Gurbachan Singh Thailand expelled from a BC Canada Gurdwara Sahib

professor-gurbachan-singh-thailandBritish Columbia, Canada: Prof Gurbachan Singh Thailand was to do katha for two weeks at a Gurdwara Sahib in BC during last week of Nov. 2009. His style of katha is very dodgy. He starts with Gurmat principles in the beginning of katha, but being a hard core Kala Afghana followers, diverts his katha to attack Gurmat openly.

He started attacked Gurmat during very first day of his katha this time. He said there is no benefit of getting baptized with khande bate di pahul. Getting up at Amrit vela and doing Naam Simran was also denounced by him. There is no benefit of such things, said GS Thailand in one of his sermons.

On hearing such ugly vichaars, sangat complained to Management committee of Gurudwara sahib. Committee took notice of his anti Gurmat views during his katha for three days. Being satisfied with complaints against him, Gurbachan singh Thailandwale was asked to leave Gurudwara sahib on fourth day. The decision of committee was unanimous and they did not want any problem in community by having preacher like Thailandwale who only speak against Sikh Rehat Maryada.

Gurbachan Singh Thailand has been in the news for such heretic views in the past also. Many Gurudwaras had debarred him form doing any katha in US and Canada. Sangat is cautioned against such characters whose aim is to spread misinformation about basics of Sikhism.


  1. Gyani a singh

    This report is total nonsense, be carefull of these ppl. they’re scramongering. Onesided views are void and unhealthy to any community. So try to understand Gurmat according to SGGSji not some bunch of Dodgy Babe…

  2. It seems biggest threat to sikhism is from so called missionaries.They supported kala afghana and now are supporting blasphemy of Rogue darshan aka fake professor.

    They also do not believe in soul, karma , reincarnation.They are non-believers. Sangat should not allow them any stage. People like Gurbachan thailand are dangerous for religion.

  3. Sikhs all over the world please take note of such anti sikh preachers.They are spreading misinformation about Gurmat and misleading young sikhs under some well devised scheme.Shun them.
    One less few more to be identified.

  4. This man is a typical missionary who want to make sikhism an atheist religion. Kala afghna,Darshan Ragi are part and parcel of same ideology.

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