Dal Khalsa supports ex-BJP leader

jaswantH.S. Dhami and Kanwarpal Singh, President and Secretary General of Dal Khalsa, here today hailed ex-senior BJP leader and former External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh for courageously writing to discover the “real culprits responsible for the partition”.

Taking exception to the sacking of Jaswant Singh from the BJP, they termed it a reflection of the rising intolerance within India in general and Hindutva forces in particular.

However, they alleged that Jaswant Singh’s book stopped short of unfolding the bitter fact that Vallabhbhai Patel was indirectly responsible for the killing of thousands of innocents on this side, for being the Home Minister he failed to prevent the bloodshed.

The radical Sikh group squarely held Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Patel responsible for the country’s partition.

They alleged that all the three knew that a large population of Muslims would be the biggest hindrance in converting India into a Hindu state. Portraying M.A. Jinnah as a villain in India for partition was also the brainchild of these leaders, they said and added that bloodshed had taken lives of million of innocent Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs.


  1. Sukhvinder Singh

    Why we are in haabit of seeing everything with sikh point of view . Jaswant singh has written bitter truths of our history. At least he has a courage to bring about the truth. If you read India today recent suppliment you will see that number of people have tried to tell the same thing. Atleast Jaswant Singh is able to start a new debate which can help change the people thinking about Gandhi, Nehru and Patel.


    PLEASE just sacrach jaswant singh the hindutava will be visible he is fighting his fight in BJP , sikh leaders should not be any misunderstading that his books or his writings are support to sikhs. Please be alert.

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