Distortion Of Guru Sahib's Signatures; SikhRI's new business Punjab Digital Library

Notorious organization SikhRi has recently announced the launch of its new ‘business’ under the name of Punjab Digital Library…I call it business because its nothing more than a business. The documents etc are not accessible unless one has a paid subscription…And they are selling this new launch under the name of ‘seva’ etc….they have, of course, collected material from scores of private collectors and now they want to cash on that collection.

This topic apart, while browsing through their shop I came across Guru Gobind Singh Sahib’s signatures which they are selling for 20 USD….And very meticulously they have distorted the signatures by removing the ‘siri sahib’ from top of the signatures….

Do they have the right to change Guru Sahib’s signatures? In most of the hukanmamas Guru Sahib made a small Siri Sahib on top of “Ik Onkar Satguru Prasad”…and this embodies the concept of Sant-Sipahi.

By engaging in such a blasphemy does SikhRI want to redefine Sikh ethos or they would instead be humble enough to accept another fault and apologise. Here is the picture of the distorted signatures http://www.nanakshah…b2fb88a4ec9aa3a Here are some pics of Guru Sahib’s hukamnams..scroll down to see the one in its original form which SikhRI/PDL has distorted. http://patshahi10.or…erhs&Itemid=106

Original Guru Sahibs Signature

real sig

Distorted edited fake signature on sale by SikhRI



  1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. i was about to share this article as the last time i saw it,the fake signature was here but now its not. the picture shows a small red X in the corner. please get it sorted

  2. Define Extremists? Many people say/think that amritdhari sikhs are extremists.. So are you one of them?

  3. I think Sikhri are far better than the extremists here. 🙂

  4. I do not know if there are any genuine bloggers on this site but I would not be surprised to find out that those who cast stones at SikhRi and the Punjab Digital Library have anti-Sikh intentions.. are you all working on behalf of the Indian government with an intent to discredit any Sikh who shows initiative, courage and the willingness to help and further the interests of the Panth. You all sound like you are on a mission to destroy a good thing, just like the Indian government and the Akalis were on a mission to destroy Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale and his message of being a good Sikh. People need to be made aware of your evil intentions.

  5. I’ve met Harinder Singh of Sikhri on a few occasions and found his perspective healthy, progressive and viable to our westernized lives. I just spent a good amount of time reading through the commentary and only found ignorant remarks; nothing really wanting to deconstruct the arguments made by Sikhri, or any substantial … Read Morearguments against its institutional framework. ‘Business’ as this library has been referred to is perhaps true, but as someone whose done work in the community, nothing aint cheap these days. You need money to further your cause, even if it’s a good one.

  6. A Singh: ‘You say that the so called online library is accessible to all…Have you even visited the website..Let me tell you, Nothing is accessible on their website beyond one page unless you pay.’

    Veera, try registering.

    If there is distortion in sanned documents – knowledgable people will find it. Happy hunting.

  7. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Vaheguru Ji Ki Fatheh

    This distortion has been rectified.

    Please see here:


    I have been in touch with PDL about this, and while I may not agree will the selling of such items I am happy it has been corrected.

    Everyone should calm down and look at the massive benefit the concept and execution is for the Panth, Yes, you may not agree with the people who are doing it – it seems like no one can see beyond their differences anymore.

    The project no doubt is an expensive venture and requires organisation and dedication and it deserves our support. If we disagree with how things are done then contact hem or get involved. We need maturity not flame wars when it comes to people trying to do something positive.

    We are all falliable – the difference between an demon and a well intentioned person is that the well intentioned person seeks to correct their mistakes.

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Vaheguru Ji Ki Fatheh

  8. Sikh Research Institute, Sikh Spirit Foundation, and Nanakshahi Trust are all run by GP Singh. The same group of people operate these organizations. Truth of the matter is – Sikhri etc. are simply being used as a ploy to take undue advantage of the US Federal Tax Code by declaring themselves as “non-profit tax exempt organization” when in fact they are minting money for themselves while not providing any genuine tangible services for the betterment of the community.

  9. Sikhri is nothing but a group of ignorant, mean spirited, egoistic, unethical people and oh yes HYPOCRITES. GP Singh, Harpreet, Simran, Darsh, Raj (masterminds behind Sikhri) and the the rest of their cult following are exactly what someone said earlier – a bunch of GANGSTERS who also happen to take pleasure from harassing others. if you try questioning anything they say – they will become real nasty and snap at you. these gundas have nothing better to do with their lives than to mess up the Sikh religion by portraying themselves as the supreme authority on a subject they know nothing about. All you do is stir controversy left and right with your new businesses – and yes that is all it is – making money off of the Sikh community and others as well by charging ridiculous fees on everything. STOP distorting the Sikh religion – let peace ensue. enough is enough Sikhri!

  10. bhagwant singh

    Cast affiliations is something that sikhri has endorsed. and commentators are simply trying to expose that GP Singh and family who run Sikhri have created a class system for Sikh religion, another example of their corrupt practices. As Satpal Singh commented earlier, it is true that these folks at sikhri do not attend Gurdwara and instead take role as granthis themselves. They have prayer in their homes and invite selected sangat to attend, who just so happen to be their devoted cult followers. This aspect also needs to be exposed to the public. Again, they think they are above everyone and should not have to interact with sangat at gurdwaras.

  11. Jatinder singh

    Please do not bring caste affiliations into the discussion. This is not what our gurus desired. We are all one.

    SIKHRI is a curse and should be exposed. They are distorting sikh history.

  12. Buntong Boy,

    You discredit some here by saying they are not Sikhs…How do I know what you are….A Hippie, a Rapper, or both!

    You say that the so called online library is accessible to all…Have you even visited the website..Let me tell you, Nothing is accessible on their website beyond one page unless you pay.

    In order to justify SIKHRI’s inaction, and I would definitely say blasphemy, you even go on to the limit of questioning Guru Sahib’s signatures and its significance…Well you should first do your homework and go through some of Guru Sahib’s original hukamnamas and you will see that SRI SAHIB, atop Ik Onkar Satguru Parsad, displayed in all of them. If it had no significance and was just a ink blot as you claim then why have they now put up the correct one online.

    Bhapa or no Bhapa, Meat or No Meat the fact is SIKRHI is a fraud and it just wants to redefine Sikhi…It has done before and was exposed and it is continuing to do the dirty job.

  13. *edited*

    With words like these and others, we now know why Fremont Gurdwara is so progressive that some people in our part of Ca avoid it like the plague.
    My discussions with this site are terminated.
    Guru Raakha and May you live happily in your own hate filled surroundings….”vasde raho”
    Good Bye

  14. *Deleted*

  15. The folks at Sikh Research Institute view themselves as the premier authority on Sikhi and believe people should worship them. Well the smart ones will not do that. GP Singh and Simran Singh of Sikhri and their followers are not genuine in their proclaimed cause. Like someone commented earlier, these are just a group of freaks trying to distort the religion. Freakin hypocrites. They have no values or ethics. They don’t even attend prayer at Gurdwara – they think they are too good to go to Gurdwara and mingle with the sangat. So they have prayer in their homes and they themselves are the granthis. They only invite their chosen sangat aka cult following to attend their prayer service only in homes. This is wrong and once again another example of how they have created a separate sect of Sikhi. Instead, why aren’t they helping the poor or Gurdwaras in need of funding to function. But no, Sikhri is only interested in their own selfish interests as many earlier commenters have acknowledged and rightfully so. In fact these imbeciles at Sikhri have created class distinction within the Sikh faith which is totally against the religion. Shame on them and their lousy Sikh research institute!

  16. There is absolutely nothing admirable of GP Singh. And yes he is the man behind Sikhri. Harinder Singh is an employee of the organization and will do as directed since his pay depends on that. The only thing GP Singh is concerned about is making profits and having popularity. He does not care about the welfare of anybody never the less the religion. They have inflated egos and are outright greedy. He and his sons and their cult following are GANGSTERS. In fact, word on the street is that some of GP Singhs’ sons have harassed others to get their way especially with girls. how appalling is that. Bunch of hypocrites trying to hurt the Sikh religion with their propoganda and exploit others. These people lack compassion and are cold spirited. Those who interact with them will be brainwashed and become just as cold.

  17. Buntong Boy,

    What do you meanby [“their” version of sikhi?] Distorting Guru jees signature, changing ARDAS, calling guru granth sahib a “mere book” in their khalsa school, *ENCOURAGING* of eating meat in camps and founder of sikhri being the child molester is your version of Sikhi?

    1) Don’t compare Supreme body of Sikhs with mere stupid organization based in Texas. People don’t disagree with Akal Takht but we do disagree with the silence of Akal Takht in some matters. Point any issue or Hukamnama where sangat disagrees or tend to go against Akal Takht. To save your time, answer is NONE. Interact with them? Believe me, Me and my mates tried our best to interact with them in camps, suggesting them to take quick action regarding SOJHI syllabus, but no action for months. We gave the deadline and no answer and finally we gave ultimatum chance to Fremont Gurdwara management to take action otherwise they will see us protesting against them. Management being friends of SikhRI had no place to run and they decided to end the SOJHI syllabus which is full of anti-gurmat practices. So don’t come and tell us that we never contacted them, we are team who will follow the shadow of these thugs wherever they go.. More yet to come…

    2) Working on to preserving what?? Gurdwara Baba Atal Sahib ?? Are you digitizing Gurdwara too now? We support all actions that is needed to taken to preserve granths but we DO NOT blindly support any “Tom, Dick or Harry” to start doing this as we don’t trust them as of their dodgy freaking tainted history. SIKHRI might edit the digitized scripture and add more missionary style propaganda to it. Take an example, they edited Guru Sahib jees signature for god sake.

    3) Read history and this why we should let amateur do the historic job/work. That was Guru sahib jees original Signature and read some comments below to read the meaning of the original signature. They edited it and never want to admit it. The edited/distorted signature frame is still up for sale.. This shows their EGO and STUBBORNESS.

    4) We don’t care what that *DELETED* gp singh did in his life and nobody *DELETED* about him or his sucess. “”””””if you have done 1/1000th of what GP has done , then list it here so that we too can admire you too.”””””” What? We don’t need any admiration from sangat? SikhRI actually believes that they only do stuff (as business) to earn admiration from sangat (that too by ripping off their pockets)?? Geez man.. you support this??

    5) Eating meat??? What’s next? Eat meat da langar in gurdwaras or maybe Sikhri will come up with business plan to open the franchise of opening drive-thrus in all gurdwaras around America. They charge $10,000 for selling their “school sylubus” and earning 400 bucks a month… then why not drive-thru langar concept… Maybe go away again and stay low profile (2 to 3 years) and then come back *again* with another new org name.. yeh?
    Don’t worry about the panth.. Panth will stay in chardi kala.. Just pray that sikhri stay away from panth.. that’s good for the panth and for them.. Earn money somewhere else !

    Fremont da vassey

  18. It was amusing to read about some of the comments by some so called Sikhs ( at least they had SIkh sounding names) on this site. They pounce with great ferocity at anyone and everyone who does something that does not fit into “their” version of Sikhi. But what is their contribution? Zilch. Nada, Nothing. Let us expose their lies – just as they are

    1. Sikhri is a fraud …. really. Having attended one of their workshops and attended their webinars, I find this to be the most scandalous remark. One may not agree with everything they say, ( and Sikhri always bases its statements on Gurbani) but many Sikhs even disagree with the Akal Takht ! Does that mean that the Akal Takht is a fraud? Some of those who comment here are themselves patit. WHo is the fraud here? SIkhri has had very respected people look at them and interact with them – and none of them have called it a fraud. THey are trying to have youngsters think about Sikhi instead of wearing blindfolds as many of the commetators on this forum seem to have.

    2. Punjab DIgital Library is a business – nothing is further from the truth. They are working to preserve what we have left after 1984 and what is still being destroyed daily by the SGPC ( go and look at Gurdwara Baba Atal and see with your own eyes) and by the dera sants who cremate beauriful handwritten pothis even now. It is a crying shame that instead of praising those who are preserving your hertiage, you go and kick them. PDL is running at a deficit – it is donations that keep them going and if they try to make some bucks ( by selling some articles and pictures) to keep the work going on , what is the harm? None of the blabbermouths here have contributed to any such cause . ANd lastly , as Kaur has said, access to the site is free.

    3. THey are distorting the signature – I did not see any distortion – and claiming that this is “blasphemy” is the height of ignorance. THey have removed a mark above the signature – yes – but it could be for aesthetic resons and to call that removal something loaded with such great significance…???. I am not even sure that it was a Siri Sahib.

    4. GP SIngh Behind the organisation is a mastermind and interested in photo ops and publicity – well all I can say is that I have never met a person so devoted to the welfare of the Panth as GP. He does not need photo ops – he is well known in his field and even the US Govt. has recognised this. He works only to see that the roots of Sikhi and its next generation is given some intellectual nourishment – not the diet of hate and claumny that the little minds of this group seem to be good at spewing. All I ask is from those commentators is this – if you have done 1/1000th of what GP has done , then list it here so that we too can admire you too.

    5. Eating meat _ Please look at the Sri Guru Granth Sahib – “Maas maas kar murakh jhagre…” . Besides that there is the explicit injusction in the Amrit Sanchaar not to eat “kutha” meat

    I am sorry to sound so strident, but it breaks my heart to see those working for the welfare of the Panth being jerked around instead of being encouraged and supported. It is appropriate to ask them questions and have them respond , but it is wrong to attack them and ascribe motives to their actions that are not there.

    Guru Raakha
    Buntong Boy

  19. jagjit singh sawhney

    Not surprised to read about Sikhri’s new business launch. Sikh Research Institute has created a monopoly and this organization is continuously disgracing and misrepresenting the Sikh religion as a whole. It is time for this to stop. They charge hefty fees on everything from Sojhi books to attending their programs. This is not seva. This is a profit making business run by some crooks. These are self proclaimed Gursikhs who are simply out to make money off of the Sikh religion. Those who run the program are mean spirited, power hungry, and absolute hypocrites.

    These people are attempting to change the Sikh religion through so called “authentic intellectual research.” They have spread pro-meat ideology and because of this, many Gurmat camps, sikh conferences, and other sikhi related events are gladly serving meat at their programs. They even encourage Gurdwaras to serve meat in langar. This is just one example of how they are changing the religion as a matter of convenience. In addition, they have made changes to the ardass and preach all sorts of absurd philosophies never heard of before. Now they have distorted Guru Sahib’s signature through their new business. WHAT A DISGRACE!! Their practices and intentions must be cross examined and carefully scruitinized. So far, they are making fool out of so many people.

  20. Harinder Singh of Sikh research institute is merely a puppet used by this organization. The real mastermind behind the institute is GP Singh of Texas. These folks want popularity, photo op, and power for themselves. They are a bunch of crooks looking to make money off of Sikhs out there. They are not doing any genuine seva for Sikhs. Rather they are selling their products to make profit. Sikhri is sending distorted messages and is trying to change the Sikh religion for their own convenience. This institute is misrepresenting Sikhs and the religion as a whole. SIKHRI is a shame to the sikh community!

  21. Sikhri is a huge fraud. Be very careful of this organization as it is simply a money making business and nothing more. Do not associate with the people of Sikhri as they are all hypocrites of the worst order. Some of the men at this organization will try to flirt nonstop with young girls. They have dirty minds. Do not send your girls to their programs as the boys are always making unwelcomed advances on the girls just for their own fun. The men at Sikhri will attempt to harass girls. You will encounter some of the meanest people at Sikhri programs and will discover that these people are nothing but stuck up, snobby, rich brats. These people at sikhri have no values and do not practice what they preach. They are a greedy and ego driven group of people looking to take advantage and exploit others. DO NOT BUY INTO ANYTHING THAT THEY TRY TO SELL YOU OR ANY OF THEIR BRAINWASHING TACTICS. They have made a complete joke out of the sikh religion and it just goes to show you that people with money and power will steep so low and disregard the Sikh religion and mislead others as well for their own popularity and advancement.

  22. Its interesting that they got ‘caught’ by this. How can one now trust the tons of pages that they claim to have digilitized.

    As someone said earlier, a panel needs to be setup to cross check their work. Who knows if they distorted something else too….that is even more dangerous.

    And removing the sri sahib from teh signature was clearly not by mistake…it was intentional. They have a lot of questions to answer…

    I saw this signature for the first time on santsipahi website…it was on the frontpage for many months…..and these guys (SIKHRI/PDL) have copied from there and removed the sri sahib. Why?

    Why dont they mention that its Guru Sahib’s signatures? crooks!

    And why cant they distribute it for freely….Does such a frame cost 20 USD (Rs. 1000) in India?…give me a break!

  23. Since future knowledge will be elctronic based .

    The gold standard of SIKHh history should be done in
    1) both in english and punjabi language
    2) Should be done by a body under agesis of by SGPC

  24. Jatinder singh

    Why did he change the signature Guru sahib. It seems it is to corrupt sikh history so that there will be disagreement on Guru sahib;s signature.

    This sikhri is no friend of sikhs. Their main is to earn money. Already they are in the dock for altering sikh concepts in their school programme SOJHI. This has been brought to the notice of akal takhat jathedar sahib.


  25. ‘aap ne deh chullu bhar paani, teh ninde jeh ganga aani’

    Shame on all of these scandelous reporters who have nothing better to do that character assasinations. Remember Guru sahib is watching over you. You do not see the tireless work of 6 years of painstakingly digitizing all these documents, the sheer enormity and complexity of this job, you forget the piles of historical documents lost in 1984 and the pain we all felt not to ever let it happen again, you forget that to run any effort this size needs money and you for one sure did not contribute one dollar for it, efforts which need some sort of a revenue stream to continue this important work when no other organization steps up to do it…….anyways…keep throwing mud, it just reflects on your character. Guru sahib meher karan.

  26. sikhri.org’s xecutive director, Harinder, knowingly or unknowingly fact of the distortion is a shame. You have supported Nanakshahi Trust essentially a part of your cult and are now appearing in the form of digi-library, presenting and preserving distortions will cause more harm to the Panth. I strongly suggest the Panth that even though the concept of Digi-Library is good but anything that this group Sikhri or nanakshahi sponsors, one has to be careful of any new distortions that are induced. There needs to be a high level committee at the International level that can monitor such work. Especially who gives him the authority to digitize old manuscripts. You are giving birth to more controversies. You have even failed to apologize for the chaos that you created through the Sojhi Syallbus at Freemont Gurdwara and also the Gurdwara Saheb in Norway. Stop trying to use controversies as a way to get popular.

  27. sikhri.org’s xecutive director, Harinder, knowingly or unknowingly fact of the distortion is a shame. You have supported Nanakshahi Trust essentially a part of your cult and are now appearing in the form of digi-library, presenting and preserving distortions will cause more harm to the Panth. I strongly suggest the Panth that even though the concept of Digi-Library is good but anything that this group Sikhri or nanakshahi sponsors, one has to be careful of any new distortions that are induced. There needs to be a high level committee at the International level that can monitor such work. Especially who gives him the authority to digitize old manuscripts. You are giving birth to more controversies. You have even failed to apologize for the chaos that you created through the Sojhi Syallbus at Freemont Gurdwara and also the Gurdwara Saheb in Norway. Stop trying to use controversies as a way to get populat.



  29. I have nothing to do with this organization. I dont even know who they are .
    May be u are a spirtual kind of guy who has a disdain for earthly things so it will be difficult to counter your believes..
    Humans are all prone to doing wrongs but that does not mean they are not children of GOD and GOD does not love them..
    We may diagree with them but if some thing about them appeals to ones conscious one must not be biased by prejudices .

  30. Harinder, No matter how hard you try to play your clever tricks; changing your organization name, distortion of gurbani in school syllabus, running lousy anti-sikh camps and having child molestation case against you many years ago. It only proves that you are fool to come back again and again. Kaur you are part of sikhri too and you gonna defend as your pay depends on this business opened by some freaks in the name of god ! Puhleeease !

    admin- stop deleting my comments !

  31. First of all this site is Free. People do not check their facts before speaking and that is very sad. This endeavor is a treasure for the future generations. Even those in their 70-80s can appreciate this. If you had bothered to check the site you would see this for yourself. All readers are encouraged to check the website ( http://www.panjabdigilib.org) to make their own conclusions. Please start appreciating what is not available and becomes availble because of such efforts of these individuals and NON PROFIT organizations. Again a reminder content is FREE here. Let’s see if you are able to get a signature and display it with a frame from a store. It will cost you no less than $50. The charge of $20 is not for the signature, it is for the frame. Think about it yourself!

  32. It is good that atleast they are doing some thing .
    Let us learn to appreciate the beautyin “CREATIVITY”.
    Being critical all the time or finding fault is not a correct. way to lead life.

  33. why sell for $20 – why not give it away for free as seva – issue of distortion aside. given the opportunity, business minded, enterprising, opportunistic people will find ways to make money. this present effort seems in that category. in other places i have seen replicas of harmandar sahib being sold complete with gold leaf ornation and to top it all, i have also seen figurines of guru nanak dev ji being sold in shops. ever newer versions of images of guru jis are being printed all the time – these images are someone’s artistic imaginations which create an assumed reality in the minds of the viewers. the sarbat khalsa should look into such practices and put a stop.

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