it is a entirly different world there.So far whatever we have,it is mangaing the affaires as good as they can,they are all kind attackes going on
    these Jathedars,and, Jathedars are holding the fort so far, and correcting the imatures like Sarbjit S. Dhunda .

    There is one internet guerrilla, whom I personally know,he has no faith on SGGS,I had  countless aruments  with him,for last few years,he got some publicity on Sikh Marg site,he was wrting so many things on that site,he insulted many good, god fearing writers, I was not writing on Sikhmarg,at that time ,this man Gurchran Brar{jeonwala} ask me to write on Sikhmarg and told me to write against Prof,Tarlochan Singh Mahajan from Patiala,at that time I was visiting Sikh-marg,but I did not know how to write in Punjabi.Gurcharan was really calling names to Prof.Tarlochan Singh,but I did not find anything wrong with Tarlochan Singh’s thoughts, he was very sweet and gentle.I told Gurcharan stop insulting that man,but camred Gurcharan will not listen to any body,than Pof.Tarlochan Singh ask Sikhmarg’s owner to remove all his write ups from Sikh-marg,than prof.Tarlochan Singh started his own site called,any way prof.Tarlochan is gone and I started writing in punjabi,I made so many mistakes,than my wife started spelling check and than I started writng to counter this camred,than there was 2 groups of people some with me and some with this nastic,this battle went on for more than year,the owner of Sikhmarg was favouring Gurcharan,than Camred Gurcharan got intangle on Sikhmarg with very good Sikh writer his name is S.Kirpal Singh Bathinda,than the tussle went for few months, Kirpal Singh is a very thorough in Sikh religion,Gurcharan was cornered by Kirapl Singh,Gurcharn was not answering questions put by Kirapl Singh,than the owner of Sikhmarg ask gurcharan to answer Kirapal Singh jee or get the hell out of Sikhmarg,that is how this camred guerrilla was made run  to from Sikhmarg,this is a very old and world wide, well known site.

    Now Camred Gurcharan is firring all kind of cannon’s, and bazooka’s on every body, and on Dr.Dalgir ,ragi Darshan Singh and Tattgurmat privar,on his own site singhsabha canada,specially on Jathedars of Akal Takath. his latest call is to his  nastic, students , is to free the Akal Takhat,even bloodshed,is inviteable.

    Now we should come back to, calming our minds, with priceless jewels from SGGS.

    Till the time man is self centred,
    Not a single job is accomplished,
    When he stops harping on the self,
    God consummates the task proficiently.  {SGGS ,1162}

    Thanks to Sikh Sangat, thanks to Guru jee.

    Mistakes are all mine.

    Darshan Singh Ghankas.

  6. darshan S.Ghankas

    Guru Savari Sikh Sangat jee,Guru Fateh,

    For last couple of months, the fans of sarbjit S. Dhuna has gone through emotional roller-coaster,most of them feel let down by Sarbjit, some followers are calling for meetings to ask Sarbjit S. Dhunda to return all the awards and tokens and gold medals of honounr he recieved from all the Gurudwaras and associations and individuals.

    At times like this, people should learn somthing for future, not to get attached to any preacher, the chances are that, Sangat be betrayed again.These preacher are very cleaver, they are expert in exploiting the  emotion of naive Sikhs, that is how preachers get rich.

    I have seen this kind of betrayal, two,three times in my life. Some times these preachers,or leaderes are planted by anti Sikh forces to send  them to western  counties to provoke Sikh youth and wait for reaction of  Sikh youth to make profile of them, spy agencies play all kind of tricks with us.

    Sikhs has been divided in so many factions,—Radhasoamies, Kookas, Nanaksarias, Sachasodas,Rarrewale, Mustoannewale ,Nihungs, Sukhmany society,- Camreds,-Kangrasiaes , countless other Derras. Sikhs are so deeply broken apart from eachother, even real blood brothers have lost the sense of brotherhood.Only Guru jee, can do somthing about this gravely situation, Panth is struggling with.

    Let  us be strong , brave with our emotions, we should take hold of ourself, we should not trust, if any body tells us  to become, Sukha Singh and Mahitab Singh, why not himself.Most of the times Sikhs velieve in hear-says,and that is dangerous habit,we should make sure, if it, true or false,we must do our own fact finding not depend on third party.

    If we want to learn Gurbani,than consult with GGS-not Dhunda or Ragi Darshan Singh,or any others

    Kirt- kro, Vand-shako-Nam-japu,Seva-karo.Bhanna-manno.Ardas-karo,Sukhrana-kro.

    Stay in chardi-kala,
    Guru fateh,
    Darshan Singh Ghankas.

  7. Guru fateh Sikh sangat jee.

    Let us talk about,Dhunda’s facing the Jathedars ,and Dhunda’s’future, Dundha’s follwers and Sikh Sangat.

    Sarabjit S.Dhunda has met his fate,it was just the right time, for him to come to face the Akal Takhat’s system.Dhunda has calculated all the losses and gains, before he came to the Jathedars of the Akal Takhat for forgivness for stupid remarks,about Darbar sahib.He calculated how many follwers he has, and how many he will lose.comparing to Sikh Sangat,I thinks he is better of with Sikh Sangat instead his chella’s.

    Let us say ,if we have, had,no such system set up,than it will be war like situation,because,every body be yelling anything and everything about Darbar sahib,about Akal Takhat , about GGS’s interpretaion,about history of the Sikhs. At least we Sikhs have{code of conduct} Rahat Maryada, set up long time ago by our elders,that is saving us from the onslaught of NASITCS and CAMREDS,or many Panth enemies.

    There are all kind of peolpe, who are shooting,thier arrows on the internet,and they feel good about it, perhaps it is stress reliever.we should thank those people, who are offering us this plateform, I think they are great people,i wish them long life. 

    I want to end this note with humorous consolation to Dhunda’s pupils, please take heart,Dhunda has not gone anyhwere,he will be around ,but he will be a new Dhunda,now you have to wait till he start’s to{preach} open his mouth again.I think he has made enough $$$ from you,so he can rest,and spend some tme with his own family.Now what are his students  going  to do,they should look for summer jobs to keep busy and make some $$$, please dont spend all of it, save some because your mentor comes back he will be needing some $$$.

    My grudge with Dhunda will not be resolved till he withdraws his remark about my sisters,dancing in the bazars.I want to ask him, dose his sisters, are included in those remarks or not.

    Thanks to all of you readers as well writers and the web masters.

    Darshan S. Ghankas.

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