Sikh Coalition at its spin again; Another example of misleading the people

US: Their latest Press Release “Victory! US Government Reverses Ban on Sikhs as Federal Security Officers” needs a closer look.  I happened to glance on and then for verification checked it on their site: the Press Release on their website is detailed but a careful look shows and a sane mind questions-
  1. The govt reversed the ban in 2007. So why is the Sikh Coalitions headline misleading to suggest 2 years later that its headline news…
  2. The award settlements were dated 2008 and June 2009. Isn’t the information on the award settlement the correct news  in  June 2009 or this month when the money was received ? Why did the Sikh Coalition hide this letter for so long ? If they didnt issue a Press Release in June 2009, at the least, the Sikh Coalition should be upright in giving a correct timeline and a report.  The Sikh Coalition wants the public to think they had a new victory, this year, of overturning the ban, although this was in 2007.  Why ?
  3. The governments 2007 decision also allows the wearing of the kirpan, but this is not mentioned in the first few paragraphs but is tucked deep in the press release. For what Khalsa Ji ?

The effort on this is commendable but why mislead the people, why not be upfront to the sangat?

Their Executive Director, Amar Deep Bhalla, should look into this and be forthright, honest, and not mislead the sangat.

Source: Vivek Singh Sandhu, Community Watchdog


  1. Gurteg, take a chill pill. Vivek shows the distortion by the Sikh Coalition. Sikh Coalition is doing good work but misplacing the truth to please the masses won’t rank good in the sangat.

  2. I have read this carefully and realize that although Sikh Coalitions attempts to do good work but Vivek rightedly points out that the attempt is hideous and distorts the truth. Truth should be the truth and should not be contorted.

  3. [No blame game allowed here. Be direct, and focus on the post at hand]
    Obviously there is some sort of xxxx between the organizers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  4. Ask Captain Kamaljit Singh Kalsi and Captain Tejdeep Singh Rattan (whom I know personally and HAVE been fighting) why they’ve been fighting for the whole past year if there case had already been settled? Ask the hundreds of Sikhs (including me) why they had to contact their local representatives to sign a letter (which they did) to get Sikhs in the Army again if apparently the case had been settled.

  5. Ravinder Singh (Australia)

    I’ve written to the person who has distributed this email – their method of doing so is an absolute disgrace. The person/s is simply trying to divide opinion and emotion. The effort by Sikh Coalition should be lauded not dissuaded. Btw who assigned him the role of “Community Watchdog”?

    If you ask me it’s an attempt to divide Sikh’s as we’re on the cusp of a revolution / movement globally.

  6. Who gave this Vivek Singh Sandhu the title of “Community Watch Dog ??

  7. Gurteg Singh,

    READ “Source” of the news, which means that Vivek Sandhu wrote the above news item not me. Contact the writer @

    Amandeep Kaur

  8. While you make some good points, you miss one issue – That the lawsuit was finally resolved. The kirpan issue was resolved in 2007 as per the downloaded document, but the lawsuit wasn’t over at that time – at least so it appears. The suit was resolved in June 2009 I would imagine leading to this PR to the community.

    I wouldn’t necessarily call this misleading since they did not appear to release an advisory in 2007 regarding this. I think this post is a bit much (though I agreed with your previous post).

  9. Again a concerted and mean spirited attack on Sikh Coalition by some “A Kaur” This is the first time in the history of Sikhs here in USA that young educated professionals have come forward and are fighting for Sikh causes by legally working the system. Yes I would prefer them not declaring or claiming “victory” because that is not the Sikh way of doing Sewa, and they should remain humble, however they need all the encouragement and support and not some jealousy driven smear campaign, By the way what you AKAUR has done for the community?? would you please explain ?? Slanderer is a very low life individual in Sikh scriptures.

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