Ragi Darshan Singh blames it on Dr Jodh Singh’s translation – Dr. Jodh Singh Rebuts

dr jodh singhFeeling the heat after his blasphemous remarks on the life of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib, controversial ragi Prof Darshan Singh and his allies claimed that he had used the translation of Charitar 21 by Dr. Jodh Singh, Professor of Sikhism, Punjabi University Patiala. Dr. Jodh Singh, however, has issued a statement rebutting Ragi’s claims, and criticizing him of hiding a lie with another lie.

It should be reminded that while doing katha at a Gurdwara in Rochester, New York, Darshan Singh had concocted a story which according to him appears in Charitar 21 of Sri Dasam Granth, where Guru Gobind Singh Ji goes to the house of a Vesva (prostitute) who tries to lure him. Guru Gobind Singh Sahib starts thinking that if he establishes a relationship with the woman then the one who will be born out of that union will be called a Bharua (pimp), and if he doesn’t, then she will shout and get him beat up by the public. According to Darshan Singh, Guru Sahib leaves his slippers and robe and starts running. On this the people gather and catch Guru Sahib. Someone gets hold of his beard; someone removes his turban and starts beating Guru Sahib with his slippers”.

The above statement by Darshan Singh caused a lot of uproar in the Sikh circles who demanded immediate action by Akal Takhat Sahib.

In his statement, Dr Jodh Singh clarified that nowhere in Charitar 21, Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s name is mentioned. He also clarified that the story is about a Raja who goes to a wealthy woman who is inflicted by lust and who tries to lure him. But the Raja, keeping his high morals, doesn’t relent and manages to escape. Dr Jodh Singh also clarified that nowhere in the text of Charitar 21, word Bharua or Vesva, as told by Darshan Singh, has been used. He added that it’s from the example of high morality that the Raja sets in Charitar 21 that the Sikh Panth has picked up the deadliest bajjar kurahits of the prohibition of extramarital relationship.

Dr Jodh Singh also criticized Darshan Singh for his U-turn on Dasam Bani, when he himself was doing its keertan and prachar until recently.

It must be noted that a few decades ago Sirdar Kapur Singh had written a historic article on Charitar 21 called ‘Kissa Roop Kaur Da’ which was published in Gurmat Parkash. In that article too he had clarified that the story in Charitar 21 is not a biographical account of Guru Sahib.

Darshan Singh not only related that Charitar with Guru Sahib’s life, he also distorted it by using words like ‘Vesva’ and ‘Bharua’, words which are neither present in the original version nor in any translation of that Charitar.

Already controversial ragi has been slapped with the hukamnamas from Akal Takhat for distorting Sikh principles and spreading controversies about nit-nem and amrit banees. Sangat has been warned to beware of his nefarious designs.

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  1. this time they had only only voice chat but I wish they cud have a baat cheet face to face.. and Lamba ji, tusi taan gadd te jhandey..

  2. sukhvinder singh

    SATKAR YOG KHALSA JI, WAHE GURU JI KA KHALSA WAHE GURU JI KI FATEH. After reading this article about Darshan Singh I am ashamed that once upon a time when Ragi was giving religious lectures in Punjab after operation blue star and awakening sikh sangat , I was very much impressed by his discourses. But I think popularity and sangat Da piar has gone into his head and he is distorting sikh history and literature. I pray to wahe guru to bless him with true knowledge. That is all I can say.

  3. Jagjit singh mukandpuri


  4. Jagdish Arora

    I feel the Sikh Sangat should not allow to repeat this type of mistake by any body. The Katha should be edited before a Ragi present that before the sangat.

  5. Most of Gurudwaras in USA have banned him. There are few that did not know that ragi has taken 180 degree and his mission is proaganda against sikhism. This event will educate them. Lies do not go far.

  6. I am huge fan of darshan Singh but his recent attempts to distort Sikhi is making me sad. He is kirtania by his profession and he should stick with instead of trying to become leader. In his recent diwan all he did was sung two lines of gurbani and than take whole time criticizing this and that. Keep your job simple and don’t mislead sangat!

  7. why cant they just ban him from coming to gurudwaras?

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