Langaar 2012

On 21st July 2012 the eyes of the global community will be on Fauja Singh, the 101 year-old marathon runner, the oldest torch bearer at London 2012, who will be carrying the Torch on the 64th day of the Olympics Torch Relay. To celebrate the wonderful achievements of this under-spoken treasure of the Sikh community, UNITED SIKHS, alongside Gurdwaras and Sikhs from around the world will be participating in an unprecedented celebration of how Sikhs embrace diversity

Branded in yellow t-shirts, specially designed with Fauja Singh’s image, each volunteer, from the Sikh community and those invited from multiple faiths and backgrounds will come together in serving the local community of East London.

How much Langgar do we expect to serve?

It is expected that there will be 40 Langgar service points each serving at least 1,000 Veg Roti Rolls within two hours. Should all go to plan, the Veg Roti Roll Langgar is anticipated to reach some 40,000 people who would have turned up to cheer the 100 torch bearers on the 30-mile route on 21st July 2012. To join this sewa click here.

UNITED SIKHS, Gurdwaras and Sikh Sangat send an open invite to Sikhs globally to attend this Langgar 2012. Sikhs Embracing Diversity, is the Sikh community’s celebration of the carrying of the torch by the oldest torch bearer this Olympics, 101 year old Marathon runner, Fauja Singh. Get involved by joining.


  1. We are really proud of you, Fauja Singhji. do take care of your hralth. Waheguruji bless you always.

  2. Proud of Fauja Singh

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