Feast of the Turban, Red Cross and Marò in the heart of the Sikh

Casalmaggiore Italy: It is fast approaching the event of the Sikh community at European level of the Feast of the turban, which throughout the day on Sunday aims to bring to Casalmaggiore, at the park Bodana sticks, well 3 thousand ethnic Indians Sikhs from all over Europe. After the signal arrived relaxing by the community with the announcement of the petition for the release of the Italian Marò still stuck in diplomatic trouble between India and justice biblical times, the Sikhs are a further step towards the community Casale, Italian and in general , explaining that the proceeds of the Feast of the Turban will be donated to the Italian Red Cross, which just celebrated its Casalmaggiore however Olympics regional lifesaver.

The Sikh community, very numerous in Casalasco and throughout the province Cremonese, invited the Mayor and the Chief of Cremona, the provincial commander of the Carabinieri, the Guardia di Finanza, the Fire Department, the directors of hospitals and Cremona Casalmaggiore, as well as personnel ASL, of schools across the province, especially those that are home to, among students, the Indian boys. But the invitation was also extended to the mayors of Casalaschi and areas, including provincial surroundings. Not only invited a highlight, which has already secured its presence, will be the Indian Ambassador in Rome, as well as three very important politicians and religious Sikh arriving from New Delhi Sikh Gurdwara from Menagement Committee (one of the three is a representative of Parliament Indian). With them, a former executive of Fiat in Turin, of Indian origin, and also a personal friend of Sonia Gandhi , Avtar Singh Rana , who was also deputy mayor of the town of Orbassano, the British consul and the consul Use of Milan (although the latter two have yet to confirm the presence). The event, as noted, will be broadcast live on the European Sikh Channel, in various locations in London, Dublin, Toronto and in the Indian Punjab.

So far the new logistics: after which the Sikh community explained that the proceeds from the event will go precisely to the Italian Red Cross, namely the Committee of Casalmaggiore, with which for some time has been woven a relationship of respect and friendship. In 2013, in fact, the Cri Casalmaggiore carried out at the Indian community in preventive medicine and cardiology, but also organized lectures on road safety, disotruzione and pediatric first aid. Not only that, the Red Cross will also follow the Feast of the Turban. In addition to the Indian ambassador who will be present at Casalmaggiore will be delivered, as had been announced, the collection of signatures to demand the release of the two riflemen Italian Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano Latorre , because, they say the Sikhs, “the absurd behavior in Indian bureaucracy is in violation of any fundamental rights of justice and humanity. ” For this to Casalmaggiore was also invited the Sikh community of Brescia, which in recent months has become the protagonist of a clamorous protest, with marches and leafleting works in favor of Marò.

Returning to the event program, was announced the presence of Avis Casalmaggiore, young Indians to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood, as there will be interpreters who will help participants to learn the Italian language in the Indian culture, while it will be possible to children, enjoy a play area with inflatables. Anyone who wants can also take a picture of memory thanks to instant box prepared by FotoRastelli. But the invitation of the Sikh does not stop, and it is also addressed to traders Casalasco. For information you can contact numbers 328-0561467 or 329-2783620. The Sikhs of Casalmaggiore hope that the Feast of the Turban can be “a place of meeting and exchange of intercultural and inter-European character, inspired by the values ​​of peace.”

Source: SikhChannel.Com

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